Free Printable Number Recognition Worksheets 1-20 [PDF]

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Kids’ ability to recognize, visualize as well as name the very basic numerals is analyzed in terms of his/her number recognition skills. Number recognition skills are required to be well imbibed in young learners as for them to take on advanced concepts later in academics. It doesn’t take much energy and time if the right methods are employed. One such method is to practice through worksheets.

Building of any concept is incomplete without practice. Worksheets provide practice that ultimately builds fluency in beginner concepts, such as number-recognition. The varying levels of difficulty in worksheets help assess the progress and to build a sense of challenge. Worksheets based on various topics build flexible thinking and allow early learners to grasp the concepts of different kinds.

The nature of the worksheet may differ according to the level of study for which these are used. These can comprise of problems related to counting, sorting, orienting, number hunting, and solving math operations, depending on the depth required for building number recognition skills.

The role of worksheets in building number recognition can be summed up as follows:

  1. Help building connection between the concepts
  2. Offer a pretext for applying the concepts learned
  3. Promote systematic learning with the help of gradual progression
  4. Teach about various approaches to use for building number recognition
  5. Acquaintance with the topic by concept interaction

In the view of its importance in developing number recognition skills in little learners, NumberDyslexia made some worksheets for kindergarteners and early learners to test their skills in the range of 1-20. These are absolutely free and available in printable pdf form as provided below.

Free Printable Number Recognition Worksheet (1-20) - 1 [PDF]
Free Printable Number Recognition Worksheet(1-20) - 2 [PDF]
Free Printable Number Recognition Worksheet(1-20) - 3 [PDF]

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