10 Potential Careers For Individuals With High Verbal Linguistic Intelligence

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The ability to express thoughts can make a reasonable difference. To ensure the same, having mastery of language right from words to phrases to sentences is obligatory. While the same is the strength of individuals who are adorned with  Verbal Linguistic Intelligence,  they can choose those careers that need a great sense of speech and writing. 

Like interpersonal methods of communication and reasoning, verbal-linguistic understanding is benched on one of the crucial epitomes of human adaptability: social interactions. Its growth and enrichment depend on listening, conveying, understanding, and expressive activities. Being aware of the same, such individuals are often bewildered about what careers to choose from. Consequently, here we look into their attributes in detail and thereby suggest befitting careers where they can excel. 

High verbal-linguistic intelligence- Comprehending the commendatory attributes 

Verbal-linguistic intellect is one of the vital structures of reasoning and logic. It helps a person enrich their language skills and communicate effectively in an effective manner. People having the ability to understand the aspects of language communication in a far more efficient manner may also respond to the skills of reasoning and intellect in an enhanced and unique manner. Here are some noteworthy traits that make them distinct:

  1. Abstract word thinking: They often imply words to express their imaginations and thoughts using composition, sentence structure, and the ability to visualize writing components. They use the skills of vocabulary organization to shape their ideas into a more expressive platform.
  2. Bearing wonderful passion for reading and writing: They may also be admirable readers and excellent authors. They love to represent the thoughts that encompass their mind, reflect their observations, and love to share their feelings.
  3. Fascinating deciphers of literature and various languages: Their deep passion is to translate poems, works of literature, and other eloquent language texts. Elements of abstractive feelings like words possessing deep meanings, metaphors, personifications, etc., are part of what people with developed verbal-linguistic reasoning may easily love to translate.
  4. Loud and bold speakers:They may be more systematic, straightforward, and effectively choose their words to spread a message. They can be extremely purposeful and may have the potential to be decisive and lead groups because of their effective management in handling fragments of messages.
  5. Having a high interest to grasp new languages: They often prefer to keep themselves open to different methods of language expression. They may often challenge themselves to deep dive into the learning of new expressions and languages.

Career options for verbal-linguistic intellects- Our picks based on the attributes

People with high potential and strengths in linguistic-verbal intelligence can manipulate and effectively apply words, reflecting their ideas by writing and conveying messages in an enthusiastic and organized manner. These individuals may be typically very unique at framing and describing stories, illustrating beautiful pieces of poetry, memorizing and storing processed forms of data, reading out texts, phrases, or fascinating pieces of language and literature, and many more. Accordingly, here are nine such career options that they can choose among:

1. Author 


Individual who creates a piece of valuable text to comprehend is an author. Be it an article, poem, book, or any other piece that has distinct significance, preparation can be taxing if the person is not mastered in language and communication of expressions. They also are a geek of enhancing their vocabulary and work creatively to bring out Fascinating ideas on paper. Evidently, high visual-linguistic intellects can turn out to be notable writers and creators. 

2. Journalism


The role of a journalist is to provide and share information accurately with the public. To perform this task,  they may need to have a strong memory capacity and the skills to present facts, data, and information in an elusive and clarified manner. Being in this field, an individual can further choose among various positions like writing and editing, reporter, or a show host.  While all these roles need a noteworthy grip on the language, one also needs to have a degree or equivalent certification in journalism to master the basics. 

With the paramount role of language and communications skills, journalism may be a perfect fit for this role because of their strong recollection potential and their ability to be very determined on pursuing tools of importance such as information and data. They are also very focused, attentive, and self-aware, making them an ideal choice for this profession. Further, linguistic expertise also adds to this career choice as knowing and interpreting various languages are vital for journalists.

3. Lawyer 


A profession that requires a lot of perseverance, practice, and assertive communication and speaking skills. an efficient lawyer may need to find lots of information and learn to deal with the warfare of words. 

Being ready to possess a three-year degree course, Individuals with potential verbal intelligence skills may consider choosing this profession mentioned above because of their communication efficiency and natural characteristics of being a good speaker. These individuals choose their words wisely and thus may be perfect for defending a case or bringing out the truth in front of the judiciary. Their innate ability to master language skills and deal with lots of information may also play a vital role in the methods of this occupation.

