7 Online Games That Make Square Roots Learning Fun

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Can we learn square root in a gamified way? If you ask this question, you are probably not comfortable with conventional ways to learn square roots. Thankfully, the answer to this question is yes! Alternative ways to learn, like games, are available when you need a break from books and worksheets and learn math the fun way. Before moving to the games list, let’s understand their role in mastering the concept of square roots.

Why games are useful in learning square roots?

Educational research’s findings favor the use of games to improve math skills. You will be delighted to know that researchers propose that games are an effective application[1] where both the concepts and problem-solving procedures can be integrated to provide a wholesome learning platform. So, it is safe to state that games provide simplified solutions to internalize and practice complex concepts like square roots.

Games to learn square roots prove advantageous in the following ways:

  • Topic-focused learning: Students can pick a specific topic or rule related to square roots and play games based on it. Thus, they can find their problem areas and work upon them by playing games.
  • More practice, less pain: When children practice square roots using games, it does not drain them out mentally. Instead, they look forward to practicing more and often.
  • Enhances problem-solving abilities: Games to learn square roots allow you to be fluent in the problem-solving process. Since these provide correct settings to apply mental math, you can find conspicuous enhancement in the ability to reach solutions quickly.
  • A better understanding of the application of rules: The topic of square roots is enriched with lots of rules, such as √ab = √a x √b. The application of these rules become easy by playing games that keep such rules in focus.

While keeping certain benefits in mind, we elucidate here some of the easy-to-play square roots focused games that help you explore this math function from various perspectives.

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Compelling Games to Learn Square Roots Easily

1. Pyramid Math 2

Pyramid Math 2

It won’t be an overstatement to call it a perfect game to practice square roots. Math beginners can increase their speed of calculating square roots with this game. Its backdrop is captivating, and the task of putting the correct marble in the jar engages the learner’s mind in multiple ways.

They calculate the value, pick the right marble from the group, and drag and drop that in the jar too. Thus, this game promotes coordination in thinking and action. Further, it offers the best practice material that helps fine-tune motor skills. With regular practice, you will attain added ease in calculating simple square root values like √64, √36, √4, and others.

Game Link: Play Here

2. Square Root Cannon

Square Root Cannon

A game that offers better learning with deeper engagement! When you know your square roots well and want to practice them more, this game offers the perfect setting! Apart from quickly calculating the square root value, the learners enhance their spatial sense in this game.

The gameplay demands the student to aim the missile to fall on the correct answer and destroy the tank. So, the dual learning of orientation skills and square root values becomes easy to achieve. Availability of levels allows them to embrace more complex challenges and become confident about square roots values.

Game Link: Play Here

3. Simplifying Square Roots

Simplifying Square Roots

If you want lots of problems based on the irrational square roots or surds, this game is a must-know. Best designed for middle schoolers, this game enables you to find the simplest square root of numbers like 108, 48, 32, and so on. While √36 can be simply answered as 6, √48’s simplified value = 4√3 (a surd).

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The difference between these two expressions become clearer to understand with this quiz game. Keep the mind at work and find the solutions as fast as you can. It is precisely where the whole fun lies!

4. Mathmammoth Square Root Game

Mathmammoth Square Root Game

This game based on square roots’ calculation is fully customizable learning support. Pick how many questions you want to solve, and also decide how much time to use per question. You can solve up to 30 questions and get the practice needed to become a square root nerd.

Instant notification about the correctness of the answer provides a quick understanding of shortcomings. Thus, you can focus on where you lag. It is quite an engaging game to learn speedy square roots calculations; it helps remove math anxiety with its simple and straightforward gameplay.

5. Quia – Concentration Square Root Game

Quia - Concentration Square Root Game

Enjoy the excitement of the Concentration game with the square root at its central theme. You can practice square roots and also work up your brain to increase the recall capacity. The two slots in the grid remain flipped open only when they form the correct pair. So, apart from knowing the correct answer, you also need to remember which slot had the other half of the pair.

When played in a time-pressed manner, you can get fluency in calculation and recall, and also take pride in scoring more than a competitor. A perfect game to master square roots, this game can engage children better and help them achieve additional outcomes in form of enhanced memory recall and improved concentration.

6. Matching Game – Square Roots

Matching Game - Square Roots

A happening interface with simple gameplay sets this game apart from others. Children will make pairs of numbers and their square roots. Every pair correctly matched is replaced by a figure in those places. The ultimate aim is to fill the whole grid by matching correct pairs.

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The learners feel intrigued about the final grid design, keeping them motivated to work their brains to calculate correctly and really fast. They can practice as many times as they desire to improve their speed and accuracy. By playing in pairs, they can bring in a more competitive feel in their learning time.

7. Who wants to win one million dollar – Square root game

Who wants to win one million dollar - Square root game

Designed on the theme of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’, this game becomes easy to conquer when you know calculating square roots. With each correct answer, the winner moves up the money grid.

Though there is no actual money involved, the learners are motivated by the thought of finding the million-dollar question. It is a fast-paced game that requires you to be correct every time; else, you will be taken back to the first question.

To sum up,

Square roots can become fun to learn if you practice them through games. Every game offers something different to achieve. Further, the gameplay is designed to help you deal with all types of problems based on square roots. Thus, play them often, alone or in a group; irrespective of the mode of playing, you are sure to find improvement in your understanding of the square roots.


[1] Extracted from ‘The effectiveness of a math game: The impact of integrating conceptual clarification as support’, in the Book Computers in Human Behavior, by Sylke Vandercruysse, et. al, November 2016, Pages 21-33

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