Free Printable Ordering Fractions From Least to Greatest Worksheets [PDF]

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How to learn ordering fractions? Well, the easiest tricks to propose will be – by frequent and regular practice.

However, it is way difficult than said, especially when kids find it cumbersome to understand numbers. Fractional values are a bit complicated and need careful handling. Since there is a lot of scope for getting confused, the teachers may need to revisit the concept often and give more practice than usual. But, the curriculum’s limitations and time constraints may not allow carrying the teaching as planned.

Hence, it gives rise to the need of having accurate and interesting learning supports in place. While understanding the need and demand for added efforts, we have tried to make learning fun for you by designing printable worksheets in PDF format on ordering fractions.

Take a look at the easily doable printable ordering fractions (from least to greatest) worksheets with PDFs attached below. You can download, save, or print them for both classroom education and homeschooling.

Free Printable Ordering Fractions From Least to Greatest Worksheets [PDF]
Free Printable Ordering Fractions From Least to Greatest Worksheets [PDF]
Free Printable Ordering Fractions From Least to Greatest Worksheets [PDF]

How to use our printable PDFs to learn to order fractions?

Our printable worksheets PDFs, useful for learning to arrange fractions in ascending and descending order, can help engage little kids in practice frequently. We have explained how to use these printables succinctly by mentioning that ‘cut out these fractions and paste them on the book, arranging them in a chosen order’. Not only may you arrange from the least to the greatest, but you can also do the reverse.

Benefits of using these ordering fractions printables

Our printable PDFs bundle is employable in arranging fractions in order. By introducing these printables in the fractions class, one can enjoy benefits like:

  • A handy activity material: The utility of these printable worksheets, to arrange fractions in order, lies in being a very engaging activity material. Both for parents and teachers, these PDFs act as a tool for driving the kids into an activity where they can strategize and arrange the fractions.
  • Concept recall booster: Give a set of 3, 4, or 5 fraction cutouts to students. Enquire how they decided the order. You can also group the fraction cutouts based on a common denominator, mixed fraction, improper fraction and etc.
  • A supplement to manipulatives: Just like you introduce fraction manipulatives to teach the fractions’ basics to budding mathematicians, you can put these printable PDFs to use for doing various operations on fractions. In addition to arranging them in order, the cutouts can be employed for performing actions like addition, subtraction, etc.
  • Support for improving motor skills: Since the process involves creating cutouts of the fractions first, the learners can improve on their fine motor skills and practice fractions as well. So, if you want to extract multiple benefits from a single learning activity, these printable PDFs for ordering fractions might help.
  • Question bank for converting fractions into decimals: When you want to teach how to convert fractions into decimals, you can use these printable PDFs as a question bank.

Summing up

Arranging fractions in a chosen sequence requires adopting various approaches. You can teach all approaches and encourage kids to practice often by providing them these printable PDFs for ordering fractions from the least to greatest and vice versa. By employing our worksheets in ordering fractions, your path to mastering this early math may become quite easier.

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