12 Field Day Games & Activities For Adults

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Games and activities are not only for children. Adults equally enjoy playing games or performing activities that give them a chance to have fun and disconnect from their busy routine lives. Organizing a field day for adults is a great way to get everyone onto the field to have a good time. It is not only for organizations to conduct brain break games and activities or team-building exercises to provide the much-needed change from regular activities.

In fact, anyone can host a field day to get all the adults in the group into action. Getting involved in some fun and engaging games and activities on the field day can provide an opportunity to unwind, relax, and forget about stress for a few hours. This helps boost everyone’s energy levels and improve their overall well-being. So, let us see some fun things you can do on a field day for adults. 

Fun-filled field day games and activities

1. Tug of War 

Tug of War 

No field day is complete without playing the classic tug-of-war game! It is a team-building activity for high schoolers, kids of other age groups, and even adults. Children and grown-ups love being a part of this game which represents the importance of teamwork. Keep a thick rope ready. Strong enough to bear the tugging and pulling of grown-ups from both ends. The game is one of the easiest games requiring very little preparation. 

  • Form two teams with an equal number of people. 
  • Ask them to hold the rope from each side. Keep a cone to mark the midpoint. 
  • When the referee blows the whistle, both teams use their strength to pull the other team and make them cross the center point. 
  • The team which manages to do this wins the game.

2. Watermelon Eating Contest

Watermelon is the best fruit for summer. So why not have a watermelon-eating contest on a hot and sunny field day? It is a light fruit that people will enjoy eating while competing with one another. 

. Watermelon Eating Contest
  • Set up a table for five people to participate at a time. 
  • Keep a plate full of watermelon slices for each participant. 
  • The participant who finishes their watermelons first is declared the winner. 

Have someone hold on to a timer to record the time required by the first participant to finish their plate of watermelon. There can be multiple sessions of this contest, each having a winner. For the final round, all the winners of the previous competitions can take up the challenge once again to see who among them is the ultimate winner of the contest.

3. Capture the Flag 

Capture the flag is a physically challenging game that requires players to run around and tag another player as they try to capture their flag and take it to their own territory. Mark a large area in the open field to play this game. 

 Capture the Flag 
  • Form two teams with 10-12 players in each group. 
  • Hand over a flag in different colors to both teams. 
  • Once they take positions in their territory, the game begins with one person from team A going to team B’s territory to get their flag and run back to their territory without being tagged by the opposing team members. 
  • If successful, they score a point. If not, team B gets the chance to go to team A’s territory to capture their flag. 
  • The game continues until one of the teams scores the predetermined number of points and defeats the other. 

4. Blind Volleyball

Blind Volleyball

Volleyball is a fun game for adults, whether on a beach or an open field. But because a field day game must have an enhanced fun element, you can add a little twist to the regular game of volleyball. All you need to do is cover the net entirely with a piece of cloth, such as a bedsheet or a giant parachute. This will block the vision to the other side of the net. This means players won’t be able to see the actions of the opposing team, making it difficult for them to anticipate their moves. 

They will have to be more attentive to see how fast or slow the ball is and its direction so they can hit it accordingly. When a team drops the ball on its side, the other team gets a point. A scorekeeper can note the points of each group and declare the team with the maximum points as the winner when the time is up.

5. Blow and Pop

Here is another exciting challenge for adults. It takes only a minute to complete this challenge. Let’s see how to play it – 

Blow and Pop
  • Set up a table having a jar of colorful deflated balloons. 
  • Invite the participants one at a time for this activity. 
  • As the whistle blows, the participant must blow a balloon, tie it, and then pop it by sitting on it. They can now pick up another balloon and repeat the steps. 
  • The person who manages to pop the most balloons in this quick, thrilling challenge achieves first place.

The goal of this game is to blow and burst as many balloons as possible in one minute. Use a scoreboard to write the total balloons popped by each participant in one minute to decide who holds the first position.

6. Wheelbarrow Race

The wheelbarrow race is a partner game in which one person acts as the pusher while the other is the wheelbarrow. Designate a starting point and an endpoint for the race. 

Wheelbarrow Race
  • As the participating teams take their position at the starting point, the partner imitating the wheelbarrow kneels and places their hands on the ground. 
  • Now the pusher gently lifts their partner’s legs and holds them up by the ankles to form the wheelbarrow. 
  • When the game begins, the wheelbarrows use their hands to move forward while the pushers push them toward the finish line. 
  • The team that manages to touch the finish line first seals the win. 

