8 Surprising Facts About Good And Bad Handwriting

Good and bad handwriting facts

Learning multiple traits of penmanship can be a long journey. From cursive to precursive, handwriting can be of various types; one can include activities and workbooks to improve their calligraphy and get better with the pen. However, those who are enhancing their skill might be intrigued to know some handwriting facts which can help them … Read more

Pros & Cons of Cursive Handwriting

Pros & Cons of cursive handwriting

Cursive handwriting is one of the eminent writing styles that students and adults can choose from. While some people choose it as it is aesthetically pleasing, others use it to improve their handwriting. Moreover, many experts have listed the benefits it has to offer, but people often miss out on a few drawbacks. Our list … Read more

5 Effective Hacks For Improving Your Handwriting

Handwriting hacks

With the vast options available, handwriting still holds a unique essence in itself. Abilities to neatly put information on paper is often important and an admirable trait of a person. While having the best handwriting is the need of many people, most all need a few hacks to make a great difference in the presentation.  … Read more

8 Engaging Writing Activities For Middle School & High School

Writing activities for middle and high school

Writing skills are pivotal for students. As the learner passes through grades from elementary to high school, they may need some additional skill sets and brush up on their writing abilities. As the academic responsibility also increases, transforming learning sessions into interesting activities can be a viable option for them. Reading through this post, you … Read more

5 Highly Recommended Handwriting Courses For Adults

Handwriting courses for adults

Handwriting is a way by which we can portray our thoughts and ideas on paper. To clearly state their views or ensure formal communication in the form of essays and letters, good handwriting along with presentation skills are important. Traversing at the workplace, adults have an imminent need to possess these skills.  With this idea, … Read more

7 Helpful Handwriting Tools For Special Needs Students

Handwriting tools for special needs

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Handwriting — is the one attribute that is crucial to all humans. To learn the same, one can look into various strategies, books, and pedagogies to brush up on their special skills. Apart from this list,  special individuals may need to focus … Read more

8 Fun Handwriting Activities For Kids

Fun handwriting activities

Handwriting is a beautiful way of presenting one’s view; it should be such that it is easily understandable and appreciable to the reader. Even for youngsters, this ability is important to present their answers in exams or tests in an appropriate way. Stepping out of regular practices and indulging in something interesting can diversify the … Read more

Top 8 Websites To Practice Handwriting Online

Handwriting practice websites

Legible, clean, and beautiful handwriting adds to individuality and enhances confidence. A child or an adult having good handwriting can ensure appreciable drafts and good penmanship. While worksheets and activities are applicable for practice, an additional strategy can add to the convenience of the learner. The advantage of online handwriting practice is that the pupils … Read more

10 Awesome Handwriting Books For Kids

Handwriting books for kids

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Good handwriting by a child can create a better impression for the teacher and other readers. While many classroom activities and strategies can be employed to address writing, a choice of handwriting books can have an added set of advantages like definitive … Read more

Top 7 Handwriting Books For Adults

Handwriting books for adults

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. The handwriting requirement for grown-ups may be different from kids. Adults often need good penmanship to look professional in written communication and also to make a lasting impression on readers.  For this reason, some adults may feel like improving their handwriting to … Read more