40 Thought-provoking Albert Einstein Quotes On Knowledge And Intelligence

Albert Einstein quotes on knowledge and intelligence

“The passing of Einstein gives us a chance to stop and think how it felt to have been alive while one of the authentic great minds of all history was doing its work” – By George R. Harrison The estimated IQ of Albert Einstein is 160, despite the fact that he most likely never took … Read more

7 Famous Chefs Who Once Struggled With Dyslexia

Compared to a few years ago, dyslexia is now a more common term for us. It is a learning difficulty in which individuals cannot phonologically process the sound of spoken language and, thus, find it difficult to read, speak, spell, etc. Due to this challenging condition, it is a common misconception that it will be … Read more

10 Famous Persons With High Musical Intelligence

Famous persons with high musical intelligence

When we mention the word ‘ intelligence’ the first thought that comes to mind is that related to academics. But, every child is different and can show an interest in a variety of fields like art, music, and math, and excel at it.  A child who does not show interest in language, for example, might … Read more

11 Famous Athletes With Dyslexia

Famous athletes with dyslexia

People with dyslexia can be seen thriving on the fields better than they do in their classes. We have seen various examples of this in our previous posts, where we have talked about the various CEOs, musicians, writers, and many more celebrated people, who have had this learning disability. When talking about athletes, there are … Read more

9 Famous Doctors With Dyslexia: “If They Can Do It, You Can Too”

Famous doctors with dyslexia

Ensuring a gripping knowledge on certain subjects can turn an individual professional. Be it a mathematician, engineer, or Lawyer, all these professions have a distinct value. Self-same is the case of being a Doctor too.  To get a place in such a position a person may need to be communicative, curious, and empathetic along with … Read more

8 Famous Persons With High Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Famous personalities with high-logical mathematical intelligence

Most people believe that being good at academics is the only parameter to measure human intelligence. Academic excellence may be natural by birth; however, as per Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner, intelligence can be of many(8 types he told) kinds. An individual can be significant in one and might not be in a few others.  And … Read more

11 Inspirational Singers With Dyslexia

Famous singers with dyslexia

People of all ages can have the same aspiration for success. Even with compromises, like Dyslexia, one can achieve their passion. There are plenty of influential, well-known people like CEOs who are dyslexics that have set a good example for the aspirants.  Adding to motivation, we here explore eleven popular singers who were diagnosed with … Read more

10 Famous Writers Who Once Struggled With Dyslexia

famous writers with dyslexia

Some see being a writer as more than just a passion, but a source of respect as well. The skills such as creativity, comprehension, adaptability, research, and expertise in the language make this profession worth respecting. Whenever an individual aspires to be a litterateur, they may often get bewildered thinking of grasping all the skills … Read more