List Of IEP Goals For Preschool [PDF Included]

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Who won’t love to see their little kids excelling in academics? Shining in academics is not often effortless for all the students. Some may need specialized focus to match their peers. To assure the same, parents may make a written goal that they want their children to reach by the end of the session. This is evidently what IEP goals are. Thus, sorting out a perfect set of goals can assist parents in ensuring next to professional training for their little ones. 

IEP Goal Bank consists of all those predefined sets of academic parameters and objectives that a student should match at the end of every session. Thus it offers you crafted benchmarks and sometimes products designed categorically to aid them. These include all the three essential components of IEP goals for preschoolers: direction of behavior, area of need, and level of attainment. 

Before we can look into what an IEP goal Bank constitutes, let us weigh up some key criteria while you choose an appropriate set of goals.

Preschool IEP Goal Bank- How to choose a right set of goals for your toddler

As a parent, who wouldn’t love to make perfect choices for their child? Be it a school, or a book for educating, the best offered can give out splendid results. Let us now look at some crucial takeaways in your expedition to search for the right IEP goal bank for your preschooler:

  • Not all children have similar needs of IEP goals. A kid needs focus on phonological awareness, while others may need fluency. Thus, knowing what precisely you need for your kid can land you to a perfect choice. 
  • Ideal IEP goals suggest assessments at least annually, thus picking out those with regular assessments is crucial. 
  • Enhanced social skills are of paramount importance for preschoolers. Since they need to learn the perfect attitude for schooling later, personality oriented objectives with social skills are essential. 
  • Since you would be looking to improve your child academically, check if the goals are academically and functionally measurable. 
  • Does your IEP goal provide you with techniques to mark the progress? Ensure this before choosing a set.

IEP Goal Bank- What should it encompass?

An ideal IEP depends on factors like the child’s strengths, parent’s concern, results of the child’s recent evaluation, and functional needs of the child. Accordingly, an IEP goal bank assist preschoolers to be self-sufficient ensuring

  • Communication skills
  • Social skills and interactions abilities
  • Reading skills

In the first place, little ones must learn to communicate to express and receive speech. Some students may use assistive technology to do so. Kids should learn social skills to interact with people based on situations. Reading implies skills to interpret what they come across. Evidently, these skills are the basis of the whole learning procedure. Apart from these common areas, there may be some specific goals that the student may need, these can be short-term or benchmark.

Imperative constituents of a preschooler IEP goal bank

An Ideal IEP goal should include all those skills that need to hold up kids learning and thinking differences if any, consequently ameliorating their personalities. Thus no two kids need exactly the same set of goals. Some need to focus on communication skills, while others may need to focus on motor skills. Here, we comprehend crucial constituents that can make an ideal IEP goal bank:

A PLAAFP statement

To design a set of goals for a toddler, parents, and instructors should be coherent about the kid’s current level of functioning.  Realizing this can make them contour compromises if any. A PLAAFP (Present level of academic achievement and functional performance) statement is a summarized disclosure depicting the same. Therefore, an IEP goal bank usually starts or needs you to have a PLAAFP statement which serves as the foundation on which other components are derived. 

Academic Preparation Goals 

While your little one is getting ready for preschool, they need to learn the routines of classrooms so that they can gear up for academics. Accordingly, the inceptive set of IEP goals for preschoolers may focus on the morning routine followed by other obligatory goals. For instance, morning routines include arranging books in the bag, washing hands before and after breakfast, etc. Here are some sample goals:

  • Students should be able to wash hands before and after lunch without support.
  • Children must demonstrate raising hand to participate in class with 100% accuracy.
  • Pupils should be showing self control of body and voice in a 30 minute period with 80% accuracy. 
  • Little ones must independently perform and finish the homework and other tasks with 80% accuracy.

Vocabulary Goals 

In the expedition of making them ready for school, you may need to focus on their communication and vocabulary. It is the appropriate time to make use of cues like pictures and videos while telling a story. By the end of this IEP, they must be able to decipher cues to identify curriculum vocabulary. The accuracy of 75-85% may work in this set of goals. 

Math Goals 

Preschoolers need not solve complex numerical, but they need to identify numbers at least from 1 to 20. Identifying various shapes also comes under this umbrella. This can boost up their math skills right from inception. Here are a few relevant goals:

  • Students should be able to identify and read aloud numbers with 100% accuracy. 
  • Children must be able to count the objects and answer ”How many” with 80% accuracy.
  • Students can easily identify 5 different objects or shapes and answer “Which shape is this” with 80% accuracy.
  • Given a tower of cubes, learners should be able to count and answer “How many” with 100% accuracy. 

Social Goals 

Having positive relationships in school and neighborhood is crucial, these social skills need to be included in the goal bank. Here their relation with their peers and teachers is often evaluated. Here are some samples:

  • Given visual cues, Student will be able to identify feelings and state why they are feeling so when asked “How are you feeling” with 100% accuracy.
  • Children will interact with peers during the play time in an appropriate manner and respectful voice in 70% of intervals.
  • Pupils will wish people with a smile with 100% accuracy.

Writing Goals

Knowing how to hold a pencil to write is crucial to make homework later on a notebook. Kids are often seen using all forms of writing props like crayons. There may not be sincere IEP writing goals for preschoolers, however, you can set some simple goals like;

  • Given a crayon, students will be able to hold it to write on a plane.
  • Learners will write numbers 1 to 3 and alphabets A-E with 80% accuracy when they are given a pen and a pencil. 

Benchmark/Short term objectives

While the above-mentioned goals are just about common for all students, there are some specific needs that need to be addressed. Short-term objectives can cover all these aspects. Some of these can be short-term, while some others are aimed to develop by the end of IEP.  Here are some sample goals for speech learning enhancement:

  • Once given a verbal prompt, student should be able to produce targeted speech sounds with an accuracy of 80%
  • Pupils  will produce patterns of vowels and diphthongs with an accuracy of 60% with the help of a visual prompt. 

In a goal bank, sometimes there may exist some goals that satisfy more than one need. For instance,  a goal, “By End of the IEP, given homework, Student will independently perform the writing task of homework with 80% accuracy.” may satisfy both academic and writing goals. 

List Of IEP Goals For Preschool
List Of IEP Goals For Preschool

Summing up

IEP goals are crucial since special students are equally important as their peers. The individualized plans bridge the gaps effectively by providing the instructor a chance to effectively upgrade students’ skill sets. Comprehending pivotal constituents of an ideal bank can make your expedition choose one facile. Ensure the constituent goals envelop all the exigencies of the little one.

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