Top 6 Online Phonics Courses [Both Free & Paid]

Online phonics courses

The world has drastically seen an educational disruption since the pandemic. The traditional way of schooling has been challenged, and online education has taken over. It is now more significant than ever to know how to read and write. In today’s digital age, many online phonics courses are available. While some are free, others come … Read more

5 Highly Recommended Handwriting Courses For Adults

Handwriting courses for adults

Handwriting is a way by which we can portray our thoughts and ideas on paper. To clearly state their views or ensure formal communication in the form of essays and letters, good handwriting along with presentation skills are important. Traversing at the workplace, adults have an imminent need to possess these skills.  With this idea, … Read more

6 Interactive Multi-sensory Learning Courses

Multi-sensory Learning Courses

Number and word reading and recognition is an uphill task for children diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia. Education researchers have always emphasized the pedagogical advantages the alternative teaching methods may bring. They advocate the adoption of these teaching methods to accommodate the special learning needs of differently-abled children. One of the methods found suitable is … Read more

Top 10 Super-Effective Online Courses for Dyslexia

Dyslexia courses

Learning is highly diversified and found in various unique forms today, like online courses, long-distance education, and much more that are like micro-credentials for one’s development. Online courses have an upper edge over the rest due to convenience and flexibility in completion, meager costs,  more time for educator-child interaction, etc. These online courses are particularly … Read more