7 Must-have Handwriting Apps For Adults: Digital aids to improve penmanship

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Last Updated on February 9, 2022 by Editorial Team

The Digital era that has dawned has reduced the need of paper and pen as means of communication. However, a handwritten note in beautiful calligraphy still possesses the old-world charm that can open many doors of dialogue and discourse.

 Of course, changing with the new world is the need of the hour. Hence, a little help from the digital arena will not hurt and may even do wonders to improve your handwriting. This is especially true if you are out of your prime years and cannot ink down notes in your classroom notebook.

However, a few arrows in your quiver will make your journey even smoother. These arrows are:

  • Use a tablet over a phone: Of course, you can use your smartphone for the purpose as well, since it is usually handier. However, using a tablet or an iPad will be a better idea as it will give you hand space to mimic the movements on writing on paper more accurately
  • Invest in a stylus: Again, investing in a stylus or an Apple pen will give you more returns in improving your handwriting, rather than using your fingers to trace the letters.
  • It will again, mimic the movements of actual writing more efficiently and will make it easier for you to translate your improved handwriting skills on the paper.
  • Keep those printers running: Many apps provide printable worksheets after the on-phone practice as well. It is best to download such worksheets and practice on them according to your convenience. They will help you to perfect your handwriting skills once you have improved upon them using the mobile apps.

It is never too late to learn and never too old to adapt to new experiences. On that note, here is a list of handwriting app for adults to change those hard-to-read sentences into aesthetically appealing words of wonder:

List of top 7 handwriting apps for adults

1. LazyDog calligraphy and cursive writing practice

Lazy Dog calligraphy an

It is an excellent android app that gives an individual score for each letter you replicate so that you know how well or worse you are doing at each step. It also provides you with options with respect to different writing styles you wish to replicate.

 It even offers you printable worksheets so that you can try handwriting improvement the old-school way.

This is thus a very efficient way to improve your handwriting when you have little time in between meetings.

App Link: Playstore

2. Calligraphy Art

Calligraphy Art

This is a paid app and you will need an iPad and an Apple pen for the purpose. But it’s worth the price considering you get the complete package equipped with cool features to assist you in developing calligraphy skills.

It is the closest you will get to a real-life pen on an app and it even gives you an option to select the nib angles and thickness. You also get to choose the color of your ink. All in all, the app provides you with an option of 16 ink pens, four brushes, 24 selected pen angles, and 9 pen sizes. This is more than you can carry in a real-life pencil box!

It also gives you an option of 21 English calligraphic fonts. Furthermore, It infuses that special feel of paper with the choice of 12 old-style backgrounds and an extensive color palette.

In case you want to have a look at your work, upfront, and close, it provides you an option of 2000% zoom. And if you want to show around your work with beaming pride, you can also save and share your work.

This app does take care of everything!

App Link: Appstore

3. Cursive Practice

Cursive Practice

Cursive practice is another great app on your iPad for practicing English cursive writing. You get to practice the words in both upper case and lowercase. The font sizes have also been adjusted according to the complexity level. The more efficiency you gain in your handwriting skills, the smaller the font will become to help you sharpen your talent with a (digital) pen.

It also helps you practice sentences with famous quotes by legends, so you learn about insightful minds as you sharpen your motor skills.

Again you get to change the specifications of your pen according to your requirements.

App Link: Appstore

4. Callicreative App

Callicreative App for calligraphy, handwriting, colouring and drawing

This free app not only helps you in improving your handwriting and calligraphy but also gives you the option of coloring and drawing.

It has inbuilt calligraphic templates where you get an option of even tracing gothic and italic letters. Of course, you are provided with an armament of pens, markers, nib widths, and color to personalize and beautify your calligraphy just the way you like.

You also get hints and tricks to improve your handwriting by clicking on the hints tab and you can also share your work by clicking the share button.

App Link: Appstore

5. Notes Plus

notes plus

This is an innovative app especially for the ones among us who have to take a lot of note-taking throughout the day, and want to improve upon our handwriting while doing so, as well as produce clear, crisp, and beautiful notes.

It comes with exciting sensory features like impressive ink effect and palm rejection, which allows you to shape your handwriting in a beautiful and simple way.

App Link: App Store

6. Good Notes 5

Good No

This handwriting and the notes-taking app come with advanced digital ink technology which really improves your handwriting and gives a more aesthetic appeal to it.

It is compatible with both Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint and provides you with an attractive range of covers and papers to make your handwriting more beautiful.

App Link: Appstore

7. Handwriting Success App

Handwriting success app

The Handwriting Success app is another great app meant for handwriting improvement and it contains detailed handwriting instructions.

The app works as a handwriting book and thus adds the advantage of paper practicing with the ease of using a digital pen. It allows comfortable use of the stylus and produces easy-to-read notes, both for your colleagues and your computer software.

App Link: Appstore

Summing Up,

Good handwriting in today’s world is an asset you can use to your advantage in unexceptional ways, considering so few of us possess it now. It also adds an aesthetic appeal to your note-taking and increases the confidence of your written word.

As the world of words shifts online, the copies have given way to tablets and workbooks to practice apps. However, using all of them to our advantage can help us preserve what is special in the old and embrace what is innovative in the new.

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