4. Lectureship


People with potential expressive, communicative, and language skills may also prove to be quite beneficial in harboring the profession of teaching. They can bring out the deep and intriguing concepts of literature and stories. They are also very frequent and clear with ideas of metaphors, idioms, dilemmas, similes, etc., making them experts in areas of language interpretation and explaining the ideas of a context or sentence. Outstanding communication skills can keep students engaged throughout the class. After finishing a bachelor’s degree in the desired field, you may have to complete a teacher preparation program to grab a better opportunity as a lecturer.  

5. Marketing analysts

Marketing analysts

The field of marketing requires intense research and creativity. Apart from acquiring a bachelor’s degree and probably an MBA, individuals bearing knowledge of intense data gathering and shaping ideas or abstract thoughts into a well-organized method might make them well suitable for this career occupation. 

Individuals with high verbal intelligence skills also have a well innovative way to pin up ideas and create something fascinating and unique. They put a lot of time into reading books, texts, articles, etc., which may also provide them with a natural advantage of gathering new and astonishing ideas for market growth, sales expansion, client acquisitions, and providing new out-of-the-box ways of branding and e-commerce.  It may be an aspect of huge benefits to organizations and individuals working to grow and develop ideas and thoughts.

6. Politics

The ability to debate and present powerful and persuasive speeches of individuals with high verbal intelligence may make them quite apt for career choices like Politicians. These individuals are mostly very educated and qualified in knowledge and facts. Hence, being someone who can express the opinions of the public and provide the masses with clarified knowledge of working policies and decisions may prove to have a huge impact on society. Being in politics can give scope to a number of positions that they can ameliorate over time. 

They also inhibit a powerful ability to lead and organize groups, making them suitable to voice out society’s demands, needs, and requirements. The strong motive of determination, patience and innovative thoughts may also suit their politician portfolio.

7. Language Translation

Language Translation

Individuals with capable linguistic potential may be often befitting for translations. They have an innate yearning towards learning and exploring new languages that make them well-versed with different accents,  language types, and varieties. These skills can assist in working as translators. Translators are almost required everywhere in government offices, language departments, the fields of language development and experts, embassies, etc. Thereby befitting people can prove to be very useful in translating valuable information and providing facts vital in the modern age of information warfare and technology.

8. Editorials

This is a  preeminent field of occupation that requires intense data collection, revaluation, and reviewing of information, articles, and stories published in daily media and communication platforms.

Having an editor with impressive knowledge about vocabulary, grammar strength, expertise about the various uses of words can be a great advantage to the company. As visual linguistics intellectuals often prefer reading and are well aware of language tones and sentence thoughts they may think of editorial as a wonderful opportunity to handle things in their comfortable space.

9. Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist

Individuals dealing with effective communication-based skills and well aware of elements of thought expression and ideas may also find the career option of speech therapy very suitable to them. These individuals can contribute significantly to society with professional training and good knowledge.

This professional expertise in understanding the importance of thoughts and their expression and dealing with communication issues may help many individuals significantly assist with linguistic worries. Their expertise in dealing with communication tactics to understand people’s thoughts may make them suitable candidates. 

10. Poets


The art of poetry requires a lot of brainstorming processes and constituting elements of language to produce a fascinating piece of literature. Since these individuals possess the ability to deal with a variety of words and their meanings, they can choose a verse writing career. Acquiring a degree in literature along with experience of a few pilot works can be often adequate for these to turn into professional poets.


The various aspects of uniquely skilled intelligence and their counterparts significantly affect an individual’s mind and brain. Each class of intelligence, like spatial intelligence, verbal-linguistic, etc., has its distinct advantages and potentials that help the person acquire them in a significant and elusive manner.

The deep dive into learning the various components of verbal-linguistic intelligence gives us a wonderful approach stating how people learn to play with words, how thoughts are drafted into actions and expressions, and how learning about vivid types of languages and accents can provide us with a strong grasp on language skills. This intelligence also points towards offering an individual with specific and brilliant career choices that can prove beneficial and contribute to society and the person possessing that potential.

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