10 Awesome Handwriting Books For Kids

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Good handwriting by a child can create a better impression for the teacher and other readers. While many classroom activities and strategies can be employed to address writing, a choice of handwriting books can have an added set of advantages like definitive and personalized practice. 

Maintaining a proper handwriting book is thereby important, but is ambiguous to decide due to a number of options being available in the market today. We here came with a list of handwriting books with varying styles and ages to make your expedition for books easier.

How can handwriting books help?

Writing is an effective mode of communication. It not only assists in addressing tasks like assignments later but also helps in the development of motor skills. Handwriting books can create a platform and extended scope to practice these abilities better. Here are some reasons why a child should opt for a handwriting book.  

  • These replace the need for separate notebooks for practicing
  •  Handwriting Books can give visual cues and examples of common patterns and how to write them. This information is available in documented form, assisting young learners with iterative learning.
  • An ideal handwriting book comes with some handwriting activities too. These provide a personalized scope for engaging learning, also proving to be a good pastime for learners after school. 
  • Having a handwriting book in hand, a student or the mentor can set a target to finish each page or activity in a determined time span. This can enhance the discipline in the little one. 
  • These books can be used to address specific needs of the child’s writing like size, alignment, shapes, and proportions.

How to choose the right handwriting book?

With multiple handwriting book choices available in the market, choosing the right one is a bit time-consuming. Here let us look into the major factors that would make the handwriting book stand out and really help you in teaching handwriting.

  1. Firstly, practicing handwriting should not seem like a chore. The book should have practicing instructions written in a fun way.
  2. The books should include engaging activities and games – addressing the motor skills of hands.
  3. The lines in the books for children should be dotted- with the top line having a thick difference making it easy for the kid to write in the confined area.
  4. For practice, a lot of pages can be considered with dotted lines and dotted alphabets so that the child can practice often.
  5. A step-by-step instruction should be included which makes it easy for the kid to follow and it allows the child to learn independently.
  6. The handwriting books should follow a sequential approach of making the students learn writing. Starting with letters and words, the activities should later switch to writing sentences.
  7. While learning the letters is important, it is equally important that the handwriting book also differentiates between a capital letter and a lowercase letter.
  8. The information that the student practices should add value to their learning. For instance, while they are practicing writing words, the book may use different colors of the rainbow. This way, there can be multiple advantages of the session.

Best handwriting books- Our recommendations for little writers

The above-stated points help you check out if you are looking for a good handwriting book and to make sure you picked the right one from the bookstore aisle or the one that you saw last week online. Find below some of our finds that are available online and cater to the skills of the handwriting of children.

1. Trace Letters- Alphabet Handwriting Practice Workbook

Trace Letters: Alphabet Handwriting Practice workbook for kids: Preschool writing Workbook with Sight words for Pre K, Kindergarten and Kids Ages 3-5. ... Words & Math for Preschool & Kindergarten)

The workbook is best suited for youngsters from three to five years of age. It comes with step-by-step instructions on how to trace an alphabet with its easy-to-dot tracing method. The book has 150 pages and that leaves the child with enough scope for practice and at the same time does not tire the child.

This workbook is organized in a skill-building way to boost the kid’s confidence to write neatly and legibly. While it is focused for kindergarteners, other learners can also use it based on their learning levels.

2. Carson Dellosa Complete Book of Handwriting Workbook for Kids 

Carson Dellosa Complete Book of Handwriting Workbook for Kids—Grades K-3 Manuscript and Cursive Handwriting, Writing Letters, Numbers, Seasons, Holidays, Weather, Language Arts, Math Words (416 pgs)

The book helps the child in practicing regular manuscript and cursive writing. Areas covered in this book include numbers, seasons, holidays, arts, math words, and many more which offer scope for multiple approaches for better comprehension, presentation, and learning. 

The book is suitable for five to nine years of age. Starting with numbers and simple words, this book creates a scope to start from concrete concepts of writing. Later, the little ones can gain knowledge about sight concepts mentioned above effortlessly while they practice writing.

3. The Print Penmanship Workbook for Kids By Crystal Radke

The Print Penmanship Workbook for Kids: Improve Your Handwriting with Fun Animal Facts

To ensure engagement, this book introduces various kinds of animals with colorful illustrations and gives a chance for the children to practice writing the names of all the animals. The book also includes some special pages where the students are encouraged to color while they practice. This way learners can relish sessions better. 

The book is suitable for six to nine years of age. With colorful illustrations and fun facts about mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, and bugs, each writing lesson feels like a romp through the animal kingdom.

