10 Common Uses Of Percentage In Our Daily Lives To Understand It Better

In our daily lives, we use percentages all the time without even realizing it. For example, discount percentages while shopping, during cash back on that purchase, or while paying Interest rates on loans, the concept of percentage is everywhere. But what exactly is a percentage? In essence, it’s a way of expressing a number as … Read more

11 Fun Activities For Introducing Percentage Concepts

Percentage activities

Dealing with large numbers and data needs some crucial math notions. Among a few picks, Percentages and Statistics often lie crucial. Before one can address these as an adult, they need to master percentage and the logic behind it in detail as a kid.  Activities to preach and practice percentage may make the expedition of … Read more

8 Cool Online Games For Understanding Percentages

List of top 8 online games for learning percentages

How can one teach percentage by using games? Many people wonder about the connection between playing elementary math games and learning concepts like a percentage. So, if you are one of them, I will ask you to take a look at children when they are playing games. How absorbed, and determined to win or to … Read more

How to do percentage using mental math in 10 seconds

Percentage using mental math

The concept of percentages is applicable in various day-to-day operations of our lives. May it be, filling taxes, computer loading screen, restaurant bill tip or calculating interest rates, It just everywhere. Hence, It becomes important for an individual to be well versed in doing percentages quickly. Students with learning disorders, specially dyscalculia, are often seen … Read more