8 Cool Online Games For Understanding Percentages

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How can one teach percentage by using games? Many people wonder about the connection between playing games and learning concepts like a percentage. So, if you are one of them, I will ask you to take a look at children when they are playing games. How absorbed, and determined to win or to improve scores they look while staying glued to their mobile phones! Won’t it be great if you leverage this kind of undivided concentration in driving them to learn something beneficial to them? If you agree, you must read this post of mine.

In this post, I plan to share with you:

  1. How percentage games are useful for math beginners
  2. List of the best percentage games designed for early learners
  3. Primary outcomes games for learning percentage offered to kids

So, shall we start?

How Percentage games are Useful for Math Beginners?

The use of games in teaching math skills has always been under researchers’ scanner. Some call the games a distraction, but a majority vote in their favor because:

  • Games for learning concepts of percentage are available anywhere, anytime as these are available on mobile phones which are practically present all around us these days.
  • The games can be timed as per the need of the learner. Since every learner has a different learning speed, they can comfortably grasp the percentage concept in a self-paced manner. (Euripides Hatzikraniotis, et al, Using a Math Game to Improve Math Skills Conference paper, March 2018, Valencia).
  • Games help enhance the percentage’s reasoning and enable a better understanding of this concept’s practical utility
  • Games offer an engaging tool that drives children to practice repeatedly. So, the ease of attaining fluency in practicing percentage problems is achieved.
  • Games involve children deeply in the learning process and help improve concentration.

Now that you know why we emphasize playing games to teach percentage, won’t you want to know about the best online games on percentage concept? I enlist here an elucidated list of games for learning percentages that help you gain mastery in converting percentages into fractions, decimals and perform other related operations.

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8 Online Games For Learning Concept of Percentages

1. Percentage Game for Kids

Percentage Game for Kids

Color it to learn it! This game requires students to color the number of blocks equal to the percentage hint provided. Early learners can choose the starter level where they get a relaxed mode to play this game. Finding percentages from a 10×10 matrix is a bit easier. Thus, it helps speed up calculations involved and strengthen their learning of percentages.

By moving to a timed way of playing this game, the learners can take a tougher challenge and attain calculation fluency along with more refined motor skills. The best advantages of this percentage game suitable for math beginners are color recognition, calculation proficiency, and improved hand-eye coordination.

Game Link: Web App

2. Matching Cards

Matching Cards Percentage Game

How about a game that teaches matching percentages to fractions or their corresponding values? In this game, the learner clicks on two tiles one by one. If both tiles carry percentage and the corresponding value or fraction, it adds to the score.

The added challenge in this game comes in the form of the need to remember the value they found on clicking any tile. It is because the clicked tiles will become plain again if the matching values are not clicked. So, at the start, the matches will be difficult to make, but with growing familiarity with tiles, the number of correct matches increases. That is how this game enables faster calculation of percentage value, helps to convert percentage into fraction correctly, and also enhances memory recall.

Game Link: Web App

3. Matching percentage to its number

Matching percentage to its number

At the start of learning percentage, a beginner grasps the concept of finding 1/100th part of any value. But, it is not the only condition you are going to come across. A math learner does require knowing other percentage values like 40%, 30%, etc. also.

So, by the way of picking the value corresponding to questions like 30% of 10, and others, the students can learn to calculate various percentage values speedily as well as correctly. Every correct match adds to the score, and with a timed manner, you can work up the brain to arrive upon the answers more quickly. Fluency in doing multiple calculations, like division and multiplication mentally, enhances the math sense of the child.

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Game Link: Web App

4. Fraction Percentage Snap

Fraction Percentage Snap Game

The equation a/b*100 gives us the percentage value; this game allows you to internalize this concept by pressing the P or Q button on the keyboard when the percentage value flashing in the answer card below shows the correct answer. This means, if the answer below hint square containing 1/10 appears as 10%, the learner needs to press P or Q to register the match.

Every correct matching earns the player a point. You can amplify the challenge by picking the faster mode available in the game. This percent to fraction and fraction to percent conversion game helps students to be a calculation expert and brings fluency in their way of converting percentage to fraction and vice versa.

Game Link: Web App

5. Percentage Game – Dividing space into different elements

Percentage Game - Dividing space into different elements

Learn how the concept of percentage works by assigning various portions of the garden according to the percentages mentioned. You can pick the icons of elements and convert grass tiles into them during the gameplay.

The grassy region is actually a 10×10 matrix, so picking the correct number of tiles according to percentage is a bit easier for the early learners. It helps them become confident about calculating percentages. Best suited for middle schoolers, this game helps brush up on math calculation, reasoning skills. With a time-pressed way of playing, the motor skills become easy to enhance apart from earning fluency in calculations.

Game Link: Web App

6. 7th Grade Percentage of Numbers Game

7th Grade Percentage of Numbers Game

Want to be a calculation nerd and fluent in finding percentages? This game offers a perfect setting for practicing percentage calculations. This game allows the learners to take time as per the convenience at the start. On gaining confidence, the early learners can shorten the time-limit of the round.

A very interesting part of this game is the fishing activity, which forms an engaging method to improve concentration and bring more finesse to motor skills. The need to do multiple activities simultaneously brings flexibility in cognition apart from giving help in doing percentage calculations speedily.

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Game Link: Web App

7. Finding Percentages Pirate Game

Finding Percentages Pirate Game

Be right every time to keep your ship from sinking! It sums up the gameplay of this percentage calculation game. Learners have the freedom to choose from the calculation option like 10%, multiples of 50% values, etc. So, according to the level of learning achieved, students can pick the challenge and have fun.

Encourage students to go for more complex calculations as this game also offers bigger challenges like calculating 55% of two-digit numbers and similar others. With regular practice, you will become comfortable with doing tougher calculations mentally.

Game Link: Web App

8. Online Percentage Practice

Online Percentage Practice

Find fun and learning combined tastefully in this game for practicing percentage. Learners are not given only the challenge to find value corresponding to a percentage, they also need to find the n% of single-, double-, and even three-digit numbers.

Every correct answer opens a part of the jigsaw puzzle compelling students to do calculations speedily. Hence, this game encourages to do the correct calculation, and with repeated playing, the time required in solving the jigsaw puzzle will reduce surely.

Game Link: Web App

To sum up,

Gamification of percentage solving activity helps math beginners to fight their math anxiety away. The stress of being right is replaced by the curiosity to score higher in games, encouraging children to practice more, and with full heart and mind into it. This enhanced level of engagement is what games can help achieve while mastering percentage calculation.

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