9 Fun Sorting Games For Adults

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Our entire learning starts with identifying what an Apple and a Ball are, thus implicitly how they are different. Evidently, we use sorting skills to the group and differentiate these entities. Which strategy would serve finer than games and activities to induce and amplify these skills? 

Being a developmental milestone for cognitive abilities, sorting needs to be grasped at a tender age itself so that you can master the same as an adult. For instance, An individual should be able to sort different grocery items in the kitchen rack and later effortlessly identify and access them. Sorting abilities can be amplified with enticing activities and games that can be availed online too. In this accord, let us check out our handpicked sorting games for adult learners. 

Sorting Games and Activities- How do they come handy?

When there are many hobbies and activities you could engage in, you may be wondering why you should prefer sorting games over the rest. Here’s What they have for you to engage:

  • Sorting games act as stress busters, as they help you relax by distracting your mind from the various hustles of life. This, in turn, gives you peace of mind which helps you make wise decisions at crucial times.
  • While playing these games, you also gain the opportunity to reflect upon things as it strikes the perfect balance between being an activity that requires concentration but is also not too hard to do.
  • Although they may appear simple at first glance, you can change the difficulty levels of these games to your preference just enough to challenge your mind.

Sorting Games and Activities- Our picks for adults 

When we need to have a grip on things around us, we may need sorting. Arranging things in order will make it easy to access them later. Not only this but the skill of classification is also ameliorated. Here are some handpicked games and activities for adults that can accelerate their sorting capabilities: 

1. Score graph sort

score graph sort

Sorting blended with graphs is an enticing idea for a game or activity. Score Graph sort enures the same. This game needs contests in pairs- one being a Sorter, and another being a Solver

  • The solver is provided with 10 questions each from 4 subjects( say english, maths, politics and history), that means a total of forty questions. Sorter is provided with 4 different items (10 each) like toy cars, balls, soaps and spoons, each of these items denote a subject, for instance spoons for english, soap for math. These are to be sorted into different graph bars later. 
  • To start with, the solver solves all the given questions and submits the answers to an Evaluator.  The results are not declared at once, this is where the sorting game starts. 
  • The evaluator declares the results of answers one by one randomly. In this case,say,  result of one answer from politics is declared (whether right or wrong), and then a question from english is addressed. 
  • The sorter needs to choose appropriate item to build a bar graph for every right answer, which represents the score. For example, if a english question gets right, a spoon (pertaining to english) must be added to the english bar graph, thus increasing the barlength to show increment in score.. At the end of the game, the graphs are evaluated if it shows the right score. Right score implies, the sorter has sorted the items perfectly 

If you are looking for sorting activities that are associated with quizzes or learning, this activity can be your pick. 

2. Crowd Sort

Adults need something more than general sorting games, this is where crowd sort excels. This challenging puzzle online game needs the players to sort the crowd based on their colors. Evidently, this game is designed for all ages, but mastering it is not easy. It needs the player to use their skills to sort as early as possible. Some enticing features of this game include challenging rounds, night mode, and no time limit options. Designed by Casual Azur Games, this game can be your pick if you are looking for a simple yet mind-investing activity. 

3. Soon Sort 

To start with, 10 different items in large numbers are procured. For instance, a hundred stones, erasers, pencils, spoons, etc. Each player needs to arrange given items into sets.  Each set is made in such a way that the next item should be double the number of the previous.  For instance, one eraser, 2 pencils, 4 stones, 8 spoons, and so on. Once, all the items are covered, they need to repeat the process with double the numbers. In this case, the second round will be 2 erasers, 4 pencils, 8 stones, and so on. Every participant is given a certain time limit (in this case 5 minutes). The person who sorts the most number of items wins. This activity can make a great pick for family get-togethers, picnics, and other occasions. 