4. 200 Essential Sight Words for Kids Learning to Write and Read 

200 Essential Sight Words for Kids Learning to Write and Read: Activity Workbook to Learn, Trace & Practice 200 High Frequency Sight Words

The book is ideal for kids above five years of age as it not only introduces new words in a creative way but also shows the vocabulary used frequently. The added advantage is that most of the words used here are sight words, making the learner familiar with these as a part of the practice.

As this book comes with a combination of reading and writing sessions, it may need the assistance of the teacher or the parent.  What makes it easy to opt for is its sequential approach to introducing these words.

5. My First Writing Handbook

My First Writing Handbook: Practice for Kids with Pen Control, Line Tracing, Letters, and More!

Designed for children of around three years, this book focuses on basic writing practice. Accordingly, it starts with numbers and alphabets and then gradually shifts to words.  What makes it engaging is its sports theme which continues throughout the book.

The learners learn about multiple sports as they practice. With more than 80 practice pages, it ensures the learner develops line tracing, pen controlling, and other abilities. A unique feature is that the student can avail a certificate on completion of this book, giving a sense of accomplishment for the little ones.

6. Handwriting Practice for Kids Book 2

Handwriting Practice for Kids Book 2: A Homestead Themed book for children to advance their writing skills (Homestead Learning)

This book comes with a homesteading theme. This means that the context of the book is woven around home-based objects and entities- which can easily prove to be engaging facts for the little one. Adhering to the stepwise approach, students can here start with words and then shift to sentences. 

Each sentence in this book is related somehow to home-based activities like gardening and animals and other activities. This way, by reading it out while practicing, the little ones may learn new insights and also retain motivation for longer durations. It caters to all types of families, irrespective of gender, thereby assuring all-around development in the home too.

7. My First Learn-to-Write Workbook

My First Learn-to-Write Workbook: Practice for Kids with Pen Control, Line Tracing, Letters, and More!

Communication skills are important for every child, and having good handwriting is an important aspect of it. My first learn-to-write is a short and complete workbook for students of ages 3 to 5. It comes with varying practice exercises like proper pen controlling, line tracing, and other boosting approaches. 

It comes with a length of 75 pages that are properly equipped with exercises. With this book, Crystal Radke, the author claims to be comprehensive training for little ones to gradually develop reading and penmanship thereby addressing their motor skills.

8. My First Handwriting Book By Heather Cross

My First Handwriting Book: A Print Handwriting Practice Skills Workbook for Children Ages 3-6, Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten Kids, Reproducible ... Practice for Teachers and Homeschool

While most handwriting books create scope for cursive writing, this book focuses on manuscripts. To keep it simple and effective, it comes with serene practice pages with visual cues and engaging color themes.

Being distraction-free and straightforward, this can be a good choice for in-class practice and also for homeschooling children. The exercises in this book are developmentally appropriate for young learners.

9. Handwriting Practice: Complete A-Z Lettering Sheets

Handwriting Practice: Complete A-Z Lettering Sheets

Preschoolers focus on appropriately learning alphabets and cases. This simple book can be a good choice for them as it comes with practice in multiple styles. Also, as it comes with a sequential approach, students can grab the techniques easily. 

Each page has a heading of one alphabet in both the cases and the learner gets the rest of the page to practice them. To make the session engaging some visual cues are also provided at the top of each page. For instance, the C practice page has Car and Cat images.

10. Magic Ink Copybooks for Kids

Magic Ink Copybooks for Kids Reusable Handwriting Workbooks for Preschools Grooves Template Design and Handwriting Aid (4books+Pens)

This handwriting book can stand out in the list because of some unique features like reusability and special support for the learners. Each page of this book comes with dents to practice. This way, they act as stencils for the learners. The book also includes a magic pen. Practicing with this pen, the letter erases automatically after 30 minutes, making the workbook reusable again. 

The book encompassed not only English letters and words, but also math numbers and operations. The quality is kid-friendly and durable. Also, to assist special children, this book also comes with a free silicon grip that works as a writing tool to write better.

Evaluating these books..

Handwriting books have a central motto to enhance the writing skills of children. But implicitly, they can also teach other concepts in this journey. With the set of options we suggested, we hope your efforts in choosing one can get easier. Check out the list of books to comprehend how each of these is unique and handy. Also, It is important to note that the guidance of the teacher or parent is equally important for the young ones to be disciplined in the practice sessions and learn effectively. 

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