9 Examples Of Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Logic often refers to the validity of the arguments, while Intelligence is linked to the human mind and its abilities to resolve challenges. The use of logic in addressing math and pattern issues probably needs logical-mathematical intelligence. Say a kid prefers to spend time with math games, relishes detective novels, and aspires to be an accountant or an engineer; probably they set an example of such intellects. To comprehend logical-mathematical intelligence finer, we look into individuals’ distinct attributes and intriguing real-life examples. These examples are often evident around you; we here explore how these can be an exemplar. 

Logical-mathematical intelligence- Attributes that make it distinct!

Gardner stated eight different sorts of intelligence in his work, Theory of Multiple Intelligences. According to him, logical-mathematical intelligence is all about those people dealing with logic, abstractions, reasoning, numbers, and critical thinking. Consequently, such people are characterized by their pattern recognising and logical analyzing abilities. 

For that reason, they often conceptualize numbers, expressions, and relations between them. Logical-math intelligent individuals often like conducting experiments and are often able to solve complex computations. 

Examples of logical mathematical intelligence- Pragmatic instances

The essence of logical-mathematical intelligence can be comprehended better when divergent examples are explored. Consequently, here are some real-life instances which you would be excited to traverse through:

1. The Game of Chess

The Game of Chess

Being a game of war, Chess is the game to ameliorate intellects. Having just 64 grids, multiple powers for each player can have chances to turn the game to the other side at any step. Nevertheless, the player needs to have a notable logical intelligence to recognise the present and the probable patterns, ensuring a wise step. A study by Smith[1] shows that chess players have better cognitive abilities and social reasoning skills. These observations show the importance of games like chess to enhance traits of logical-mathematical intelligence. 

An FMRI[2] scan of a chess player showed active participation of the left hemisphere. Since the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for reading, writing, and calculations, its participation implies better logical ability. 

2. Counting Cups in a stack

Counting Cups in a stack

Objects like cups and plates are often stored in stacks. Counting the number can be taxing for some, but it is facile for logical math intelligent people. Their ability to infer patterns and numbers allows them to create personalized strategies to reckon them faster. Counting the stack in counts of 5 or ten is a good example of logical math intelligence. Not only in the case of cups and plates, but they are also proficient in other areas in counting as well. 

3. Mandala Arts

 Mandala Arts

Being an appreciable form of art that uses geometry, mandala arts stipulates the artists’ knowledge of patterns and drawings. It is derived from Sanskrit, implying Circle. The mandala can be a noteworthy example of ensuring logical-mathematical intelligence, whether on paper, decorative art, or doodles. With spiritual importance in some areas, this has been a traditional method for ameliorating pattern recognition and reasoning abilities. 

Rebecca Policar[3] studied the use of Mandala arts in preaching geometrical concepts. The research is based on the similarities between this art and geometrical concepts to ensure critical thinking and problem-solving. These observations show how mandala arts can be a noteworthy example to demonstrate and enhance logical math intelligence.  

4. Playing Musical Instruments

 Playing Musical Instruments

Music is often all about rhythms and patterns. Discerning the pattern and arrangement of the musical notes to play obligates the musician to recognise these expressions. A song often has a hook tune that is repeated several times. Logical Intelligence gets crucial to discern these notes. An example of music may make you bewilder whether it is musical intelligence. Musical intelligence implies the ability to write own songs, tape music, and create pieces of songs.  However, discerning the rhythms of notes and patterns may come under logical intelligence. 

Catherine Tzortzis[4] studied a 74-year-old professional musician. It was found that musical knowledge was the result of the expanded cortical representation of the function in the left hemisphere. As improvement in the left hemisphere is facilitated, higher logical intelligence is ensured. This shows musical patterns can be an example of logical-mathematical intelligence

5. Experiments 


Be it clinical research or technical experiments, the chief motto behind these is to find out the pragmatic reasons and inferences behind a concept. For instance, the probable reasons and solution of the covid needs to be found out after a series of clinical experiments. And, these focus on the validity of each inference gained.

Fred C. Lunenburg[5] mentioned that Strength in logical-mathematical intelligence often implies great scientific ability, whereas scientific ability implies some crucial procedures to describe and solve experimental challenges. These lines outline how experimenting can be an example of logical-mathematical intelligence. 

6. Complex Accounting 

Complex Accounting

Maintaining a proper record of all the assets and relevant transactions and insurances is crucial, especially for corporate companies. All of these are dealt with either cost, managerial or financial accounting. Chartered accountants often deal with bigger numbers with minimal errors setting a good example for logical-mathematical intelligence. Dealing with complex computations is often preferred by such individuals. Abdulkadir Pehlivan[6] studied the effect of logical-mathematical intelligence on financial accounting achievement and found a significant positive correlation between achievement in the Financial Accounting course and the “Logical-Mathematical.”

7. Educational games

 Educational games

Classroom games like puzzles, sudoku, and bingo have a positive effect on students. This implicitly improves cognition concentration and motivates them towards academics. Fascinatingly, these are great examples and sources of logical-mathematical intelligence. An article by Jing Li[7] analyses the theory of educational games and the relationship between educational games and multiple intelligence. Then, it elaborates on educational games’ effect on the development of students’ logic–mathematics multiple intelligence. And, it outlines the strategies of developing students’ intelligence using educational games. In a word, one can use educational games to develop the students’ logic-mathematical multiple intelligence. 

8. Budget Graphing of investments

Budget Graphing of investments

Say, a person needs to take the responsibility to organize an event. One of the crucial factors in it is the management of expenses. In some cases, budget graphing is used to compare the difference in cost incurred by opting for multiple alternatives. This can be a good example of logical-mathematical intelligence as the individual here observes the pattern of how expenses can be altered. Further, they also have to make instant calculations to determine the best choice. 

9. Stock Portfolio management

Stock Portfolio management

Investors often prefer to fund their money in more than one stock asset to diversify the risk factor. Consequently, they have to look for profits and losses of each investment, thus maintaining a portfolio for the same. Evidently, managing a portfolio needs complex math. Further, noticing the patterns of the market too is crucial. For that reason, portfolio management turns out to be a good example of logical-mathematical intelligence. 

Can these examples be practiced for logical mathematical intelligence?

A study by D P Arum[8] shows that more than 50% of students can have moderate to low levels of logical-math intelligence. This implies most of the learners may find a need to ameliorate relevant skills. The above-mentioned examples do not only demonstrate intelligence in real life but also ensure practice to improve intellect. For example, indulging in games like Chess and accounting[9] can evidently be aidful.  Ensuring examples like portfolio management additionally improve money management skills. Not only applying these examples, an individual can also take specialized courses to improve logical intelligence. 

Concluding thoughts

Be it kinesthetic, music, or logical-mathematical intelligence, not everyone gets adorned with these intrinsically. Such brain power can be learned later with relevant strategies and observations. Knowing what intelligence one possesses can make one aware of what needs to be learned. Being enticing examples to know what logical-mathematical intelligence is, you can check out the examples mentioned above to check if any of them can aid you in raising your intellect.


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