12 Best Online Sight Word Games For Kids

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Literary skills are among the core skills that must be inculcated in any child for coping up better with the world. The foundational basics that can strengthen one’s literary skills are the frequency with which one can recognize the words. If one could recognize a word at the very instant one sees it, without the requirement of any conscious attention, the word is termed as “sight word.” Since most of the words of a language are sight words, a child as an individual learner must have a great command over the language.

Top 12 sight word games to play online

For effective inculcation of the skill and the child to receive it effectively, the right methods must be employed that can include activities, games, apps, etc. Here is the list of top ten games for helping the child to get a hold on the sight words.

1.  Sight word smash

One of the most popular online games for the children to get exposed to fiddling with words, Sight word smash is an excellent sight word companion. The game wards off the boredom of the child and make even a hyperactive child to pause and play with its unique and interesting characteristics. The game makes them learn without the children actually knowing it.

The theme is so simple, whereby a child has to listen to the word allotted and then, just smash the allotted word rightly amidst a mess of other words. The same block with the right word must be smashed twice for removal. Let the child enjoy multisensory learning!

2.  Tell A T-Rex

The game “Tell A T – Rex,” wants a child to offer answers to the questions themed on basic phonic patterns that are essential in mastering the sight words. The questions are basically of “yes/no” type and demand a child to understand if they could really make sense of the words offered in text. Moreover, it helps in correcting their incorrect reading.  Also, the game uses a unique method of making use of phonics to decode unfamiliar words which simply helps in converting all words to sight words. Apart from ensuring that sight words are taught rightly, a child is also aided to read rightly by the vibrant melange of sounds, even in unfamiliar words!

3. Popcorn Words

Popcorn Words Game

Popcorn Words is an exclusive sight word game that helps to memorize different sight words easily. The game is very engaging and loved by students. They just need to listen to the monkey’s wishes and pop the word given on the popcorn. This will serve the right words that were covered in the order.

This game will boost your memory for all the sight words. Along with this, this amazing game has many rule-breakers, which means you may not understand them right. The best part is that it proffers the next level after you successfully complete 15 orders accurately and in a jiffy.

4. Sight word Bingo

Sight word Bingo

Bingo games are always interesting. The prolonging suspense, thrill, and anticipation of collectively joining numbers/ objects in a row/column, horizontally, vertically and diagonally are the essence of the game. Bingo would be extra fun and more memorable if words are included, especially the sight words, and the game, “sight words Bingo” does exactly this.

A Bingo bug would enunciate a word, and the child has to choose the same word on the screen. The child has to get four words rightly chosen after listening, horizontally, vertically/diagonally for achieving in the game, i.e., for having a “BINGO” and winning it!

5.  Spell the sight word

Spell the sight word

IXL offers a variety of brilliant edutainment games for the learners in streams of language, arts, mathematics, etc. One of its benchmark initiatives is the game for training the child with sight words. The game titled, “spell the sight word” is so simple as the title signifies but has deeper implications and benefits to offer to all the children playing the game.

The game just requires a child to spell out the sight word that one listened and fill in the blanks with the spelling of the sight word that was enunciated. Thus, the game with auditory and other sensory modes of playing can offer a joyous learning experience of sight words.

6.  Penelope the Pegacorn

Penelope the Pegacorn Game

Penelope the Pegacorn is the redefined and refined version of the classic card game, aiming at increasing the memory of a learner. The game basically involved flipping a card, upside down, reading the sight word on it, and then matching it with its pair. It is then, flipped down, towards the ground, with a sight word on it, must be rightly chosen.

The child additionally also initiates to learn the memorizing of the location of information, along with having knowledge about important sight words.

7.  Dolch word Games

Dolch Word Games For Pre-Primer

Dolch Word Games are the games that would teach the series of words that are constructed steadily upon oneself for helping the child to learn all the sight words, in matters of their age and receptivity. The usual levels include Pre-Primer, followed by Primer, which is consequently followed by first grade, second grade, and third grade.

Each level is so simple, progressive and fosters actual learning about sight words in the children. It also molds the child’s literary skills more in the best manner possible. Tap into the potential of the game for a wonderful learning experience for the child!

8.  Teach your monster to read

Teach your monster to read

From a very basic starter, one can have a drastic and significant growth in reading and recognizing words quickly with “Teach your monster to read” game. Instead of placing the sight words along with smooth and fluent reading as a destination to be reached, the game takes the sight words and reading practices as a journey. The best part is that it helps a child to advance in reading skills with forty-three weeks of program on the whole, with twenty minutes per week. Since the duration might seem long, the game also facilitates another option – one can start at one out of three starting points depending on the level of accuracy one already has.

9.  Sight Words

A fun and interesting game, Sight words by Cookie is the ideal choice for students leaning Dolch words. This exercise is very easy, and all enjoy it for its simplicity. All you need to do is flip and match the words. It will help in remembering the words by heart.

It can be called the best companion for making your child learn all the words religiously. This game is the perfect amalgamation of enjoyment and learning all the Dolch words in a few minutes.

10. Dinosaur eggs

Dinosaur eggs game

The basic difficulty encountered while instructing for language skills is the help children require in decoding unfamiliar words.  To decode the unknown words, the children can be taught to use phonics that would aim them in reaching the ideal fluency.  But, phonics can involve new sounds, which the child must get adapted to. Thus, “the dinosaur eggs” game comes to rescue.

The game aggregates all the words by the phenomes found in them. A child should choose a pattern, carefully listen to the word, and the choose the right egg pertaining to it. Every right egg receives a scratch on the tree too, and incorrect answers are shown at the end.

11.  Dolch Primer Spelling Game

Dolch Primer Spelling game

The vibrant game, “Dolch Primer Spelling Game” starts where the learner would hear a sight word enunciated, and then, click on the tiles of letters to spell that word rightly. The interesting twist is that only the letters in the word would be displayed. But, it’s up to the learner/player to rightly assemble the letters that are jumbled.

The game will also ignore the player if the player offers the wrong order of letters. The game shall also be played multiple times and doesn’t feel the same old questions repeating as each and every time, a combination of ten words from the total fifty-two words is offered. It is thus a mustn’t miss out on one as a part of one’s childhood.

12.  Look, Cover, Write, Check


Look, Cover, Write, Check game is yet another interesting one to get its place in the routine of a child’s life who wants to make his/her spelling patterns better, and for advancing in the reading skills by learning exactly about the sight words. A year group is selected among the circle buttons. A tab is chosen, by which spelling patterns or the sight words can be chosen.

Then, one’s set of words is selected, whereby one can see the terms one opted for on the right-hand side. Finally, the “go” option is selected. Meanwhile, the yellow indicator light that flashes is a visible record that one completed a word, and the rest of the words to be completed are displayed on the left-hand side.

Concluding remarks

Gaining new skills takes energy and time. But the benefit is seen if one takes that energy and time. The same applies to the inculcation of language skills in the children, whereby one can inculcate in them a desire for more advancement in language, and greater command over the language is very easy ways if the method is right.

Since games are always one of the effective methods to convey the instruction right, one can employ the games to teach sight words and the basics of the language. Thus, every caretaker can offer the aforementioned games to the children for a greater learning experience! It’s time to play these amazing Sight Games and experience unlimited fun and learning!

Till then, Happy Sight Game Learning!

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