Top 10 Super-Effective Online Courses for Dyslexia

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Learning is highly diversified and found in various unique forms today, like online courses, long-distance education, and much more that are like micro-credentials for one’s development. Online courses have an upper edge than the rest due to convenience and flexibility in completion, meager costs,  more time for the educator – child interaction, etc.

These online courses are particularly essential for caretakers of children with learning difficulties like Dyslexia as they must understand the condition thoroughly for meeting the needs of their children.

Given below are the some of the best online courses to help understand the dyslexic children and bring out the best in them!

10 Online Courses for Dyslexia

1.   Supporting children with difficulties in reading and writing (Dr. Jenny Thomson)

This comprehensive course, offered on the Coursera portal, for the instructors teaching Dyslexic children is actually a wealth of information that comprehensively explains dyslexia from grain to bread. The six-week course requires approximately nineteen hours to complete and is gradually built on itself, week by week.

Handled by Dr. Jenny and Dr.Vincent, the course also throws light on the best adaptable, practical methods to deal with dyslexic children and have their learning at their best.  It is an excellent course for every practitioner to assess and rightly meeting the needs of Dyslexic children!

Course Link : Coursera

2.   Orton Gillingham Online Academy Course

Orton Gillingham is a renowned name in the field of Dyslexia. With their consistent efforts, they have established a benchmark in the world by coming up with extensive online courses that are perfect in all ways. Their courses have exceptional content that has actually shown faster learning results on a plethora of Dyslexic Children. Also, the Caretakers, educators, and parents are offered resources to assist their children in their learning process. Overall holistic development of the Dyslexic child, in reading, writing, and many other skills, is at one’s reach only with Orton Gillingham Approach!

Every course is designed so skillfully, and gradually the academy builds up the skills of Dyslexic children by offering different courses from Beginner to Intermediate to High levels. The list of all courses is given below:

  • Beginning OG Course (Level 1) Group1,
  • Beginning OG Course (Level 1) for School Districts,
  • Intermediate OG Workshop Bridging Levels 1 and 2,
  • 10-Hour Handwriting Workshop,
  • Advanced OG Course (Level 2),
  • Connect to Comprehension Course, and much more.
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Course Link : OGOA

3.   Is your child Dyslexic? (Glynis Roberts)

This beginner’s course is an insightful introduction that covers a wide range of topics that parents, instructors, and educators of every child must enroll for. Right from the explanation of Dyslexia, its impact on learning, spotting Dyslexia in the child to understanding if the child receives proper attention and requirements, the five-sectioned course with lifetime access in the Udemy portal is a worthy option that should not be missed out at all.

Requiring no prior knowledge at the beginning of course, would make a person an informed individual about Dyslexia after successful completion. Spanning for a total time length of two hours and ten minutes, it would be a potential investment for one’s child’s future!

Course Link : Udemy

4.   Master Dyslexia with Brain Exercises for Kids & Adults (Peter Caughey)

This course is a great melange of benefitting exercises that helped the session holder, Peter Caughey, in significantly fighting dyslexia and enhancing the functioning of her brain. A Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a medical Qigong practitioner, Peter offers altered versions of selected Brain Gym exercises and few others.

It will help in improving brain functions in Dyslexic children in ten sections that span for one hour and thirty-eight minutes. They will enjoy this exclusive, unique, and informative course that makes one brim with positivity amidst all other worries regarding their dyslexic children!

Course Link : Udemy

5.   Learn to Read for Beginner Readers (Karen Campbell)

Teaching dyslexic children, especially two to six-year-old children, takes a slightly more substantial amount of time and energy. This explicit course simplifies everything for parents and instructors by educating them about the right head start on Dyslexia. Furthermore, it renders effective and efficient instruction for children.

The course helps educators and caretakers to render strong language basics to Dyslexic children like the alphabet and their sounds, recognition, and understanding of sight words, phonic awareness, simple early learners’ books. The course, spanning for seven-hour and ten minutes, is highly indulging and organized and mustn’t be eluded from learning!

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Course Link : Udemy

6.   Teach your child to read: A Parent’s Guide to Phonics (Hayley Mitchell)

It’s a very known fact that dyslexic children have difficulties in reading, recognizing words, and have less phonic awareness. Every caretaker wishes to offer their contribution to making the lives of their dyslexic children better but would struggle without knowing where to start. This perfect course is an ideal solution for such hardworking caretakers.

This seven-sectioned course with fifteen lectures, spanning a total length of forty-three minutes, featured in the Udemy portal helps caregivers to develop competencies in rightly teaching phonics to Dyslexic children like professional instructors. Grab the opportunity to communicate the necessary vocabulary for one’s child effectively!

Course Link : Udemy

7.   Help your child to read and write (John Walker)

Four to six years is a very crucial stage, and the teaching offered in that phase is the base for life’s survival. It is even more critical for dyslexic children to develop their skills to cope with others.  Understanding this situation, this particular course is skillfully crafted to render thought-provoking sessions for carers and instructors of Dyslexic children to nurture the children with the required knowledge in reading and writing.

Hosting seven sections, with twenty lectures, the course spanning for one hour and eighteen minutes offers a perfect start for dyslexic children to read and spell great overcoming their difficulties, using a phonics program.

Course Link : Udemy

8.   Cognitive Development in Social Context: Experiments and App (Eugene Subbotsky)

Being one of the splendid and awe-inspiring courses for every caretaker, this course is so precise in its approach in understanding the needs and teaching effectively for dyslexic children. This Eugene Subbotsky’s course with four sections, hosting eight lectures, tells the full story of a child’s brain develops in this present modern scenario. Also, it explains how the surrounding social environment impacts the brain development.

Eugene focuses on illustrating a few central ideas that are key to understanding Dyslexia rather than following all previous contents. So, you must check this peculiar and recent modern research-based course to understand Dyslexic children completely!

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Course Link : Udemy

9.   Spelling Rules (Joanne Rudling)

Dyslexic children, even with enormous creativity and ideas to organize and manage, have a hindrance in unleashing their potential- i.e., the spelling of words. Equipped with nineteen sections spanning for a total length of nine hours and forty-six minutes, this special spelling course is a highly friendly, gradual step-by-step course.

The course is built skillfully to aid parents in teaching children or children to learn by themselves. A boon for both the British as well American English users, it teaches all that takes for having good spelling for words – silent letter rules and patterns, ‘-e’ dropping, conversion of ‘y’ to ‘i’ and ‘ies’ & much more.

Course Link : Udemy

10.   Teach Children with Learning Disabilities: A Practical Guide (Nadine Shome)

Being a small yet highly beneficial one-hour course, this short online video is intriguing and renders insights into the aspects of neurobiology beneath many learning difficulties. Also, it aids the caretakers of Dyslexic children to make better decisions and the right judgements by offering knowledge about how learning is constrained in the brain if there are learning difficulties like Dyslexia. You will learn about the great REMINDS framework that motivates the parents about the child’s potential.

Course Link : Udemy

In The Nutshell

These online courses mentioned above are few of the super-convenient, user-friendly, and knowledge-enriching learning courses for caretakers. They truly have the power to pave a better future for Dyslexic children. So, check them out and get the ultimate coaching to get the best out of the children!

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