Top 6 Online Phonics Courses [Both Free & Paid]

Online phonics courses

The world has drastically seen an educational disruption since the pandemic. The traditional way of schooling has been challenged, and online education has taken over. It is now more significant than ever to know how to read and write. In today’s digital age, many online phonics courses are available. While some are free, others come … Read more

6 Free Phonics Websites You Must Bookmark Right Now

phonics website

Phonics is a broad term in the category of grammar. A strategy for instructing individuals on how to comprehend and write an alphabetical language is called Phonics. Students understand the connections between spoken language sounds and written letters through phonics learning. While Phonics seems easy to teach, it is crucial to polish the language and … Read more

6 Helpful Phonics Books For Teachers

phonics books

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Phonics is a collection of knowledge and abilities that explains how the alphabet functions. This comprehension is required to read successfully and connect the dots between reading and writing. But with changing dynamics of the world, expectations and the need to use … Read more

7 Fun Speech Sound Activities For Classroom

Speech sound activities

Oral communication skills are essential for expressing ideas or conveying thoughts. We, human beings, are unique in having a language. The language offers us a script to strike a conversation, put forth an argument, or simply instruct. To be an efficient communicator, one has to start from the point of building speech. It is why … Read more

7 Engaging Phonics Activities For Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

Phonics Activities For Kids

Phonics is the process of learning how to read. When in a family environment, children speak a language which they learn from hearing. But, as soon as they move to the school, their source of information is mostly written text (books, journals, etc.) Hence, at the preschooler stage, they should prepare for higher levels by … Read more

5 Online Activities For Learning Phonics In A Fun Way

online Activities for Learning Phonics

What can I do to make phonics interesting for kids? Often you find yourself asking this question. Phonics is the basic language skill that forms the base for other English skills like word formation, letter-sound recognition, vocabulary, etc. We have covered a lot of apps, games, etc. to teach phonics to toddlers in our previous … Read more

7 Fun Online Phonics Games For Older Students

7 Fun Online Phonics Games For Older Students

Gamification of concepts is a proven way of helping people fill learning gaps. Thankfully, the intervention of technology-driven ways has brought us a repertoire of online learning games. These games prove to be effective interventions for gaining knowledge and make language learning a lot more fun even for grown-ups. The suitability of these games attributes … Read more

5 Must-Try Phonics Apps for Adults

Phonics Apps for Adults

When one associate sounds with alphabets or letters, this method to teach reading is called phonics. Phonics is all about how different letters of the alphabet are pronounced. The correct pronunciation is essential for non-native English speakers preparing for Universal Exams like TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, and others. Why use phonics apps? A diverse range of apps is … Read more

Importance Of Phonics For Preschoolers

Importance of phonics in preschoolers

Preschool is the first introduction point of any child to the world outside their families. When parents see their kids mimicking words, identifying things around, or repeating dialogues and expressions of elders around, parents feel the need to polish their skills further, and add newer ones to their natural skill-set too. To accomplish all these … Read more