Top 8 Websites To Practice Handwriting Online

Legible, clean, and beautiful handwriting adds to individuality and enhances confidence. A child or an adult having good handwriting can ensure appreciable drafts and good penmanship. While worksheets and activities are applicable for practice, an additional strategy can add to the convenience of the learner.

The advantage of online handwriting practice is that the pupils can get varying options for free. Also, the fonts are customisable and often don’t need paper to practice. Here we listed out a few websites you can try right away to ensure online handwriting practice.

Can online websites help?

Multiple options like handwriting notebooks and stencils have been effective in giving out a disciplined practice to little ones. Therefore, the need for websites for the same can be a question for some, Can they help?

The answer is a big fat yes! These websites provide you with a range of services, from learning how to trace the letter to familiarize yourself with the alphabet, then moving a step forward with small words, small sentences, and then at the end with multiple sentences. Most of the sites also allow you to customize handwriting worksheets. All of these pointers quite smoothly help us in concluding that using online websites to improve one’s handwriting is a great idea.

Websites to practice your handwriting skills

1. Gynzy


This website provides an online whiteboard through which students are able to practice their writing. It also has a content library that has numerous pre-made and specialized lessons that will help kids improve their handwriting. It allows you to practice print writing as well as Cursive writing. 

Having a couple of options for writing can be a positive sign to improve fundamental skills. The fonts: D’Nealian and Zaner-Bloser fonts can be effective for children.

2. HandWriting Worksheets

HandWriting Worksheets

Focused on improving the writing skills of children, this site offers worksheets to practice. These sheets come in varying formats and complexity levels. Users can download, and use these sheets anytime in school or at home. 

Users can choose among three writing styles: print, D’Nealian, and Cursive styles. An added edge is that the individual also has the provision to customize their worksheet- making it user-friendly.

3. Worksheet Works

 Worksheet Works

This is a service that allows you to make and print your worksheets. The site teaches and guides learners with a set of worksheets. These can be either customized or can be downloaded for practice later. 

The customizing options here include changes in text size, lines, style, and many more. This implies that the user can get a set of fonts to practice. The process of customizing is also effortless, one can easily slide the bar to change sizes and choose from predetermined options provided.  

4. Letter Trace by

Letter Trace by

Abcya site comes with a gaming lesson for children to learn alphabets, and shapes by letting them trace on the screen. Opening the page, users can see options to choose from to trace: Capital, Lowercase, or numbers. Later they can choose a type of music to play as background music As the training starts, the students are asked to draw a curve or line one after another to finish an alphabet. Background music plays when the user is appropriately drawing the letter. This site can be preferable for young learners as it ensures multisensory learning.

5. Donna Young

Donna Young

This site comes with a unique approach by first explaining the basics of writing and then diving into various activities. Starting with styles, it has separate activities for three different manuscripts. Later, it comes with detailed lessons and worksheets for different related attributes like color rules, gray lines, and card-themed worksheets.

The website also provides you with letter animations that can help you learn how to draw a letter perfectly. With this feature, one can learn the perfect strokes of each letter. 

6. ESL Writing Wizard

ESL Writing Wizard

Acting as a support for homeschooling parents and also teachers, it comes up with multiple types and complexities of practice. Starting from simple alphabets, it can vary up to multi-word worksheets. With this mix, the site can be chosen for multiple age groups. 

Also, this site assures to support ESL students to master their handwriting skills with easy assignments and worksheets. An added advantage is that users can also avail free workbooks to practice after school.

7. Sky Writer by ICT games

Sky Writer by ICT games

The fundamental part of writing letters and symbols is to understand the curves and shapes.  To teach these tips to young children, this site comes with an interesting animated lesson. For every alphabet, an airplane with smoke goes in a particular shape to form a letter, observing which the student can write alphabets themselves.  

Opening the page, the user can see all the alphabet on each button on the top of the screen. Below that there are options to change the sky color and choose a cursive style. The student can press/click on any of the alphabets, to see how it is written. Also, there are three colors- red, white, and blue smokes to choose from.

8.  Handwriting Worksheet For Print Practice

Handwriting Worksheet For Print Practice

This site can be a good friend for teachers by helping them to create timely handwriting assignments. It let users make minor changes and customize worksheets for free. The edge here is that the site not only allows alphabets, it also encompasses special symbols, signs, and other language parameters. 

With this site, the users can create sheets in both portrait and landscape modes. Also, they can fabricate flashcards with bigger fonts. 

Winding up…

It is fair to comment that handwriting is one of the eminent and fundamental skills for an individual. Neat and impressive handwriting can instantly create a good impression on the reader. Also, it is important to neatly present the views on paper. With the advanced technology, handwriting practices can be availed online too. With these sources, one can practice in the comfort of their phones and laptops too. Check out the sites stated above and see which of them is the best fit for your child to relish.

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