8 Famous Persons With High Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Famous personalities with high-logical mathematical intelligence

Most people believe that being good at academics is the only parameter to measure human intelligence. Academic excellence may be natural by birth; however, as per Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner, intelligence can be of many(8 types he told) kinds. An individual can be significant in one and might not be in a few others.  And … Read more

7 Career Options For A Person With High Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

High logical mathematical intelligence careers

While there are about 12 different intellect flairs known today, logical-mathematical intelligence is distinct with attributes such as strength in numbers, patterns, and logic. An individual, being sure to possess such intelligence, may be bewildered in the expedition of career selection. Evidently, anyone would prefer aspiring professions where they can excel with their strengths. Consequently, … Read more

9 Examples Of Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Logical mathematical Intelligence

Logic often refers to the validity of the arguments, while Intelligence is linked to the human mind and its ability to resolve challenges. The use of logic in addressing math and pattern issues probably needs logical-mathematical intelligence. Say a kid prefers to spend time with math games, relishes detective novels, and aspires to be an … Read more