Best YouTube Channels For Learning English Grammar

The evolution of learning has undergone many developments and progressions throughout time. Conventional learning prospects and procedures have significantly changed in introducing new aspects and platforms. 

The epitome of gaining knowledge is not simply confined to lectures or assisted learning; instead, it has been expanded to new platforms like online teaching platforms, skill learning tools, etc. The most significant among the following trends and media that have emerged as one of the leading benchmarks is YouTube.  

The audience’s responses and common mass towards this shift are also fascinating, as people are going for learning from home or their comfort zone in a very interactive way. In this post, we dig deeper and talk about the various YouTube channels that help you in getting better at English grammar. 

YouTube: An out of the common learning approach  

YouTube has crucially emerged as the most robust platform for learning and spreading knowledge to users. Comprehending through innovation is the ultimate moto for driving the young generation to acquire expertise and thrive on the interactive learning process. Since its introduction and establishment, this platform has also become a benchmark of quality and knowledge.

This interactive video podcast exerts a good platform in providing a wholesome experience for learners by involving more than one sense. It focuses on practical learning, and it also provides the users with an enigmatic visual approach filled with AI-based designs and knowledge tools. 

It also confines the proper use of an individual’s auditory responses and other senses that help with learning and understanding ability. YouTube’s creativity and interactive content created and streamed by different content creators primarily focus on being more the viewers appealing and audience engaging.

More than just being a multisensory tool, it also helps the learners with the following:

  • It helps them explore and experience different interactive creators’ content on specific learning topics. 
  • The subscriber has a multi-available choice in which they are free to engage in the type of information and learning technique they prefer, providing audience freedom in a multi-interactive way.
  • Use of visual, auditory, and tactical approaches that may help the user in providing a broad choice of interaction and engagement with their required learning content
  • Primarily free in the accessibility of various channels and techniques, although some contents may require additional requirements.
  • Easy to learn and avail from any corner of the world.
  • Its association with the world wide web and popular search engines makes it a preferred choice for finding relevant information about any information found on YouTube’s platform.
  • Allows censorship and viewing restrictions that may help parents filter out e-learning contents that may sometimes seem inappropriate for specific age groups.
  • The multi-sensory approach provides a creative, interactive, and enthusiastic approach to learning that keeps audiences always engaged in YouTube-published learning activities.

Learning english grammar through youtube:

YouTube is filled with lots of interactive and creative content. Various channels and content creators create vivid content on this topic. However, with the wide variety available, can YouTube be an ideal learning platform? 

A lot of people are not depending on this tool for education because the subscriber can beforehand be specific about the content types they need to search for in the sea of YouTube. It also provides them with advanced knowledge about the kind of content they are seeking in the platform. Furthermore, it helps them customize their search results because YouTube also depends on user search listings to provide their required outcomes.

Here are the few channels you can look out for you are on the quest to learn grammar and get better with your vocabulary, and much more:

1. BBC Learning English

It is an enhanced English grammar learning platform available on YouTube. This channel focuses on teaching English Grammar’s fundamentals. It also helps in improving the learner’s vocabulary through a multi-sensory method. 

The videos published by this channel are not only creative and fascinating; instead, they mainly focus on attentive audience engagement. The videos are pretty regular with publishing updated grammar-based quizzes and live interactions. 

The content creators also produce videos targeting correct English pronunciations and word tone expressions. Their channel is well known for creating content suitable for a broad age group of audiences and users. They also have weekly changes in content targeting updated world news and help them relate more with the learning processes and methods. 

2. VOA Learning English

VOA Learning English is another vital and popular YouTube platform-based learning medium that creates videos for specifically learning American English. Although it also focuses on variants of English all across the globe, its primary focus is getting the users well adaptable with American English and understanding its more profound concepts.

The content creators of this YouTube channel allow the viewers to learn American English at a much slower and easily understandable rate by enabling them to grasp the importance of this language effectively. 

They also keep the viewers of this channel updated with current world news and help them visualize them effectively by closely making the users understand their meanings, tenses, vocabulary use, and proper grammatical use of words in an enhanced manner.

3. Easy English

Easy English channel is an effective tool for English learning beginners. The contents of this channel can be advantageous for learning the English language on the go. Although this channel does not have a lot of lessons, yet, the interactiveness of the videos is pretty satisfying for the users for keeping them attentive and stuck towards the video responses.

Each Easy English video represents real-life conversations and interactions with English speakers undergoing real-life situations. Ordinary people are interactively interviewed on the streets and asked mundane questions about their day or the events occurring in their life. 

This interaction will let the users grasp the correct pronunciations of many English words in real-time viewing and help them get used to hearing and understanding the language spoken by different people in different parts of the world.

