Top 15 books on learning sight words

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Sight words are the commonly used words that need to be recognized at a glance. Instant words and snap words are the other names of sight words. These words appear too often in sentences and help add lucidity to them.

Sight words books offer a good learning resource for practicing these formative elements of reading fluency. By the way of giving practice, and showing the use of sight words in common conversations, the books help develop language skills in a child. 

These books can help in learning how to sound out, spell, and read these words. The best part is that these are designed according to the level of proficiency achieved, helping children to build literacy as expected in their age bracket.

We’ve curated a list of the top 15 best-performing sight word books that you can use to give your child a solid foundation for growing into a fluent reader and writer.

Top 15 books for learning sight words

1. School Zone – Big Kindergarten Workbook 

School zone - Big kindergarten workbook

An amazing sight words book that does a lot more than building word literacy! School Zone is a resourceful book bundle that can equip the child with multiple skills of reading, writing, sentence building, and much more. This book builds reading readiness for early learners. Various matching games are provided in this book, which makes it easy for the child to become letters-ready through sorting, matching, reading out loud, and following directions. So, in addition to building word skills, the logical reasoning ability of a child is enhanced.

This award-winning educational support brings with it easy guidance resulting from years of experience in helping children groom into confident readers. A must-have for developing overall literacy in a child! 

2. First Little Readers Parent Pack 

First Little Readers Parent Pack 

Introduce sight words in the story way to children and encourage them to use these more often. This sight words book collection comprises fun stories woven using the most frequently used sight words. Parents can read them out, and the kids with early reading skills can read them on their own as well. 

The beauty of these books lies in the fact that they do not stop at being a reader’s resource only. You can find activities like write-and-learn, how-tos, and various fun activities that can keep any child intrigued and amused. You are sure to find your child picking them often and enjoying the pastime of reading these books and doing activities from it. When children have understood letters, these books introduce them to a higher step in learning. 

3. My First Learn to Write Workbook 

My First Learn to Write Workbook

Acquaint your child with early writing skills using this workbook for tracing letters, and then writing sight words subsequently. This book offers guidance on strokes and gives practice so that the hand muscles can adjust to the writing and letter-tracing requirements. Not only do the children learn to write letters and words, but they also get associative support in recognizing the sight words corresponding to the letter. 

This book is the finest go-to that you can consider for creating interest in kids in writing. By making use of pictures, illustrations, and several practice sets, this book serves as the first reference point for learning sight words and writing them too. What’s more, you can carry it along and have fun with words wherever you want!

4. My Sight Words Workbook: 101 High-Frequency Words

My Sight Words Workbook: 101 High-Frequency Words

Want to equip your child with reading fluency and comprehension skills, apart from learning sight words? This is the book for you! Making sight words an engaging concept in learning is one of the various objectives this book delivers. The parents and teachers can give a fair amount of practice leading to increased fluency in reading and writing skills. Give children all-around support by letting them trace letters, write and read words, and help them have an enriched repertoire of sight words. Engage further by letting the child color a star with each new sight word learned. 

My Sight Words Workbook moves a step further from giving practice on spelling and voicing the words and teaches how to make logical sentences with the correct usage of these words. 

5. 180 Days of Practice- Kindergarten Workbook Set 

180 Days of Practice- Kindergarten Workbook Set 

180 days filled with learning more, learning better – this is what this practice book for kindergarteners provides to the students! It is a bundle of knowledge and resourceful practice support that helps children grasp the skills of reading, writing, counting, drawing, and much more! 

If the word-building skills are to be built with an added dose of extra practice, this book fits the bill. You can use this book for building sight words intelligence, which you can hone further by giving practice at home. 

Teachers use this practice bundle to inculcate skills in spelling, grammar, sentence construction, and much more. Thus, it serves as the first reference and practice material the kids need to befriend the words and build overall language literacy.

6. Learn to Read: A Magical Sight Words & Phonics Activity Workbook

Learn to Read: A Magical Sight Words & Phonics Activity Workbook

An awesome learning resource for internalizing sight words as a word-building beginner! Learn to Read activity workbook is designed tactfully to give an easy introduction to common sight words. The kids get the added advantage of associating the words with their images, which works better when learning the sounding out turns out to be a task. 

The book is filled with several sight words taught to build recognition and spelling skills. The beauty of this book is that its basis is in-depth research which has resulted in appearing of the most used sight words, which many of the kids’ books normally contain. Thus, this book acts as a stepping stone in building reading fluency, which can be applied to the activity of reading more books.

7. Write-and-Learn Sight Word Practice Pages 

Write-and-Learn Sight Word Practice Pages 

Teach children all about tracing, writing, spelling, and sounding out sight words with this happening book. The kids can master the most used sight words by doing activities like cut and paste, manipulate, trace, and so on. Thus, this book offers the kids a wholesome way of approaching sight words and internalizing them for further use in reading and writing with fluency. 

The high point of this book is that it contains the words from Dolch Word List, a proven core resource for sight word learning. So, the next time when the children encounter any sight word, they will be happy with the thought of knowing it fully. This is the level of confidence that the kids achieve by practicing with this book!

