Free Printable Phonics Worksheets for Adults [PDF]

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I have come across several grown-ups who can’t read properly. By properly I mean – with correct pronunciation, word sound, and prosody. They struggle to sound out words correctly, highly accented lingo distort the words further. On a deeper inspection, I realized that the problem lied in the way they were taught words.

Earlier, teachers emphasized reading words on sight. Their way of teaching spellings was ‘ R-A-T’ is Rat, or ‘A-P-P-L-E’ is apple. This means they learned words by breaking spellings into letters. They did not associate the letter with their respective sound or phonics or got familiar with the concept of graphemes.

In its entirety, the adults learned words minus the phonics. This way of teaching gave way to problems related to reading. So, do you want to learn words all over again, this time with the focus on ‘learning to read?’ If yes, we suggest you solve these free printable phonics worksheets PDFs for adults. You can download and save these worksheets, or print these to solve and file your work in your progress file. Take a look:

Free Printable Phonics Worksheets for Adults [PDF]
Free Printable Phonics Worksheets for Adults [PDF]
Free Printable Phonics Worksheets for Adults [PDF]
Free Printable Phonics Worksheets for Adults [PDF]

Types of phonics problems included in printable worksheets for adults

In our phonics worksheets designed to help adult readers, we have included the following problems:

  • Match pictures with respective phonics sound: As is evident from the name, you identify the picture, utter its name and match with the corresponding sound. This worksheet PDF may help identify the phonics sounds like ‘ew’,’ai’, ‘oo’, ‘x’, etc.
  • MCQs: Choose the correct answer from the options provided. You can practice the concept of long and short vowels and consonant sounds, diphthongs, and homonyms by solving this worksheet for adult phonics learners.
  • Write missing letters in passages: All missing letters are actually the parts of spellings that represent long or sound vowel sound. You can practice these to attain better fluency with the vowel sounds, and also brush up on your spellings. We have filled in the first word’s missing letters for you as a hint in this printable PDF worksheet on Phonics for adults.
  • Circle the misspelt words and write their correct replacement: In this printable Phonics PDF worksheet, we have included a few misspelt words in the four paras provided. Your task is to circle the misspelt words and provide their correct spelling too. By using your phonics and spellings knowledge, you can solve this worksheet easily.

Benefits of solving phonics printable worksheets for adults

Adult learners can get a handy practice tool to learn and apply phonics in English communications by solving these worksheets. The main benefits served are:

  • Better knowledge of vowel sounds
  • Improvement in learn-to-read skill
  • Improvement in pronunciation and spelling abilities
  • Fluency in word formation
  • Better comfort with diphthongs and homonyms, and so on.

Who should use phonics worksheets for adults?

Our printable worksheets PDFs for adult phonics learners can be of great help to aspirants who:

  • want to learn phonics to fill their education gaps
  • need to master English as Second Language and attain proficiency in it
  • want to groom themselves into English teachers and coaches and brush up on their phonics lessons
  • need a learning support to improve their spellings and pronunciation
  • want to groom themselves into impressive speakers
  • want to have high school diploma to get fair chances in job markets

Ways to use our phonics worksheets for adult learners

How to employ these worksheets for practicing Phonics? If you are thinking this, here are some engaging ways to use these worksheets PDFs for phonics learning purposes:

  • A practice paper: If you have enrolled in a reading program and want to apply learnings in a practical manner, you can gauge your phonics skills by solving these worksheets as a practice paper.
  • A reference learning material: You can employ these phonics printable worksheets to revisit the concept which you missed in school days.
  • An exam paper: Teachers can give these worksheets to solve to advanced phonics learners and help them check their progress level. They can use these printable PDF worksheets for phonics as an examination tool for assessing word-building capabilities and as spellings supplements.
  • A quiz bank: You can utilize these questions to get an idea of how to build newer quiz banks for phonics concept build-up.
  • Self-learning help: Adults indulged in self-learning through phonics programs can solve these worksheets PDFs, and consider repeat lessons, or move to higher levels based on their performance.

Wrapping up,

Working on Phonics is paramount to become a fluent English speaker. Our phonics printable worksheets exemplify learning-in-action. With an aim to help you fill the learning gaps, we have included all questions that allow you to address all Phonics-centric problems you may face. By regular use and practice of these worksheets PDFs, adult learners can decode the phonics rules and employ them, too, to meet personal and professional growth objectives.

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