The game tests the teamwork, coordination, strength, and speed of the players. The teams which excel in all these aspects have a high chance of emerging as the winner. 

7. Ring Toss

Ring Toss

Another classic game that finds its place on most field days is Ring Toss. The game looks simple but is challenging for kids as well as adults. To organize a ring toss game, you can purchase one that’s readily available in stores. 

Set up two groups of cones at a distance apart so that two people can play simultaneously. Mark the line where participants must stand while tossing the rings toward the cones. It is best to pre-decide how many chances of ring toss every person would get. This would depend on the number of rings you have at your disposal. For instance, if you have ten rings, you give five rings to each player. 

Although this is an individual activity, you can turn it into a challenge between the two participants playing together. The person who manages to toss the greatest number of rings onto the cones wins the challenge. 

8. Obstacle Course 

 Obstacle Course

If you think obstacle courses are only for kids, you are not right. An obstacle course benefits adults as much as it does children. Crossing an obstacle course involves play which helps ease stress. It is a motor planning activity that fosters teamwork and improves fitness levels. Plus, trying to overcome various obstacles leaves no time to get bored. It is an activity that adults can accomplish at their own pace without competing with anyone. It is more about pushing oneself to reach the finish line. 

To set up a course, utilize different kinds of obstacles such as monkey bars, net crawl, wall climb, tire run, balance beam, and more! You can also rent a giant inflatable obstacle course for adults if that’s what you prefer. Whatever it be, all grown-ups will have a gala time reliving their childhood memories.

9. Let’s Dance

 Let's Dance

Set up a dance floor for all those who love to shake a leg and show their dancing skills. You can also set up a stage, so everyone in the audience gets a clear view. There are a couple of ways to incorporate dance on a field day. 

First, assign a dance leader who performs dance moves that the audience must follow. The steps can be easy at first, followed by some tricky moves toward the end. Participants who replicate the exact steps get a reward. This is one of the best “following directions activities” that improves spatial awareness in adults. Secondly, you can keep the stage open for anyone who wants to show their dancing skills. You can offer prizes for the best dancer or the most enthusiastic participant to encourage more people to come forward to take on the stage. 

10. Splatter Art

Splatter Art

Art is a fun way to let the creative juices flow! And spending some time making your own art on a field day can give people immense joy. Splatter painting is one of the best choices for outdoor art activities because even if things get a little messy, there’s no need to worry. 

Set up stations for splatter painting that can accommodate a few people at a time. You can provide a canvas, a poster board, or any other paper in addition to paints, paintbrushes, cups of water, etc. It is best to use washable paints for this activity because things get messy when the splattering begins. Allow participants to use their creativity, come up with ideas, and add layers of colors to make their creative and beautiful art pieces. 

11. Launch a Balloon

Launch a Balloon

Put a balloon launching station in place at a designated spot on the field so those interested can try their hands at this activity. Build a tower of plastic cups on a table. Keep a slingshot and a bucket full of water-filled balloons a few feet from the table. Interested people can come forward and try to break the plastic cup tower by releasing the water balloon toward the tower. 

Assign a person to rearrange the tower after someone knocks it off. You can give a total of three chances to players or allow them as many chances as they would like depending on the rush at the station. Be sure to keep a lot of water balloons ready because many would like to try this easy-to-do activity!

12. Props and Pictures

Props and Pictures

A photo booth is always a hit at a gathering because everyone loves to take a memory back home. Prepare a photo booth at a location with good natural lighting. Select a textured wall if you have around to create a fun backdrop for the photos. Use streamers, balloons, colorful cut-outs, etc., to decorate the backdrop. 

Ensure the ground is even so you can safely set up the camera and other photo booth equipment. Provide participants with supplies to make fun props for themselves, such as hats, signs, masks, or glasses which they can use for the pictures. Remember to assign someone to look after the equipment and help those who wish to get themselves clicked. 

In conclusion,

Organizing a field day for adults and children is an excellent way to break the monotony, have fun, and get some exercise in the fresh air. It helps bring people together and allows grown-ups to give a chance to their inner child to play games and perform activities they once did during their school years.

Proper planning and preparation, considering factors such as choosing an appropriate venue, setting up activities, assigning teams, providing refreshments, etc., can help you prepare for an exciting field day. We hope our compilation of games and activities has provided you with sufficient inspiration for your upcoming field day!

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