4. Jennifer ESL

Jennifer ESL may be an ideal platform for those users looking forward to learning English in a one vs. One interacting method. The channel is elusive in its English learning method and helps users resonate with the correct pronunciations and their applications properly.

Jennifer, the protagonist of this channel, is a kind of English Teacher that every user may find very interactive in relating to and learning with. Jennifer is a very patient, proper, and knowledgeable expertise teacher. She shares her knowledge of  American English and regularly creates lessons and utilities that can be grouped into easy-to-learn, comprehensive video streams on her channel. 

Her classes cover all crucial elements of language-based learning and skills like listening, spoken skills, reading, writing methods, grammar improvements, vocabulary enhancement,  working on pronunciations, and beautifully describing American culture. The users also get the chance to learn alongside her prodigies, which provides the viewers with an intimate classroom feeling.

5. Speak English With Mr. Duncan

Mr. Duncan, a self-proclaimed English language lover, is very passionate about the language and enthusiastic about learning them from users. He publishes videos to share his knowledge of the English language for free, or to say he loves spreading knowledge among the masses! 

He teaches enthusiastically three days a week and interacts live from his home in England. As a result, the user can grasp his lessons; the content videos are fun-filled and easily accessible. Most importantly, he focuses more on the applications of functional language and its spoken benefits rather than going deep into the conceptual aspects of understanding grammar. 

He also entertains his users on fun learning-based elements of fashion, news, sports. Etc.

6. British Council Learn English Kids

The channel, as mentioned above, provides a fun and informative approach to language understanding for children. The Videos are produced in various formats, making the users find it relatively simple like “How to” content, including “How to make popcorn.” 

The specialty of this channel is all of the videos are hosted by children. These include animated nursery poems, songs, and narrated stories suitable for younger children. So, whatever the users’ age, if they are trying to understand the language, they have to listen and just sing along to nursery rhymes of English backdrop. 

They may help the audience enhance memory and improve recall.

7. Fun Kids English

Fun Kids English is a brilliantly engaging channel suitable for children. It was created by professional teachers, musicians, and published children’s authors, and it’s collectively packed with educational-based animated English videos and engaging songs. It also updates with new interactive content videos posted each week. 

Every video is explicitly designed to help children learn about the alphabet system, phonics applications, animal knowledge, different foods, colors, enthusiastic actions, and many more!

Channel posts the content regularly. With over 234,000 subscribers, it has posts about each and everything. From basics like family members in English to 1-100 in English to even grammar and great vocabulary, the content creator pretty much has all under one roof! 

8. Business English Pod

The channel, as mentioned above, provides one of the most efficient language-speaking tools for work-based environments. It produces content and videos that help users improve their spoken English in offices and meetings. 

It also makes the viewers aware of language etiquettes and tones that must be kept aware of while at workplaces or official locations. They help learners differentiate between casual speaking and official speaking language forms. 

The videos published by this channel make the audience conceptualize the complex applications of workplace language simplified.

9. Rachel’s English

Rachel, the content creator of this channel, is a classically trained opera singer and an expert in English pronunciation and communication. Users get to learn the beauty of the English language interactively.

The audience may understand the concepts of speaking fluent English very correctly by going through the channel’s videos. The video and content published also aim to provide speaking English confidence to the user and learn their primary grammatical uses and be aware of the common mistakes while communicating.

More than grammar, the host teaches the learners as to how to think in English, so that it comes out flawless and error-free. With more than 4 million subscribers, Rachels’ English covers topics like pronunciation of famous brands, to videos about avoiding specific mistakes. 


This channel is generally a fast-paced language learning platform. The track contains hundreds of collective video lessons to choose from, allowing the individuals to learn covering topics crucial to language understanding and grammar. 

The channel also hosts regular live sessions that help people significantly. During the live sessions, moderators answer all the questions the viewers ask during the live in the chat box. People from all over the world join this live session where they come to learn different aspects of English grammar. 

As a result, lessons are generally fast learning and better adaptable to users having an excellent standard strength of the language and its elements. Apart from the live sessions, the host regularly posts about content which is of great benefit to individuals who are looking out to learn the english language, from basic to advanced levels. 


Language learning and visualizing are vital aspects of modern-day communication. The perks of grasping a language differ from user to user, but the urge to learn remains constant. Making the subscriber understand the crucial elements and motives of the content is also a great responsibility of the creator.

Nowadays, individuals who wish to learn have lots of options in learning and understanding English, but the contribution of interactive platforms like YouTube is not ignored. YouTube being readily available to users across the globe has made a pretty good impact in learning and contributing to the growth of language skills, both spoken and writing.

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