Top 7 Games for Understanding Ratio and Proportion Concepts

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Games attract children easily. Children trying to avoid solving problems of ratio and proportion and other similar topics can be driven to engage deeper in these with games. Beautiful backdrops, community learning environment, and role-playing are some of the interesting factors that make games a good option for mastering ratio and proportion, or other middle school math topics. It will not be an understatement if we call games the proven tool for befriending kids with math topics that otherwise drain them out, or create anxiety in them.

What are the other advantages of ratio and proportion focused games? Let’s find out.

How games for learning ratio and proportion offer reliable learning support?

The ‘ratio’ is a word of Latin origin and it stands for reason or ratification. So, while the numbers tell about the value attached, ratio gives a relationship of logical nature among numbers. The primary outcomes of the games based on the concept of ration and proportion are:

  • Games for ratio and proportion are mainly focused on finding the simplest ratio, equivalent ratios, and solving equations based on it.
  • A ratio can be converted into a fraction and then into a decimal. So, the games are designed to drive students into making all these calculations mentally. The more quick and accurate you are the higher will be your scores in these games.
  • Games can be used to develop additional skills like color recognition, motor skills, math reasoning, etc. as the situations conducive to practicing these are created strategically in the gameplay.
  • Since the games are available online for free, you can play these anywhere and without paying anything extra. A paperless way of acquiring ratio and proportion calculation proficiency is provided by these online games.

I am sure all these outcomes must have got you thinking of searching these games.

Look no further! We have curated here an elaborated list of the best online games that can provide good practicing options for solving equivalent fractions, finding ‘x’ in proportional equations, calculating the simplest ratio, and a lot more. Scores you earn are sure to rub on you positively and will inspire you to calculate quicker and be a mental math expert eventually.

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7 Online Ratio and Proportion based Problem-solving Games

1. Dirt Bike Proportions

Dirt Bike Proportions Game

Dirt Bike Proportions is a game that is an ultimate combination of thrill and learning. You choose your profile as a bike and it is your equivalent ratio calculating capacity that is going to keep you ahead of the competition in this game. It is a self-paced game where you can pick the slow or fast option of playing as per the comfort level.

The best strategy to play this game is to start slow, and then reduce the time so that you can practice faster calculation, quicker thinking, and appropriate reasoning. By choosing the gameplay duration or level of toughness, as a teacher, you can set your students on a progressive learning path.

Game Link: Web App

2. Ratio Blaster

Ratio Blaster Game

Ratio blaster is set in astronomical space. There is a launcher that gives clues in the form of a ratio’s expression. The Player has to match the ratio shown with the corresponding fraction value by aiming and launching at the correct space vehicle.

Since gameplay continues only till all vehicles remain in space and do not hit the surface below, an element of time-pressed gaming is added automatically to it. Thus, solve as many options as possible in a limited time. Play repeatedly to improve the timing as well as score. This game is pure learning and a lot of fun!

Game Link: Web App

3. Battleship Numberline

Battleship Numberline Game

If you observe closely, a ratio is nothing but any fraction that has a value between zero and one, except when both the numerator and denominator are the same. Battleship Numberline utilizes this concept quite interestingly. It builds knowledge of how much the value of a fraction actually looks like.

In this game, the learner selects the point on the number line according to the clue given. If the point corresponds to the value, the bomb falling from above destroys the submarine that appears on the point selected. Misses and the percentage by which the target is missed is also communicated to the learner. With practice, you will find yourself picking the precise location corresponding to the ratio clue provided

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Game Link: Web App

4. Ratio Rumble

Ratio Rumble Game

Ease of color recognition and effortless learning of values of items corresponding to their ratio become fun to learn in this recipe game called Ratio Rumble. The board shows the ratio in which the items are to be selected.

By use of motor skills and enhanced hand-eye coordination, the items lying adjacent and in the ratio as suggested, are picked. In one of its levels, the selected items are dragged and dropped in the pot (as shown in the picture above). Thus, this game helps practice multiple skills apart from ratio. A timed way of playing helps bring swiftness in the calculation process as well.

Game Link: Web App

5. Matching Ratios

Matching Ratios Game

Matching Ratios game offers the perfect start to learn ratio and proportions. This matching game comprises the clues as well as answered presented in the form of a grid. Early learners of ratio and proportion utilize their subitizing skills and pick the ratio and the corresponding figures’ cells that display the ratio correctly.

Apart from improving the number sense, the ratio and proportion of beginners get better clarity as the visual presentation takes away all doubt. Since the matches are to be made within a restricted time-frame, the game offers a more suitable setting for attaining calculation fluency.

Game Link: Web App

6. Ratios Coloring Game

Ratios Coloring Game

Color the polygons in two colors taking the clue from the ratio as provided in the hint. Ratios coloring game offers deeper engagement in the ratio and proportion learning process. By doing the simple activity of coloring the polygons as instructed, the learner gets to master color recognition, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and of course, the concept of ratio.

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This game is a wholesome learning tool for ratio beginners and shows how the ratio looks when quantified and presented in form of figures. Not to mention, a considerable number sense is also put to the application while playing this game.

Game Link: Web App

7. Describe Pictures as Ratios

Learning ratio need not be a boring activity. You can add colors to this activity (pun intended). Game ‘Describe Pictures as Ratios’ offers you a more convenient way of practicing this math concept. You count the polygons or colored figures and establish the ratio between them. And, accordingly, pick the option. Thus, you put your logical reasoning, counting, and calculating skills to use while playing this game. This game can help you become more fluent if you practice a variety of problems of such nature. It would help better if you repeat the gameplay in case you commit any mistake. You not only select the option but in some cases, are required to put the answer in the box given. The motive is to teach you the correct presentation of the ratio. So, start on it right away!

Game Link: Web App

Wrapping up,

Technology in education has got the device’s support and as a result, education is available everywhere. Ratio and proportion can be learned more easily and with better retention by playing these online games available on all devices and operating systems. Homeschooled children and also those wanting to brush up on their classroom’s learnings can play these games to gain better comfort with ratio and proportion concepts. The best part is these take away the math anxiety and replace it with a positive approach, helping students to get reinforced learning. Also, these initiate discussion and constructive communication between parents and kids, or teachers and students, enabling them to work as a team to achieve education’s objectives.[1]


[1] The impact of console games in the classroom: Evidence from schools in Scotland, A study by Jen Griffith, et al, 2010.

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