6 Cool Shapes Learning Activities for Kindergarten Tots

6 Cool Shapes Learning Activities for Kindergarten Tots

Kindergarten is solely responsible for early cognitive development in children. What one learns during these years lay the foundation for a child’s academic life. These first few years are spent teaching children the English alphabet, numbers, names of animals and plants, and much more.  Besides teaching children how to write words and count numbers, certain … Read more

Top 8 Engaging Online Pattern Games for Little Learners

List of top 8 engaging online pattern games

The ability to identify patterns is one of the prime determiners of a child’s logical reasoning skills or displays mathematical intelligence. This intelligence is required to have problem-solving capabilities. Also termed as shape intelligence or patterns intelligence, the ability to identify patterns can help in understanding structures, which does help in daily life. It also … Read more

Top 7 manipulatives to teach shapes to early learners

List of top 7 manipulatives for learning about shapes

Please Note : This post may contains affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. The shape is one of the aspects that intrigue kids a lot. Shapes are an important part of building math reasoning in a child. Judging shapes, sizes, heights and distance find its best use while playing games, during crossing the … Read more