4. Dice and Sort

You will need dice, a pencil, and paper to start this game. It needs at least two contestants. Among, them one is a thief and the others are runners.  The runner needs to build up a sequence in ascending order, and the thief needs to remove numbers. Now, the remaining numbers are sorted. Let us look at an instance to comprehend it better:

  • To start with, a runner rolls the dice and writes the obtained number multiplied by 1. For instance, if dice shows 3, they write ‘3’ (3*1).
  •  Now the next runner rolls the dice. If the number is greater than 3 (in this case) say 5, they can add 5(5*1) into the sequence since 5 is greater than 3 and fulfills ascending order.
  • If the number is less than 3, it is multiplied with a suitable number to get a number greater yet nearer to 3. Here, if 2 comes, ‘4’ (2*2) is added to the sequence, if 1 comes, 4 (1*4) is added.  5 (1*5) can also be added, but 4 is nearest to 3 thus it is added. This process continues as runners expand the sorted list. 
  • Thief comes to play when any of the two numbers can substitute each other. For instance, if two numbers 7 and 42 are seen, 42 gets canceled, since it is divided by 7, so 42/7=7 points get added to the score. Thief needs to cancel as many as possible to reduce the numbers in the list.  The game continues till a certain number limit is exceeded.  In this case, the number limit is 30, the game ends when there are more than 30 numbers in the list and thief cannot remove any number.  
  • Now, these 30 numbers are to be sorted by the runners in such a way that the each player (thief and runners) get equal numbers when added. If the numbers cannot be cleaved into equal shares for all the players, the score (7 in this case) can be added. 

5. QWERTY Sort


Do you remember the order of a QWERTY keypad? If not, you can effortlessly learn from this activity. To start with, each player is provided with letter cubes. They have to sort the same in a QWERTY sequence just like a keyboard. The one who makes the correct sequence first will be the winner. In the present scenario, where everyone is acquainted with QWERTY keyboards, this activity will take all a step closer. 

6. Laundry Sort

Isn’t it a great idea to play sorting games without any dedicated stakes? Laundry Sort is one such icebreaker activity to rejuvenate just before starting a workday. All the players need to look at each other’s dress colors. Now each one has to write the names of every player in such a way that the colors of their dresses are sorted in a VIBGYOR sequence, Thus a person with the green dress is mentioned before a person with a red dress. This game turns yet more engrossing when the number of players increases and multiple players dress in the same color (and different shades).

7. Sort the Need

Here, the player is assigned an emergency situation, say their friend is injured. Now, they are provided with 30 items. All the player needs to do is to sort out what they need from the given mix. In this case, since a friend is injured, they would have to pick items like gauge scissors, and Dettol from the list based on availability. This game not only enhances sorting abilities but also hones the brain by giving pseudo emergency situations. To make the game yet more interesting, you may also set a time limit to sort (say 30 seconds). 

8. Site sort

Have you ever categorized websites? If not, this game will preach you. All the players are provided with a list of websites that belong to various categories like e-commerce, blogs, news, and so on. The player who sorts all the sites earlier is the winner. This game turns interesting when the number of sites increases.  This game not only enhances sorting abilities but also knowledge of newer websites. 

9. Mimic Sort

Sorting is usually done based on colors or sizes. Wouldn’t it be enticing if you are asked to sort based on a sequence? In this interesting game, a sequence of 5 numbers is provided for reference. Later, the player gets 25 numbers which they need to sort into 5 sequences that mimic the reference sequence. To master this game, the player needs to determine the formula of the reference sequence. Say, the sequence is 4, 16, 64, 256, and 1024, one needs to decode that every next number is (previous number * 4). 

Sorting Abilities- Its importance in math

Since these abilities precede complex mathematical problems, an individual’s ability to distinguish and segregate is necessarily a math skill. Evidently, everyone learns to differentiate between a couple of adults and a couple of toys naturally as a kid, as they can often place all cars in one basket and all animals in another effortlessly. These skills incept as a routine, but eventually gains applications in math, where they would have to distinguish between numbers, shapes, sizes, and amounts. 

Sorting capabilities becomes crucial when a person needs real number understanding. Rote counting doesn’t often need comprehension, it is just like reading out texts without inferring meaning. These capabilities fall under algebra which encompasses the understanding of patterns and relationships. When one purchases a couple of milk packets and a dozen apples, they need to be sorted out to determine the total bill. 

Therefore, apart from assorted generalized manifestations, sorting skills should preferably be perceived to be a pivotal part of math cognition. Because these skills have applications in several day-to-day activities as an adult. 


Sorting games can be way more enticing than you may ever think. These mini-games involve sorting different objects into categories and is a preferred way to relax and work on your concentration and strategy. They can turn to appropriate activities to engage if you want some absorbed and harmless fun that you can go on to relieve boredom or stress for as many hours as you like. With multiple fun and engaging sorting games to choose from, you may be having a hard time picking just one to play. Whichever sorting game you wish to engage in, ensure that you reap the maximum fun and excitement to get back to work rejuvenated.

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