Can Someone Be Fired For Having A Learning Disability?

can you be fired for having ld?

When talking about jobs and learning disabilities, there can be some jobs that can make a good option for people with learning disabilities like dyslexia and dyscalculia; at the same time, considering some might not be that great for the individual! Signs of learning difficulty can create hitches in the workplace. But can an employer … Read more

8 Fun Handwriting Activities For Kids

Fun handwriting activities

Handwriting is a beautiful way of presenting one’s view; it should be such that it is easily understandable and appreciable to the reader. Even for youngsters, this ability is important to present their answers in exams or tests in an appropriate way. Stepping out of regular practices and indulging in something interesting can diversify the … Read more

8 Famous Persons With High Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Famous personalities with high-logical mathematical intelligence

Most people believe that being good at academics is the only parameter to measure human intelligence. Academic excellence may be natural by birth; however, as per Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner, intelligence can be of many(8 types he told) kinds. An individual can be significant in one and might not be in a few others.  And … Read more

What Sports Are Good For Individuals With Dyslexia?

dyslexia and sports

Childhood is often filled with lots of games, sports, and memories. During school, sports are also a great alternative to break the monotony.  Kids are fond of several sports like running, frog jumps, and one-legged races. While getting focused on academics, students may lead to pause in games and sports. In such scenarios, it is … Read more

7 Hands-On Games & Activities For A Fun Factors And Multiples Teaching Session

Factors and multiplies activities

Elementary math has myriad concepts that must be taught to students in a way that they not only understand it but retain the information with them. One such elementary concept is factors and multiples. Regarded as one of the most important concepts with extensive real-life applications such as factoring money, understanding time, comparing prices, factors … Read more

7 Online Abacus Training Classes For Little Math Aspirants

Online abacus training classes

It is believed that the Abacus was first used 5,000 years ago by Chinese merchants to facilitate their buzzing trade transactions. Rightly regarded as the first-ever calculating tool, Abacus still maintains its relevance in today’s age due to its strong fundamental nature and easy-to-understand techniques. Not only does it stimulate logical thinking, but it also … Read more

Printable List of 240 Sensory Words With Free PDF

Sensory words List

Some words have the power to invoke sensory responses. They are called sensory words.  Sensory words help us recognize the relation between the form and the meaning of an object or action. For example, the word striding is referring to a special kind of walk. Striding has long steps and an indecisive temperament. Similarly, the … Read more

9 Fun Sorting Games For Adults

Sorting games for adults

Our entire learning starts with identifying what an Apple and a Ball are, thus implicitly how they are different. Evidently, we use sorting skills to the group and differentiate these entities. Which strategy would serve finer than games and activities to induce and amplify these skills?  Being a developmental milestone for cognitive abilities, sorting needs … Read more