7 Engaging Active And Passive Voice Games To Play Online

At times, certain passages tend to give the information in rather short. concise and clear sentences while some use a long form to present the information. This is because of the concept of active and passive voice being employed here. Active and passive voice is important in communication as it defines the emphasis laid either … Read more

7 Fun Speech Sound Activities For Classroom

Speech sound activities

Oral communication skills are essential for expressing ideas or conveying thoughts. We, human beings, are unique in having a language. The language offers us a script to strike a conversation, put forth an argument, or simply instruct. To be an efficient communicator, one has to start from the point of building speech. This is why … Read more

List Of Speech Sound Examples And Resources

speech sound examples and resources

Speech development is a crucial process as it enables communication. It starts from a very early age when a kid starts to babble and make various sounds. If the grasping skills are strong, the child may start speaking clear sentences at the very first year of school, and sometimes at home too. However, progress does … Read more