7 Exceptional Dancers With Dyslexia

Exceptional dancers with dyslexia

When academic learning becomes a challenge for people with Dyslexia, creative expression becomes their way of finding peace in chaos. Learning disabilities like Dyslexia can impact the way of living. If not diagnosed, children are soon labeled as dull or disobedient children and the academic stress never lessens. Efforts are being made to help children … Read more

20 Famous Howard Gardner Quotes On Multiple Intelligence

howard gardner quotes

“Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in many different ways. These multiple ways can make use of our multiple intelligences” –  Howard Gardner Have you ever wondered what truly makes us unique and intelligent beings? Howard Gardner, a prominent psychologist and education theorist, answered this question and made a significant impact in the … Read more

20 Famous Erik Erikson Quotes On Child Development

erik erikson quotes

Various psychologists have provided numerous theories and quotes on child development, and one of the visionaries was Erik Erikson. Erik Erikson was a renowned psychologist and developmental theorist who is widely recognized for his theory of psychosocial development. Erikson’s theory of child development has a significant impact on the field of psychology and education, providing … Read more

35 Powerful Sigmund Freud Quotes About Dreams

sigmund freud quotes

Dreams have captivated the minds of mankind for centuries, serving as a window into the unconscious realm of our thoughts, desires, and fears. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, revolutionized our understanding of dreams and their significance in shaping our personalities. Sigmund Freud’s theories on the interpretation of dreams are considered a cornerstone of modern … Read more

Jean Piaget’s Contribution To Early Childhood Education

early childhood education

Jean Piaget was a man ahead of his time, with a vision for the world that was as brilliant as it was bold. He saw the infinite potential for growth and discovery in every child and set out to unlock the secrets of their minds.  Through years of observation and study, Piaget discovered the magic … Read more

24 Famous Quotes By Jean Piaget

jean piaget quotes

Jean Piaget is a famous Swiss psychologist who revolutionized the understanding of children and their development. His cognitive theory placed emphasis on conscious thoughts as opposed to the psychoanalytic theories that highlighted the role played by unconscious thoughts. While Piaget believed that both good nature and nurture are vital in healthy development, his cognitive theory … Read more

40 Thought-provoking Albert Einstein Quotes On Knowledge And Intelligence

Albert Einstein quotes on knowledge and intelligence

“The passing of Einstein gives us a chance to stop and think how it felt to have been alive while one of the authentic great minds of all history was doing its work” – By George R. Harrison The estimated IQ of Albert Einstein is 160, despite the fact that he most likely never took … Read more

7 Famous Chefs Who Once Struggled With Dyslexia

Compared to a few years ago, dyslexia is now a more common term for us. It is a learning difficulty in which individuals cannot phonologically process the sound of spoken language and, thus, find it difficult to read, speak, spell, etc. Due to this challenging condition, it is a common misconception that it will be … Read more

10 Famous Persons With High Musical Intelligence

Famous persons with high musical intelligence

When we mention the word ‘ intelligence’ the first thought that comes to mind is that related to academics. But, every child is different and can show an interest in a variety of fields like art, music, and math, and excel at it.  A child who does not show interest in language, for example, might … Read more