Printable Number Formation Rhymes 0-10 [PDF Included]

Number formation rhymes

Are you ready to learn number formation in a fun and memorable way? Well, get ready to rhyme your way to mathematical success with these quirky and catchy number formation rhymes for 0-10! These rhymes will not only help kids learn the correct formation of each number but also make it an enjoyable experience. Picture … Read more

DIY: Make Fun Number Puzzles At Home

Being an educator, I understand the importance of teaching through unique methods. Children are not always interested in learning through books. I have been using multiple manipulatives, board games, and storybooks to engage children in a comprehensive learning environment. However, it becomes difficult when children simply have to watch the process. At times, they need … Read more

30 Famous Quotes And Sayings About The Importance Of Numbers

Everywhere we look, there are numbers related to what we do. We use them to calculate seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years. Numbers are a valuable language for counting, measuring, and identifying no matter which numerical system we choose. We can employ numbers in an infinite variety of ways, such as in phone calls, bank … Read more

8 Cool Online Games for Learning Numbers and Operations

Online games for learning numbers and operations

Inculcating skills and lessons in a young mind is easy and expedient. Perhaps this is why kids are taught the fundamentals of life like the alphabet and numbers as a part of academics as well as personal growth. But, every child has a unique pace. So, the question remains, how to teach kids about these … Read more

Free Printable Number Flashcards 1-100 with words [PDF]

Free Printable Number Flashcards 1-100 with words [PDF]

Numbers are the first thing to learn as a preschool math student. But, it is very hard to make kids realize the importance of learning these. They may tend to stray away from the learning curve due to learning disabilities. Keeping up with discomfort, there is always a need to devise ways that ease the … Read more

Free Printable Multiplication 1-12 Worksheets [PDF]

Free Printable Multiplication 1-12 Worksheets [PDF]

One cannot continue to do finger math to find the sum of two or more numbers. It is a basic requirement to know and master multiplication operations. Though a basic requirement, not all students are comfortable with the idea of learning mathematical operations. For them, the math anxiety is for real and may send shivers … Read more