8 Awesome Productivity Apps For Students In 2024

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Every student struggles with productivity-robbing distractions. Getting everything done might be challenging when your child’s day is filled with schoolwork, social engagements, after-school organizations, and sports. Along with getting the finest grades, it’s crucial to make time to rest extensively, interact with others, and take care of one’s physical health. It is crucial for students to plan their timings, studies, and outdoor activities to feel good and not overwhelmed by the burden.

In such situations, productivity applications come to the rescue for students as well as parents. These applications are designed in a manner that helps students plan their lessons, and activities, and set reminders for assignments. These applications are equipped with a plethora of features that help organize studying in a structured format. Check out how these applications help students transform their learning experience. 

Efficient and helpful apps to enhance productivity 

It is vital for students to stay away from distractions and take responsibility for their studies. However, it can be a challenge to do so. These applications ease the challenge by providing numerous useful features that help enhance productivity.

1. Focus To-Do: Pomodoro & Tasks

 Focus To-Do: Pomodoro & Tasks

Focus To-Do is a user-friendly time and task management tool that enables students to handle chores anywhere, at any time, and in an effective manner. They can set a deadline for the task’s completion and stay focused on it. It not only increases productivity but also delivers an unexpected sense of satisfaction. The application assists in analyzing their work hours and task completion rates, as well as their daily, weekly, and monthly work hours and project time ratios.

Additionally, the application may be used to schedule time, record project lists, set birthday reminders, and plan work and study schedules. Students can record chores or start a Pomodoro at any time, from any device—a smartphone, a PC, or a tablet. Some of the other features include splitting tasks into subtasks, generating reports, repeating tasks, and creating notes.

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2. Study Bunny

Study Bunny

Study Bunny is a sweet tool made to make managing study time enjoyable and charming. Study Bunny’s goal is to assist students in maximizing their study time by maintaining regular, focused study sessions. Students will succeed in your goals more quickly if you divide their activity into hours and deadlines. The application helps to divide the study into manageable chunks to increase productivity. Children get a coin for every half-hour of study time that they can use to later purchase trinkets for study bunny.

Additionally, Study Bunny allows your pupils to make a To-Do list. For the purpose of helping them remember definitions and features, students can make flashcards. Additionally, Study Bunny generates a study tracker graph, where each half-hour of study is represented by a small circle that is added to the various hour slots. These circles can be customized by kids, who can give them names and different colors according to the activity or subject that took up the time.

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3. Forest Grow – Motivation Timer 

Forest Grow - Motivation Timer 

With the aid of this application, students may learn to put down their smartphones and become more mindful and present. It operates in a fairly straightforward manner: they may “plant a seed” on your Android device, and as long as its screen is off, it will develop into a tree. However, if they unlock the Android screen, the plant will stop growing. It is crucial for parents and teachers to understand that productivity is also a part of good mental health.

Now, this application is helpful when students or children are attached to their smartphones. While there are productivity apps that help them track time, this app allows them to complete their classroom homework or activities in a timely manner. The app also allows students to plant blushes where it takes only 10 to 15 minutes to grow. Such an application can also be used to remove time for outdoor play, meditation, or recreational activities. The application rewards students with coins and they can buy more trees for the forest. 

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4. Trello


With the help of the app Trello, students can get access to a virtual whiteboard to make notes and set reminders that they can review later. Trello allows them to set up various panels on your smartphone, each serving a particular function. In this manner, students can create a panel for a craft materials list and another for math homework they need to complete. Each entry can also have images or links added.

The ability to share these panels is one of Trello’s most intriguing features. As a result, students can create lists, and other users classmates, or teachers can contribute to and edit, providing real-time feedback on smartphones. Trello is much more than just a straightforward agenda app; it’s a sophisticated journal that can be shared and is always expandable to meet needs.

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5. Easy Study – Your schedule, plan for school

Easy Study - Your schedule, plan for school

The Easy Study is a helpful application for children to plan their entire school schedule. The application falls in the category of education and is helpful for students to plan and accordingly manage their time. The application helps to create a useful study plan just with three steps for students. Students can enter specific subjects and divide the number of days they want to work on that specific subject. Once they have added the subjects and the number of days, they can check if the plan fits their schedule.

With this application, study routines are organized in cycles, so students can always review the subject they need to study. It also helps them to never leave the accumulated content. There is also an option to add a list of activities for every study session. For example, if it is math they can add the list about learning formulas, solving a problem, and playing a math game. Additionally, the application gives a visual appeal as students can customize subjects with different colors, names, and timings.

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6. My Study Life – Digital School Planner You Need

My Study Life - Digital School Planner You Need

Students can keep track of all their classes, chores, assignments, and tests using the My Study Life. With the accessibility feature, they can use it from any location and on any device. Students get to plan academic life through My Study Life, assuring that they do not forget a lesson or a piece of homework. Both conventional weekly calendars and rotation timetables are supported by the application. 

To easily manage their schedule, the application enables them to register for academic courses, set up classes, and enter details about lessons. On all of their devices, they can receive reminders for future classes, assignments, or tests as well as for unfinished work. Students become more productive with better organization, which will give them more time to devote to other things.

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7. My Classes – Timetable and Study Planner 

My Classes - Timetable and Study Planner 

My Classes helps Students in managing their subject homework or assignments, keep track of impending tests or exams, and highlight study-related information in this app. Students also get to store their timetables there. Along with this, the application helps in designing a timetable for the full week including Sundays. Students can also design weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, and monthly study timetables. 

The application supports the creation of concurrent as well as simultaneous classes. Students can add, edit, or even remove classes in the timetable. The application helps with live indicators that show the ongoing and upcoming classes in the designed schedule. The user interface of this application is visually appealing with the usage of emoji buttons. 

App link: Play Store

8. Toggl Track

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a user-friendly and effective time-tracking tool that will enable students to better manage their time and become more productive. Due to its advanced capabilities, it makes a fantastic partner for time tracking and productivity. It enables students to keep track of their time, plan the assignments, and allot time to each of the subjects accordingly. 

Some of the other features of the app include idle detection time along with tracking reminders. Hence, students can add different reminders for completing assignments, learning formulas, or getting done with a task.   It also has a Pomodoro timer along with an auto tracker to utilize time in a systematic manner. With its accessibility feature, it can be used between desktop, web, and mobile applications.

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Other helpful ways and methods to ensure productivity (for students)

  • Every hour, take a 10-minute break to assist the brain to comprehend and remember information. Additionally, it revitalizes the mind and makes room for fresh concepts to emerge, boosting productivity and soothing any possible dissatisfaction.
  • Another option is to designate an area of study that is free from distractions and noise, such as a spare room where children won’t be subjected to the usual distractions.
  • The healthiest thing for your brain is a balanced diet. Adding more nutrient-dense meals to the diet is a straightforward remedy. Studying will be more productive as a result of maintaining high energy levels. The healthiest and strongest immune system is essential for student productivity.
  • Make sure to unwind at the end of each day and go to bed calmly to enhance productivity over time. Use strategies to exhaust the body and unwind the mind, such as meditation or exercise.
  • Dreading a certain task just causes it to take longer and adds to the list of things to accomplish. Get on with that lengthy assignment as quickly as possible because if students prioritize the heavy tasks, they are inspired to get done with it. 

Wrapping up,

Productivity is a crucial element for getting the work done as well as keeping a balance between mental and physical health. While it is a challenge for students to plan their activities along with their studies, these applications act as a boon for them to be aware of their time management as well as the completion of their studies. As the applications are equipped with numerous useful features, students should be encouraged to use them in the most effective manner.

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