Top 11 apps for practicing sight words

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Sight words are pivotal to building a strong foundation of basic reading skills in little learners. Therefore, holding a grasp on these skills must be solid right from the very beginning. The ideal age for inculcating this skill begins when the children are in preschool and kindergarten. To recognize these words quickly, you need to memorize these words daily.

Modern technology can actually do wonders in the learning and practicing of sight words via games, online practice sheets, reading, etc. We have a list of the top 11 sight word apps that prove that a touch of technology can aid in simplified and more comfortable learning of sight words.  

11 Apps for Learning Sight Words

1. Sight Words – PreK to 3rd Grade Sight Word Games

For a caretaker looking for a game that would be a one-stop solution for all the language needs of a child, the ‘Sight Words – PreK to 3rd Grade Sight Word’ app would be the perfect answer. The constituents like to learn to spell, sticky words,  memory match, mystery letters, bingo, listen and match sentence maker, and bubble pop cover every foundational skill.

Therefore, you will be able to learn many things from the spelling of words, and fiddling with sight words to having a command over sentences too. These elements make the app so fun-filled, alongside where the child is also exposed to various activities that make them learn the sight words quickly.

App Link: Playstore

2. Sight words and phonics reading

Sight words and phonics reading

One of the excellent fun and learning masterpieces, the “sight words and phonics reading” app is skillfully crafted to offer a comprehensive initial foundation in the language skills for the child, especially reading skills. The child would literally undertake a joyous journey with Abby, the monkey, who is the prominent character of the game. 

The game hosts hundreds of edutainment activities and offers all required resources for the children to rigorously learn sight words and phonics. The dream of delighted and hands-on learning becomes true for the child with this game as exciting missions boost up the learning process!

App link: Appstore

3. Sight words sentence Builder: Reading for kids

The importance of sight words comes into the picture when your kid can do the automatic recognition of words within the first instance. The “sight words sentence builder” would help the child to master all the levels of Dolch Words, without even the children recognizing that they are learning.

Also, the children progress to the next level by mastering the sight words in sentences – i.e., the child constructs sentences using sight words without any external help.  Short sentences are assembled by the child, and the game would offer visual as well as auditory feedback as to whether the assembling was right/wrong. Impressive and tantalizing visuals besides colorful themes, add to the beauty of the game.

App Link: Playstore

4. Animated flashcards: Sight words

Animated flashcards, is a unique app with a different approach to teaching sight words to children. The game bridges the gap between theoretical learning as well as the practical application of sight words. The game challenges the rote memorization of sight words and the ways of pronouncing them by offering more emphasis on learning sight words via phonics.

A set of hundred sight words is taught effectively, and the efficiency of learning is tested by quick quizzes, where the learning of five words is preached and practiced at a time. One another aspect that is wonderful and nowhere found is the feature that one can generate another game with the “random feature” available.

App Link: App Store

5. Sight Words Coach

Thorough knowledge of sight words is directly related to improving reading fluency. Therefore, let this app be your child’s coach to help them develop quick recognition of sight words. The app features all Dolch sight words and is a perfect learning partner for kids in pre-K to grade 3.

The app features an easy-to-use interface for little kids and colorful animations with fun background sounds to keep them engaged. One of the best attributes of this app is the ability to recognize the words the child is struggling with and show them frequently for enhanced recognition. It also keeps a record of the child’s performance and allows you to record difficult words in your child’s voice for future reference.

Download this app and make a few in-app purchases if you need to give your child sight-word practice. Regular use of this app will surely make a difference in your child’s reading skills.

App Link: Playstore | App Store

6. Sight words learning games and flashcards lite

Sight words learning games and flashcards lite

The “Sight words learning games and flashcards lite” prepare the child in the best possible way for mastering reading skills through fabulous activities like word machine, bingo, spelling, memory games, flashcards, and gears. The highly user-friendly interface and ultimately fun-filled educational activities help the child to grasp the highly essential sight words that constitute a crucial segment of reading skills.

Other dazzling features are that individual words that a child wishes to learn can be selected in a category font’s case selection (upper / lower case) is facilitated and grade-wise word allotment is done for the perfect learning experience. For instance, a preschool child won’t be exposed to words with more than three letters. Such features make this awesome game a fantastic part of the child’s routine!

App Link: Playstore | Appstore

7. Sight words by phone touch

 Sight words by phone touch

It is absolutely possible to make a child addicted to learning. Apps like “Sight Words by Phone Touch” can make this happen by offering enlightening activities that use a vibrant blend of sight, touch, and sound. Along with multisensory learning, additional benefits are that a child can try the same level with multiple tries and the wrong answers never interrupt the game flow, which is also the most motivating part.

Moreover, the app includes several dynamic games that offer different levels of difficulty to prevent the child from being bored with learning. Most importantly, the app allows adding one’s voice, implying that a child can learn from one’s father’s and mother’s voices too. These touchups seem amusing, and thus, this all-day learning companion mustn’t be missed at all!

App Link: Appstore

8. Sight words: Kids learn

Sight words: Kids learn app

The exclusive app, “Sight Words: Kids Learn” from the teacher-created materials, offers a set of sight words that a child would thoroughly learn with the myriads of activities like Word Jigsaw puzzles, word search, hangman, word chains, word matching games, star speller, and word tic-tac-toe. 

The app beautifully blends fluency, spelling, comprehension practices, and vocabulary where the child recognizes the letters, hears the sight words, practices writing those words, and records the words. Therefore, the child enunciates and features to listen to it again, and the best part is that sight words are learned and used in many interesting activities.

App Link: Appstore

9. Learn to Read Sight Words Game

This app is a full package with more than 300 games and multiple activities to help little kids learn sight words. Interesting characters and a colorful interface grab children’s attention and encourage them to spend more time learning sight words.

Some activities included in this app are tracing letters, solving sight word puzzles, matching lower and uppercase letters, solving jumbled letters to form words, and more. Along with sight word recognition, the app improves a child’s vocabulary, spelling, and fine motor skills, and they use their fingers to manipulate the screen while using the app.

App Link: Playstore

10. Sight words

The child would undertake an adventurous journey with the game character, Tammy, exploring four different worlds with four different missions. It would help them to listen to generally encountering words, recognize the right sight word, and identify the frequently used words at the children’s reading level.

Apart from being a good educator of sight words, the app also becomes a lovely companion, that would upgrade the reading skills of a child by making the child practice the known words again and again. It is a great resource to improve reading fluency at home. Don’t miss out on this awe-inspiring game where fun is synonymous with learning!

App Link: Playstore

11. Sight Words for Kids

Sight Words for Kids

Another useful app for kids to learn basic sight words at home, school, or on the go is this one by Family Play Ltd. Because little kids love pets, they get to choose their own while using this app. This friendly companion stays with them as they try different sight word activities like listening to sight words, reading them on flashcards, practicing spellings, popping balloons with correct sight words, and playing word bingo or memory challenges.

Besides the interesting activities, other aspects that make this app a user’s favorite are its simple and easy-to-use interface, clear sound quality, and bright, colorful graphics. So, if you want your child to spend their screen time learning something substantial that will benefit them in the long run, do give this app a try!

App Link: Playstore

That’s It!

Now that you know that learning, especially reading and writing different sight words, need not be necessarily monotonous. While there are many tools like books and board games for teaching sight words, the two-way process of teaching and learning can become smooth with apps that foster that essential knowledge to the child in the most interesting manner. The apps mentioned above are some of the best apps for children to groom their knowledge of sight words well.

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