How math is applied in sports?

How math is used in sports

Math is a prime subject that enables children to start with counting, understanding numbers, and creating a relationship with math in everyday life. Right from grocery shopping to bill calculations, math is used from an early age. While, math is generally introduced through books, math board games, and various manipulatives, It becomes significant to offer … Read more

Can Dyslexia Affect My Football Skills?

Football and dyslexia

Indulging in sports is a noteworthy choice of recreations in school and vacation. Such practices can lead to generating aspirations among young students to turn into professional players. Among a number of sports that are accredited, Football is not an exception.  While aspirants often acknowledge the significance of rehearsing and strategies to get professional, some … Read more

What Sports Are Good For Individuals With Dyslexia?

dyslexia and sports

Childhood is often filled with lots of games, sports, and memories. During school, sports are also a great alternative to break the monotony.  Kids are fond of several sports like running, frog jumps, and one-legged races. While getting focused on academics, students may lead to a pause in games and sports. In such scenarios, it … Read more