5 Highly Recommended Handwriting Courses For Adults

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Handwriting is a way by which we can portray our thoughts and ideas on paper. To clearly state their views or ensure formal communication in the form of essays and letters, good handwriting along with presentation skills are important. Traversing at the workplace, adults have an imminent need to possess these skills.  With this idea, they may look into learning the same through multiple courses and training sessions. 

While some may write to present a view, others may write to adorn the scene. All of these skills can be easily worked upon with the help of some handwriting courses. These can guide the individual towards better fundamentals of writing and penmanship. 

Handwriting for adults: Never too late to learn?

Learning is a continuous process. Be it an adult or a child, learning multiple skills is important for personality development. While the skills to master may be the same, adults may look into some distinctive ways to learn. They may prefer to opt for those learning styles that may give quick results to apply. Also, they may like to self-learn subjects for better convenience. 

Identifying these crucial postulates, here we came up with a few insights to help adults in handwriting regularly.

  • Handwriting often gives out the first impression of the writer. Thereby, even in simple writing tasks, one can take care to optimize their style making it an interesting training session.
  •  Faster writing is often important. This not only saves time but also fluency of composition quality. With good handwriting, the individual can comprehend and highlight all the components of writing composition. 
  • Note-making is an important habit even for adults. In class, the workplace, or any other location, ensuring good handwriting skills can make note-making easy.

Best courses for improving handwriting skills in adults

1.  Improve your Handwriting By the Postman’s Knock 

This is a comprehensive video-based online handwriting course for adults that comes with unique techniques to improve multiple writing styles. There are 27 videos included, as well as an 18-page worksheet with drills and examples to practice. TPK’s beginner package provides everything you need to get started with a pointed pen! Users can also pair this course with other courses on the site for better learning. 

Some other features of this course include instant and unlimited access to the content once enrolled, both right-hand and left-hand compatibility, and iPad support worksheet styles. For quick tips and instant learning, this course can be a good take-in. 

2.  Improve your Print and Cursive Handwriting and penmanship for Beginners At Skillshare

Created by Creative artist Tatiana Ambrose, this course focuses on improving handwriting to increase confidence in putting up the work officially. This Short course extended to a study time of three hours and nine minutes and encompassed a total of 36 different lessons. 

Starting from looking into the fundamentals of handwriting, the candidates gradually traverse into essentials for good penmanship, and then aspirants can learn tips and tricks for writing different cases, numbers, and symbols with ease and neatly. Aspirants can ensure better handwriting along with hand-eye coordination for the individual. 

3. How to Improve English Handwriting by ClassCentral 

Simple tips and tricks can make handwriting admirable. This free course from ClassCentral can be a good choice to discern various insights with just a click. With a list of 28 different lessons, this can be a complete beginner’s guide to developing their manuscript and cursive handwriting. 

Starting from teaching how to hold the pen appropriately, the training is accomplished to teach basic alphabets to learners, and then gradually expose them to words, sentences, and brush-up tips.  With a sequential approach, this can be a good choice for beginner learners. 

4. Improve your handwriting: Improve your life at Udemy

Entering the competitive world, adults need simple tips and tricks to smoothen their handwriting skills. The motto is often to look neat and formatted. This course by Monica Fortunato comes with an easily interpretable two-hour training video along with twenty-six resources to practice.

At the accomplishment of this course, along with certification, the learners can ensure fluidity and confidence in their handwriting. What makes it interesting is the suggestions of unique writing habits to practice and employ in real life later.

5. Learn to Write Cursive by Consistive Cursive

The handwriting of some adults may need a clear brush up to bring the beauty out of it. This beginner course can help individuals to bring beautiful cursive handwriting on paper. With around 32 lessons, projects, and exclusive content, this free course gives out detailed insights about each alphabet in each lesson, thereby ensuring a comprehensive session for the learners. 

Users can sign up to the site to avail of free training videos along with practice worksheets. If the person is able to hold a pen to write, they can avail of this course. Based on convenience, the user can complete these videos in a month or two-  implying the flexibility the course offers. 


Contrary to common opinion, “practice makes perfect,” in the case of handwriting if an individual is not expressly trained to change their handwriting habits, the practice they receive will not improve their handwriting – but will simply make their mistakes more permanent.

If you’re seeking high-quality explicit instructional resources to improve handwriting, we propose one of the ten courses we’ve compiled specifically for you. These courses can meet the requirements of learners at varying levels. 

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