8. The Reading Lesson 

The Reading Lesson

Michael Levin MD brings forth an easy learning solution that can provide a quicker way of attaining reading fluency. 20 lessons covering a number of concepts focused on building word literacy can help grow your child into a confident reader. 

The book covers several early literacy concepts that a child needs to get accustomed to as a reading and writing beginner. With the help of illustrations, practice papers, and activities, teachers can grow the liking for words in children. They can use this book to give ample practice on reading, recognizing, and sounding out the words with an emphasis on learning about their relevance in usually spoken sentences.

The book is one of the first few resources that teachers can employ for making the learning of words and spellings faster and easier for the child.

9. Meet The Sight Words Level -1

Meet The Sight Words Level -1

How to familiarize the kids with sight words without forcing them to memorize these? If you are suffering from the same dilemma, the answer lies in the Meet the Sight Words Level-1 book. An interesting book on Sight words by Kathy Oxley, this book gives the kids hands-on support for learning the sight words leading to their instant recognition. By the virtue of associating with the visual cues, the kids build memory and learn to use the non-sight words, as well, as in general sentences using this book.

Meet the Sight Words can become the first reference point for kindergarteners and early learners. So, give an insightful introduction to words like it, he, they, that, have, you, we, and many more, and turn early learners into fluent readers.

10. Wipe Clean: Learning Sight Words 

Wipe Clean: Learning Sight Words

Wipe Clean is a fascinating workbook offering kids a fun solution for mastering sight words. This book contains flashcards with exercise sets and a wipe-clean pen – so wipe as many times as you want and practice as much as you can! These reading of beginners’ books promote individual learning by offering lots of learning materials like double-sided flashcards, pull-outs, and practice-supporting blank cards.

Written by Roger Priddy, this practice book introduces the kids to sight words at a beginner level and helps them keep checking their knowledge with an increase in proficiency. When you need a break from reading and want to practice writing and spelling high-frequency instant words, you can embark upon a more practical learning way using this practice book. 


11. Bob Books: Sight Words, 1st Grade 

Bob Books: Sight Words, 1st Grade 

Sight words could be tough, they said. What they did not say was learning these could be so easy! Bob Books is a set of 10 books containing hilarious short stories, woven using sight words of common occurrence. Short vowels and syllables offer added ease in pronouncing the sight words, keeping the interest in kids alive. Young toddlers can equip themselves with multiple sight words and build a strong foundation for word literacy. They can enjoy this sight word book while on the go or to make the story-telling time more special!

In a native English-speaking family, kids know the sight words in an auditory way; this book allows connecting visually with what they already learn by talking


12. My 100 Must Know Learn to Write Sight Words

My 100 Must Know Learn to Write Sight Words

A book that offers all-around support for building multiple skills! Your kids can have confidence in reading and writing, spell the words flawlessly, and also bring speed along with accuracy. Thus, this book is no less than a core learning resource that your kids need to build strong language literacy. 

About 100 practice sessions offer you to have as many repetitions as you require to reach the expected level of reading fluency. Easy sight word recognition, confident writing, and reading and tracing exercises give the child a beautiful pretext to feel amazed by their learning graph. 

The early learners get all the support in terms of practice, guidance, and association with the concept of sight words, and be inclined towards more learning.

13. Little Skill Seekers 

Little Skill Seekers

Incite curiosity towards sight words in children with this colorful workbook. This workbook from Scholastic Teacher Resources helps children attain speed as well as accuracy in reading skills. The added focus on sight words’ sounds, spellings, and application can help your kids sail through the learning process with ease. 

Easy familiarizing with sight words and learning their use in sentences help build a strong foundation for literacy skill enhancement. You can buy the whole collection of Little Skill Seekers books set to touch the sight words from all aspects such as their sound, spellings, use in a sentence, and so on. Thus, paving the way to achieving excellence in reading becomes easy with the Little Skill Seekers book set.

14. Sight Word Trees

Sight Word Trees

A wonderful representation of sight words in an easily comprehensible way! The sight words used depicted in pictures of trees do much more than teach the spellings and sounds. This book is telling a great deal about the other non-sight words and helps build grammar literacy. The child can learn about various interesting concepts and other common words like animal sounds, etc. To get the best results from this book, regular practice should be encouraged.

You can make puzzles and quizzes, encourage children to practice reading and writing, and develop fluency not only in terms of reading and writing but in thinking also. Practice does make a man perfect, and this book offers this tool amply. 

15. Sight Word Tales

Sight Word Tales

Let your child read out the stories loud – what a wholesome way of learning sight words! Reading stories can boost sounding ability, learn spelling, and attain fluency by including prosody in reading style. Apart from achieving reading ability, your kid can internalize the pronunciation and phonics concepts in a story-telling way. 

This sight words book is a perfect learning material and helps the children develop a liking for reading and learning spellings. Small words, most frequently used and easy to read help attain a progressive learning curve, helping build day-to-day vocabulary in return. 

So, if you are surprised by some new words that your child starts speaking, this book has some role to play in this progress.


Sight words, as mentioned above are the foundational words for building sound reading skills. These books have been hand-picked to start you on this journey of inculcating the habit of sight words in your child. Strong vocabulary building is the first step in their literacy journey. These books can be followed by support from these amazing games and apps so that you have a three-pronged strategy to ace this game.

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