10+ Creative Math Websites & Online Resources for Kindergarten tots

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We understand kids lacking interest in math. Lengthy calculations and varying logics might be the culprit here and it just adds up as they move to higher classes. Kids facing challenges in the early stages of the subject often have a hard time understanding advance level maths. Parents support in situations like these can improve kids skills in the subject to a great extent.

Letting your kids interact with math in the early years will boost their day-to-day adaptability. According to a recent study, “School Readiness and Later Achievement,” led by Professor Greg J. Duncan, found that early math, attention skills, and reading skills are potent predictors of later learning. Therefore, we must help our tots grow with maths’ power from their early learning stages.

In their book “Preschool and kindergarten math (non-affiliate),” authors Ann Carlyle and Brenda Mercado say, “Tots develop the ability to recognize differences and similarities in the early learning period. Which they then use to sort and match items according to their different attributes. They possess the ability to see and create patterns which are the starting steps of laying their algebraic thinking foundation.”

Importance of online learning for little learners

With the advent of uncontrollable global situations, learning and educating the kids via online mediums have been a saviour. Teaching and learning online is safe, easily manageable, and does not require anything more than a device and WIFI connection. Educating your children has become easy, and kids like learning digitally too.

Not only that, e-learning and education require 40-60% lesser time to understand and learn than standard classroom settings. Kids can learn at their speed, but they can also re-read, go back and repeat the lesson multiple times, thus accelerating their understanding pace and ultimately fastening the overall speed of the topic learning. Therefore, for your ease, we have mentioned here a list of top math websites and online resources to introduce basic fundamental concepts of the subject to the little learners. Another plus point? They are free!

Top 10 cool math websites for kindergarteners

1. Funbrain.com


This website is one of the most interesting ones of the bunch. They have a wide variety of games that your tot can play while sharpening his/her math skills. The overall website’s look is very colorful and clean. Nothing on the screen looks busy or clustered that might be overwhelming to your kid.

The animation of each math game and other website sections is modern, clean, catchy. They have a dedicated area for kindergarten kids under the name of “playground” featuring games with maths plus reading exercises and stories.

Official website

2. Math game time


Math game time is an easily operated website with fun games that tackle basic counting and shape recognition concepts, which are essential basic skills during kindergarten.

Apart from games, this website has few videos dedicated to math learning. Math game time also has some worksheets that focus on time, measurement, shapes, geometry, number counting, etc.

Official website

3. Cool math 4 kids


Cool math 4 kids have a few games and brain teasers for kindergarten kids. Quizzes are their speciality; you get to choose the end number that your kid has learned, the number of questions for each new quiz, and the timer speed.

As your kid grips the concept and starts getting the correct answers, you can begin designing quizzes of varying difficulty. Kids can also learn different math concepts like base ten, number line and counting by interacting with the online manipulatives tool provided by the site.

Official website

4. ABCya


This is another website on our list that looks and feels new, fresh, and has better graphics. The website has a dedicated section for kindergarten kids with word math games, holiday games, strategy games for preschool, and skill games.

All the games have some educational value, especially strategy and math games that help them learn maths just by playing. ABCya is a trusted website featured on The New York Times, USA Today, Fox News, etc.

Official websites

5. Splash learn


Splash learn has a fantastic collection of math-related games for kindergarten. They have games that focus on the concept of counting, measuring, place value, and so much more.

They have a sign-in option for both parents and teachers. If signed in as a teacher, you get to set up your class and help your student learn maths through fun games. Their FAQ section is worth visiting that gives competent answers about kindergarten maths and gives an overview of grade K domains.

Official website

6. Khan academy


Khan academy is one of the most celebrated names in the e-learning industry. It is popular among school and college-level learning. However, not many are aware, they have a curated section for math learning course for kids as well.

They offer kindergarten math videos related to addition, subtraction, and geometry. You can track your progress, earn points, take quizzes and unit tests. Their exciting way of teaching keeps kids glued to the screen. The website is not as colorful as you expect it to be, but the content matter and explanation style balances the con.

Official websites

7. Education.com


We highly recommend that parents check out this website as it has 50+ math-related games for kindergarteners. Along with that, they have a wide variety of guided lessons, lesson plans, hands-on activities, interactive tools, and so much more.

Watch your kids hooked hours learning math concepts through interactive stories and activities. There is also listed hundreds of worksheets designed especially for little math aspirants. Another cool about this site is that most of the stuff mentioned is available for absolutely free to try.

Official Websites

8. Hooda math


Hooda math is another site with free games, timed tests to increase your kids’ math and logical reasoning skills. Sit with them and keep asking them questions to make sure they are grasping the knowledge while playing.

The UI may look a little out of date but it doesn’t compromise the educational value it is serving. Games are challenging and really brings the math geek inside you to beat the opponents.

Official websites

9. PBSkids.org


PBS kids have the most fantastic range of games that a kid can play and learn. They even have games under emotional growth, teamwork, etc. Their math games are mostly story-based so that learning doesn’t get monotonous.

As this website comes under the wing of PBS.org, they have access to popular tv characters from sesame street, which excites kids as they play with characters that they already know and love.

Official website

10. Mathgames.com


This math game website has calming pastel hues that will attract kids and calm them while playing games relating to addition, subtraction, counting.

They have more than 100 online games and worksheets that you can play and fill. One cool thing we noticed is that many of the math games offered are an adaptation of popular games given an educational twist. Have you tried their Math Slither?

Offical Website

Additional resources:

1. Cv remote learning

This youtube channel has a dedicated playlist for your kindergarten kids. The teachers teach on various topics that are essential for kindergarten kids. The channel has around 90 videos through which your kid can learn. Kids love watching youtube, so this is a great channel if you want to slip in some educational value while watching Youtube videos.

Official Link

2. Math4children.com

This website has an enormous list of free worksheets that you can download and use offline. The website lists different worksheets even for a single topic of addition so that your kid can fill out new worksheets and pages without getting bored. The worksheets are colorful and fun, a great thing to have when you are out. Car rides and restaurants will no more be boring to your kids.

Official Link

3. Number dyslexia

A blog dedicated to dyscalculia that has amazing math-related resources for free for kids with general math issues and kids dealing with number dyslexia. Check out the blog for special worksheets that will attract the kids and keep them busy. Number dyslexia has a wide variety of unique printables related to math and other fun activities too. If someone near you is struggling with dyscalculia, do recommend us! 🙂

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4. Natalielynnkindergarten

She is a kindergarten teacher who provides good resources over Instagram to check to get ideas and game strategies to apply while teaching your kid.

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Essential tips for paying attention

An average kids’ attention span below the age of 2 is usually four to six minutes. So you cant expect them to sit for hours and prepare like crazy as we do for competitive examinations. Also, some kids might have issue studying online through screens. Well, in that case, we have a few tips and tricks that you can use so they can avoid getting distracted and bored while learning.

  • Keep in mind that they are just kindergarten kids; your main goal shouldn’t be to bombard them with studies. It would help if you inculcated study while they are playing. Making kindergarten kids study while playing is the number one mistake parents make, resulting in a stressful environment that the kid might hate. Keep a playful atmosphere and focus on playing.
  • Always talk and keep them engaged. Ask them questions to keep the session interesting but don’t make it seem like a Q and A session. Questioning will boost their morale, and they will likely pay more attention.
  • Give them breaks as and when needed. Sitting for a long period will tire them up. Kids in these situations are more likely to give up their interest in the subject.
  • Giving incentives is another good option to go with. The rewarding system will surely keep them motivated, and they will make their best effort to score good points.

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