Flipped Learning: Overview | Examples | Pros & Cons

flipped learning

Looking for a new way to engage your students and revolutionize your classroom? Look no further than flipped learning! With this innovative approach, you can turn the traditional classroom model on its head, empowering students to take charge of their own learning and giving them the tools they need to succeed in the 21st century. … Read more

Advantages And Disadvantages Of the Deductive Method

deductive learning

Deductive reasoning is a method of teaching and learning that involves the use of logical reasoning to arrive at a conclusion. This method was always present in classroom settings, particularly in subjects such as mathematics, logic, and science. However, the emphasis on rote memorization always took center stage. In recent years, the use of deductive … Read more

Advantages Of Discovery Learning

discovery learning

Are you bored with the old-fashioned “lecture and recite” teaching method? Do you want to give your students a chance to participate in their learning actively and meaningfully explore novel ideas? If so, discovery learning might be your best option. Education that promotes the learner’s role in creating their understanding of a subject is discovery … Read more

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Self-Directed Learning

self directed learning

Self-directed learning is a learning approach in which the learner takes the initiative, with or without the guidance of a teacher, to identify their own learning goals and objectives and to plan, carry out, and evaluate their learning.  It involves taking responsibility for learning and making decisions about what to learn, how, and when to … Read more

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Active Learning

pros and cons of active learning

Life and its challenges, they say, come in all forms and sizes. Then why shouldn’t the classroom, which is supposed to prepare one for life, also emulate these characteristics? Active learning does just that and looks at learning as a skill-developing activity instead of an information-rote memorization one. Active learning strategies can be seen as … Read more

Geoboard Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of geoboard

Teachers use a wide variety of manipulatives in the classroom to teach and help students learn. One of the lot is a geoboard. It is a simple mathematical manipulative used in classrooms to allow students to practice and explore basic math concepts. Educators have been using geoboards for a long time, and their application and … Read more

Advantages & Disadvantages of Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication

verbal & non verbal

When knowledge is successfully transmitted from one person, group, or place to another through writing, speaking, or using a means that facilitates meaningful learning, it is called communication. Every communication includes at least one sender, receiver, and message in every transaction. These include thoughts, the surrounding environment, the mode of communication, and even geographic area. … Read more

Pros and Cons of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Pros and cons of UDL

‘Flexible learning methods that complement the needs of students with diversities and difficulties’ – a lot has been said about the importance of this. And, the institutes are going through a transformation too. Universal Design for Learning is one such conscious step that institutes adopt to make their classrooms suitable for all. A non-profit research … Read more

Pros & Cons of Cursive Handwriting

Pros & Cons of cursive handwriting

Cursive handwriting is one of the eminent writing styles that students and adults can choose from. While some people choose it as it is aesthetically pleasing, others use it to improve their handwriting. Moreover, many experts have listed the benefits it has to offer, but people often miss out on a few drawbacks. Our list … Read more

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Flashcards

Pros and cons of flashcards

In a world of smartphones and iPads, are flashcards relevant enough? As we know, children have got the hang of visual learning more than ever. Thus, flashcards, also known as index cards, help in stimulating and motivating kids by helping them learn and retain easily.  They are small note cards, typically two-sided with a prompt … Read more