7 Engaging Active And Passive Voice Games To Play Online

At times, certain passages tend to give the information in rather short. concise and clear sentences while some use a long form to present the information. This is because of the concept of active and passive voice being employed here.

Active and passive voice is important in communication as it defines the emphasis laid either on the subject or on the object. It also makes the reader understand the tense and the action. While students may be aware of two types of voice, it might be difficult for parents and teachers to teach the concept in a comprehensive manner. 

In such situations, it is important for parents and teachers to opt for unique ways to teach the concept. Among other useful ways, Online games are ideal to teach active and passive voice in an entertaining manner. These games are acquired with visually appealing illustrations and attractive themes. 

This post includes online games that are a combination of learning, engaging with sight and sound, and hence, improving concentration skills.

Interactive online games to learn active and passive voice

While students have been learning about active and passive voice through traditional methods beautifully, yet, introducing gamification can help them better understand the concept, in a much more facile manner. Here are a few online games to help your little learner understand the use of active and passive voice.

1. Active and Passive Voice Quiz

Active and Passive Voice Quiz

The game is the epitome when it comes to grammar games. For every sentence, a picture is provided so that the player gets a basic idea.

  • Click on the tiny tap icon on the home screen. 
  • Observe the picture in the center, and click on either of the icons for passive and active sentences.
  • If the selection is wrong, then the player will get another chance before moving on to the next sentence.
  • Click on the next slide to move on to the next sentence.
  • For some sentences, players will have to type the sentence in the box in the center.

Players will be able to practice the basics of active and passive voice. The questions are quite basic and easy to understand.  

2. Active and Passive Voice Millionaire

Active and Passive Voice Millionaire

Inspired by the popular game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, rags to riches culminates gameshow and grammatical skills in a fun and exciting manner. Players will get 11 questions and each comes with hefty fictional prize money.

  • Convert every sentence to an active voice.
  • Choose the correct option out of the 4 options provided.
  • 3 hints will be provided for the entire game.
  • Progress to the final questions by selecting the correct answer.
  • One incorrect answer and the entire game will be lost

The quiz game will enhance the critical thinking and quick reflexes of the players. It will also help players revise and engage with new learning skills. 

3. Active vs Passive Voice

Active vs Passive Voice

The quick online game is very simple and straightforward. Players will have to check whether the sentences are in active or passive voice. 

  • There are a total of 12 questions.
  • Players will be given a sentence and they will have to guess if it is in an active or passive voice.
  • With every incorrect answer, players will lose their winning percentage.
  •  At the end of the game, players will be rewarded with stars out of five as per their winning percentage.

The quiz offers tricky and closely accurate options. Players will be able to sharpen their skills with regard to an efficient and accurate knowledge of the active and passive voice.

4. Dragon Bite

Dragon Bite

In the dragon graphics-inspired game, players will have to choose the right option out of the three options. The correct option will fit in the sentence best. The dragon in the game is trying to protect its food from the bird.

  • Read the options carefully before selecting.
  • Once you have selected the option, press submits within the stipulated time.
  • Some questions will have multiple answers, so make sure to select all the correct options.
  • For every correct answer, players will be awarded 10 points.
  • To win they will have to score 80/80 and get all three stars. 

The high-stakes game will allow the players to work on their quick thinking as well as accurate grammatical skills. Understanding the context, and recognition of the right voice, are the primary benefits of playing this game

5. Passive Voice

Passive Voice

The western-inspired game makes active and passive voice learning easy and accurate. Players will have to choose the accurate option which fits well with the overall meaning of the sentence as per the correct voice.

  • There will be a total of 10 questions.
  • Fill in the blank by picking the correct option out of the four wooden blocks.
  • Progress through all the questions with the right answers in the minimum time to be featured at the top of the online leaderboard.

The benefits of the game are understanding as well as boosting one’s memory retention skills. Moreover, they will comprehend the dynamic relationships between the tenses and voices.

6. Passive or Active Voice

Passive or Active Voice

There will be 4 questions presented to the players. With each question, there will be a picture provided to understand the context of the sentence. 

  • Read the sentence carefully and guess the correct voice.
  • Choose between the two icons presenting active or passive voice.
  • Each correct answer lets you score and go ahead in the game.
  • Answer quickly and correctly to get the best score on the scoreboard.

Quick thinking and selecting the accurate answer are integral to getting a good score in this game.  It will help the players to sharpen their knowledge and understanding of active and passive voice. 

7. Pizza Game

Pizza Game

Teaching grammar through food and that too pizza is one of the unique ways. There will be a total of 10 questions and players will have to answer all accurately and quickly. For every correct answer, they will be awarded with a slice of a delicious-looking pizza.

  • Click on the start button to start the game.
  • At the start of the game, read the sentence that is provided to you.
  • There will be two options that fit well with the meaning of the sentence.
  • Choose the correct option and press submit.
  • Each correct option lets you eat a nice slice of pizza and then you move ahead to the next question.

The food-inspired game is focused on quick and all-around learning as well as the practice of active and passive voices. Players will be able to differentiate easily between the basics and difficult concepts. 

Active and passive voice: Understand the crux

Active and passive voice is a crucial grammatical concept and students can often be confused with its application and usage. While it is important to teach the concept, it is equally important to use examples and explore the definitions to offer comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter. Check out the table to understand voice in a deeper sense. 

Active VoicePassive Voice
MeaningThe term “active voice” describes a sort of voice in which the subject does the action indicated by the verb.One type of voice is called a passive voice, in which the subject takes on the role of the action’s recipient.
SubjectActs upon the verbActed upon by the verb
Subject PlacementIn the active voice, the subject comes first and is the object of attention as the subject performs.The focus is on the object as it functions in passive voice because the subject is either at the conclusion of the sentence or is not known.
UsageThe active voice is a more effective technique to explain facts, ideas, and concepts.The passive voice emphasizes the action itself rather than the individual or group who carried out the activity.
ExamplesThe cat chased the girl. The teacher approved the science homework. Note Taking was introduced for managing studies during the examination. The cat was chased by the girl. The science homework was approved by the teacher. We were introduced to note-taking for managing studies during examinations. 

Summing up,

The active and passive online games involve practice and revision focusing on good hold over the rules. These games can be adjusted to suit the learning capabilities of the different grammatical levels. Not only do these games contribute to an atmosphere of healthy competitiveness but also an outlet for the creative use of natural language in stressful situations. Thus, the aforementioned games will function as reinforcement and review methods while understanding active and passive voice. 

Additionally, teachers, parents, and adults can opt for daily life conversations that involve the concept of active and passive voice. It enables children to acquire skills and learn to collaborate with others all the while getting the practical essence of the concept.

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