7 Easy Online Games For Active Learning

active learning games

Active learning is the strategy implemented by various teachers where they encourage students to take part in the learning process and not simply rely on instructing or lecturing them about a particular topic of discussion. This strategy can be implemented by teachers and parents in various ways. Teachers can involve students by conducting debates, group … Read more

7 Helpful Active Learning Activities For Adults

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Active learning is a format that includes various strategies to constantly be involved in incorporating new knowledge into the brain. While the advantages and disadvantages of this model have been carefully weighed by educators, it is done using debates, problem-solving, case histories, interactive activities, and other strategies. By relating new information to existing knowledge, structuring … Read more

20 Thought-provoking Quotes On Active Learning

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According to the American Psychological Association, “learning that takes place as a result of carrying out an activity or putting a concept into practice is active learning.” It is the active pursuit of fresh knowledge as opposed to merely being a passive recipient. Active learners choose tactics, set goals, know when they have understood, and … Read more

8 Engaging Strategies To Employ Active Learning In Classroom

When was the last time you felt so curious about a topic that you spent hours on it? You read various articles, watched a lot of videos, and almost forgot where or when the time passed. Active learning aims to foster this exciting and almost insatiable need to learn. It involves the student or the … Read more

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Active Learning

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Life and its challenges, they say, come in all forms and sizes. Then why shouldn’t the classroom, which is supposed to prepare one for life, also emulate these characteristics? Active learning does just that and looks at learning as a skill-developing activity instead of an information-rote memorization one. Active learning strategies can be seen as … Read more

Active Vs Reflective Learning Methods

Active learning vs reflective learning

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON MARCH 07, 2022 Learning is a constant process. It is an outcome of imbibing a concept, reviewing it, and feeling confident about applying it correctly. The VARK model proposed by Fleming and Mills[1] introduced us to various learning styles (visual, auditory, reading/writing, kinesthetic) and confirmed the idea that one has to … Read more