3 Printable Preschool Lesson Plan Templates [PDF Included]

Preschool education is not only about the prescribed syllabus; rather, it is an amalgam of both syllabi and various extra co-curricular activities necessary for a child’s holistic development. Schools, teachers, and sometimes parents are responsible for ensuring that a child engages in multiple activities in school and learns different things in their developing years. 

Although, keeping a check on every activity can be tiresome for teachers. Some activities may be missed, and some will be under-focused or overly focused. The result could be slow growth, a lack of social and communication skills, and a lack of interest in the syllabus and extra co-curricular activities of the children. 

To ensure smooth progress and implementation of all lessons and activities, educators can use the preschool lesson plan templates, which are designed to meet the needs of teachers and parents. 

Keep reading about the preschool lesson plan template and how it can help educators effectively plan their lessons. 

Why is lesson planning important? 

Before moving to the preschool lesson plan template, let’s see why lesson planning, in general, is important. 

A well-planned and systematic lecture is the foundation of successful lessons and effective learning. Lesson planning has various benefits, such as. 

  • It provides a strong framework to base the lectures on. 
  • Lesson planning is beneficial for keeping both the students and teachers in the loop regarding what will happen in the class. 
  • Systematic planning of the lessons provides an idea to the children regarding what to expect in the class, resulting in reinforced curiosity, stimulating inquiry-based learning in the students, and facilitating cooperative learning among students.
  • Analyzing the status of the topic, that is which topics have been covered and which are yet to be covered in the classroom can easily be carried out using lesson planning. 
  • Lesson planning also makes the process of formulation of goals for classroom learning easy and fruitful. 
  • Mapping out which activities or skills are needed to be focused or worked upon and when, is a crucial component of lesson planning. That means educators can plan different activities and skills associated with a week and execute them accordingly through effective plans for the lessons and the classroom. 
  • It also provides an opportunity for educators to think of the best approach that can be used to deliver the lessons. 
  • To make the classes ordered and organized, lesson planning is important. 

Lesson planning has multiple benefits. Hence, educators should plan their lessons to save time and reflect better. 

Preschool lesson plan template 

The Preschool lesson plan template is a wonderful way to stay organized and creative in the classroom. The printable includes 3 templates that are attractive, spacious, and handy. Let’s see each template in detail and how it can help educators plan lessons. 

1. Planner 1

Preschool lesson plan template 

Planner 1 is a weekly lesson plan that can be used to note down the different activities scheduled for each day of the week, starting from Monday to Friday. Educators can organize different activities on each day and can fill in the respective columns. Additionally, the planner provides space on the left side for writing the skills on which the activities will be based. 

In simpler terms, educators can fill up the skills they want to cover for little learners for a particular week on the left side of the planner and then add the activities based on those skills for each day in the main area of the planner. 

2. Planner 2 

Preschool lesson plan template 

Planner 2 is a monthly planner that educators can use when focusing on a specific skill or activity. The planner provides a space on the top of the planner for writing the skills that the teacher wants to focus on in a particular month and the name of the month. 

Moving ahead, the planner involves a spacious tabular-form area where the days of the week, starting from Monday to Friday, are written horizontally. Each weekday column can be used to plan different activities for each day that focuses on the planned skill for a month. 

3. Planner 3

Preschool lesson plan template 

Planner 3 is a comprehensive and multi-component planner designed to smooth out educators’ work efforts. This planner focuses on daily activities, and educators can use this planner to map out the daily activities that focus on the skills planned for that month. This planner is a detailed version of the rest two planners where educators can explain in detail about daily activities that are planned for specific weeks and months. 

The planner provides the space for writing skills or activities and the day of the week on the top. Moving ahead, the planner provides the space for writing the learning objectives planned for the day and the material required for fulfilling those objectives. 

Lastly, the planner provides the space for writing the details of the activities. Educators can write up to three activities in the planner. Teachers can elaborate on the description of the activities or jot down the important points related to the activities at their convenience. 

How to make the best use of the lesson plan? 

The preschool lesson planner is an elaborative tool with multiple benefits and can be used for multiple purposes. The planner provides enough space for educators to be flexible and detailed in their reporting of the skills and activities. 

To make the best use of the planner, educators can use it to- 

1. Generate curiosity in the students 

The planner can be used to develop curiosity among the students regarding what activities will be performed on which day and what tasks will be included in the activity. Activities to develop curiosity are an effective method to keep the students engaged in the classroom. 

2. Inform parents about their child’s performance

Educators can make multiple copies of the lesson planner that can be used to track the progress of students for each activity and the same can be shared with the parents. It will help the parents understand the curriculum of their kids and how they are performing in preschool. 

3. Supplement it with additional resources 

Educators can supplement the lesson plan with various other resources that can help improve the efficiency of the lesson plan. Resources may include worksheets, calendars, teacher resources, etc. 

4. Making the planner accessible to all students 

Another way to get the most out of the preschool lesson plan is to pin it on the board of the classroom so that every student can have access to it. It will help children to keep a check on the upcoming activities and prepare accordingly. 

5. Highlighting the different aspects of the planner 

Educators can mark the different activities and their status with different color highlighters to enhance the interest of the students and also to improve the understanding of the planner. For instance, the teacher can mark the completed activities with a certain color highlighter or can mark an important activity with another color highlighter. 

Concluding thoughts 

Lesson planning is vital to stay organized and prepared in the classroom. It allows educators to understand how the activities can be best implemented and where improvement is required. With advanced planning, educators can better make IEP goals for the student’s personalized needs and cater to them accordingly. 

With weekly and daily lesson plans, educators can make their classes fun, interactive, and innovative.

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