Free Printable Shapes Flashcards [PDF] (both Black & White and Colored)

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As a preschooler and further, as a primary school student, you will surely come across the concept of Shapes. Everything that we see around us is a shape. Like a TV monitor or a dining table top is a rectangle, mostly; and, the balls kids around you play with are examples of spheres.

So, the challenge may not be much in recognizing a shape, but in associating and recalling the names correspondingly. With our printable flashcards on shapes with and without words, the challenge is likely to lose its teeth.

We have developed shape flashcards in both colored and black-and-white formats. Some of the printables in our bundle are available with the shapes’ corresponding names too. Take a look at these; download, save or print and file these learning materials and come one step closer to becoming a shapes’ genius:

Free Printable Shapes Flashcards [PDF] black and white without words
Free Printable Shapes Flashcards [PDF] black and white with words
Free Printable Shapes Flashcards [PDF] colored without words
Free Printable Shapes Flashcards [PDF] colroed with words

Benefits of using printable shape flashcards

Printable shape flashcards comprise all the common figures you may come across from K-1 to K-6 levels of education. Hence, by having these in your study kit, you can make your feat of learning shapes easy and fun. Flashcards on shapes offer the following benefits in general:

  • Time-saving: Our shape flashcards are designed to boost quick learning among young students. Going through books is certainly a time-consuming task. You can save the hassles of sifting through the books and reaching the topic. Using our printable flashcards, you can help young learners hit on the topic with an undivided focus[1].
  • Boosting concept recall: We have designed printable flashcards for shapes to help you boost concept recall[2] among students. Research reveals that flashcards used in an organized manner help in radicalizing the mind into ingrained concept adoption. Our printables are designed on the same lines.
  • Ubiquitous resource in hand: Our printable flashcard bundles on shapes are downloadable and device-friendly. So, even if you are on the move, learning shapes is still possible. Simply flash our printables on the mobile device, when stuck on a long road trip, and have time utilized in befriending kids with shapes.

Best ways to use our printable shapes flashcards

We designed printable shapes flashcards with and without words. Thus, you can do numerous activities using our shapes flashcards bundle. The idea behind designing these flashcards in colored and plain formats without words is to help you with activity material that can be employed for:

  • Coloring activity: Very young preschoolers tend to evade boundaries while coloring enclosed figures like rectangles, circles, etc. You can print the black and white flashcards, and drive kids to practice coloring to perfection.
  • Quiz on Shapes: Prepare cut-outs from these printable shapes flashcards, show these to kids, and ask them their names. It is how the kids can master the morphological concepts in a playful manner. Further, you can show these figures, and then ask them to draw them in their notebooks, or pads using their recalling capacity.
  • Make tags: Using our shapes-based printable flashcards PDFs, you can also make interesting tags and quote’ boxes. Cut and paste these shapes on cardboard, and carve tags to hang on cupboards, etc. As quote boxes, you can write short notes like ‘eat on time’, ‘see the doctor today,’ etc., and help your spouse or kids stick to their commitments.

Who could use our shapes flashcards?

Our printable flashcards PDFs on shapes are not meant only for kids. People from all spheres of life can employ them for various purposes. For example:

  • Teachers: Those in the teaching line can utilize these printables to make kids competent in activities that focus on visual closure. They can show these flashcards to kids frequently and ask kids the names and other questions relevant to their level of study.
  • Students: Students can find self-study material in these printable shape flashcards. They can write the names of the shapes and memorize them with frequent revisions.
  • Office-goers: How about making cut-outs and making interesting badges and tags for the workspace? If you love decorating your workspace in a quick and easy manner, these printable PDFs on shapes can be of great help.
  • Homeschoolers: If you want to have ready-made practice material for studying shapes at home, these printable PDFs can provide an easily workable solution. Their role in retrieving concepts[3] serves the homeschoolers’ needs aptly.

Summing up

Shapes are a concept most likely to stay with you all your life. So, learning shapes makes kids geometry-ready and improves their understanding of spatial relationships too. Employ this learning material and see how it helps you become comfortable with shapes with no fuss. These are commendable study materials for students with learning disabilities owing to their appeal and impactful delivery.


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