Top 30 Handwriting Quotes By Famous Personalities

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As a regular dose of motivation, quotes have a special place in our lives.  It is still magical to note that a set of few words often creates motivation to start with a task.  Not only for schooling, success, or learning difficulties, these snippets of power can also inspire handwriting too. 

The list of thirty quotes here can not only rejuvenate you to write better but also implicitly educated how well-known personalities focused on the importance of these abilities. Check out these lines and share with your little ones to have a kick start with their handwriting practice

Famous quotes on handwriting by famous people

1. “Like seeing a photograph of yourself as a child, encountering handwriting that you know was once yours but that now seems only dimly familiar can inspire a confrontation with the mystery of time.” – Francine Prose

2. “Handwriting is a spiritual design, even though it appears by means of a material instrument.” – Euclid

3. “We are living out the drama of a pathetic story whose pages are smeared with our own handwriting.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough

4. “I saw that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education.” – Mahatma Gandhi

5. “The beauty and nobility, the august mission and destiny of human handwriting.” –  George Bernard Shaw

6. “The shapes of the letters are remarkably strong, written with expertise and confidence in symmetrical lines.”

7. “A bad handwriting is as annoying to a reader… as an irritating voice is to a listener.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana 

8. “My writing looks like it’s ten steps behind my mind, and racing to always catch up.” – Jarod Kintz

9. “Wanting to change your handwriting may be an indication that you are ready, or wanting, to change a whole lot of other things in your life as well. You alone can decide what you wish to change and why.” — Rosemary Sasson

10. “My handwriting as an angsty teen was appalling, yet somehow better than it is now.” — Anna Kendrick

11. “Veins raised themselves along the backs of my hands that summer. My handwriting changed several times. I began reading Time magazine. Soon after that it was time to go.” – Lorene Cary

12. “Actually ‘bad’ doesn’t do justice to my handwriting. Neither does ‘handwriting.’ ‘Desecration of paper’ covers it.” – Mark Barrowcliffe

13. “Poets don’t draw. They unravel their handwriting and then tie it up again, but differently.” – Jean Cocteau

14. “I’ve always had this identity thing. When I was little, I was always changing my handwriting because I couldn’t decide which one I liked best.” – Lianne La Havas

15. “No emailed message or attached Word document—no matter how heartfelt or well-composed—compares with a letter . . . validated by an official postmark that adds the important context of date and place . . . Finding and reading handwritten letters from nearly 100 years ago is perhaps the closest thing we have to a time machine.”

16. “Somehow I started introducing writing into my drawings, and after a time, the language took over and I started getting very involved with the handwriting and then the look of the handwriting.” – Patti Smith

17. “I think of my drawing style like handwriting: it’s a mix of whatever handwriting you’re born with, plus bits and pieces you’ve pilfered from other people around you.” — Roz Chast

18. “Print is predictable and impersonal, conveying information in a mechanical transaction with the reader’s eye. Handwriting, by contrast, resists the eye, reveals its meaning slowly, and is as intimate as skin.” — Ruth Ozeki

19. “Handwriting is more connected to the movement of the heart.” – Natalie Goldberg

20. “Handwriting determines your dream, how beautiful your dream is, and so is your handwriting.” — Sumeeth Byahatti

21. “Handwriting is the imprint of self on a page.” — Dr. Rosemary Sassoon

22. “You can tell a lot about the person through their handwriting.” — Pete Doherty

23. “If the skin were parchment and the blows you gave were ink, Your own handwriting would tell you what I think.” —- William Shakespeare

24. “Every man has one thing he can do better than anyone else–and usually, it’s reading his own handwriting.” —- J. Norman Collie

25. “I like the process of pencil and paper as opposed to a machine. I think the writing is better when it’s done in handwriting.” — Nelson DeMille

26. “Irony, we want our handwriting to look like typed fonts, and our computer fonts to look like handwritten text.”― Vikrmn

27. “Handwriting is the shackle of the mind.”― Plato

28. “When the character of a person is not clear to me, I look at their handwriting.”― Efrat Cybulkiewicz

29. “Handwriting is the garden of the sciences.”― Abu Dulaf

30. “Handwriting is rooted in the spirit, even though it appears by means of bodily senses.”― Al-Nazzam

Handwriting – Why does it still hold importance in the world of computers?

Dating back to ancient times, handwriting has always been important in learning. This can be used for writing letters, notes, and drawings.

  • Handwriting can be a tool for remembering information better, and it is also proof that one had taken their instruction seriously.
  • Nice & beautiful handwriting is pleasing. It feels good to the eye and mind to read beautiful handwriting.
  • Handwritten notes are more effective to the human mind in comparison to the typed ones. Calligraphy is an advent example of good handwriting.
  •  People use handwriting to take notes, sign contracts, organize thoughts, and leave messages for others. It is a tool that doesn’t communicate only–  it connects. 

An article by Harvard showed that handwriting can help with memory and even stimulate creativity. When we write, our brain releases chemicals that improve concentration and help to focus on what is being written. It’s easier to learn a new skill when your hand starts moving across the paper than trying to remember a list of numbers or words. It is also a great way for children to develop their artistic skills. It also helps people to remember things better because every stroke of the pen or pencil represents something.

Before we wind up…

Handwriting as a form of expression and communication has been around for thousands of years. So it’s no surprise that handwriting is still valued today. From the beginning of our history, it has always been an important way for people to pass knowledge from generation to generation. Handwriting is also important because it allows people to express their personalities better. Check out these quotes before you start a session of handwriting to ensure positive vibes. 

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