5 Insightful Board Games For Learning Sight Words

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How can sight words be taught with board games? Yes, it may sound weird at first, but it is quite a helpful method. Board games help develop an interest in kids and keep them indulged in learning basic skills. Let’s first acquaint ourselves with sight words.

Importance of sight words

Reading and writing skills are hard to gain without sight words knowledge; children suffering from learning difficulties need to lay more emphasis on these to be conversant with functional reading. These are the most common words that give structure to your language.

One easy way to differentiate these words is that you cannot associate them with any image. For example, helping verbs, propositions, common nouns, pronouns, etc., are some components of written and spoken language that one can locate the fastest in written material. Also, these sight words pass through the readers’ eyes so swiftly that they don’t even realize having read them. Since these are basic language-building components, the students are supposed to know them right from the pre-schooler stage.

How board games are useful in teaching sight words?

  • Help build sight word vocabulary in a gamified way of learning (Sprenger, 2010).
  • Teach how to identify and apply sight words through gameplay
  • Offer an extra and new way of practicing sight words when worksheets become monotonous.
  • Bring speed in the identification of sight words, thereby help increase fluency in using them.
  • Motivate children to read and practice sight words through an engaging gameplay

Which board games can help you become fluent with sight words? If you are thinking the same, look at the following board games that help improve identification and speed up usage of sight words correctly in both written and spoken English.

Top board games to master sight words

1. ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Reading Game

 ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Reading Game

It is a brain-stimulating game that drives attention to spotting sight words with dexterity and speed. Students can see, act, and apply the sight words knowledge to complete the gameplay and develop coherence in thinking in the process. By the act of matching cues with the slots on the sheets provided, the learners can hone their sight word matching skills. It replaces letter-to-letter spelling learning with matching activity, Further, the aim of creating a pattern keeps the young kids compelled to try this game again and again, and read the sight words as often as possible.

2. Melissa & Doug See & Spell

Melissa & Doug See & Spell

How about identifying words by sight and learning to write their spelling too? This board game comes with an enriched collection of letter tiles and picture cards with slots to insert those tiles. Kids at the preschooler stage can hone their letter identification abilities and form and learn to spell sight words.

Those with writing difficulties find an alternative to learn spellings of basic and advanced sight words while evading writing struggles. This board game is effective in building word-building skills. Suitable for preschoolers to elementary school students, the game offers advantages of motor skills, basic language proficiency, and memory retention.

3. Sight Word Swat Game

 Sight Word Swat Game

See and swat! The learning of sight words could never get more interesting. This sight word board game gives learners a chance to build vocabulary and master word identification. Children can familiarize themselves with about 220 top Dolch sight words during the competitive gameplay.

A game of teamwork where one player picks the words from the list cards and places corresponding bee-shaped cards in front. One who accepts the challenge of identifying sight words is supposed to swat the word spoken by identifying them from the bees cards. This game helps children become fluent and confident about sight words. The challenge can be further extended by asking learners to form a sentence using the sight word swatted; it can help master the application part too.

4. BOHS Literacy Wiz Fun Game

BOHS Literacy Wiz Fun Game

Learning how to identify the lower case and sight words come easy with this tabletop game. Kids are shown pictures, and they pick the letters tiles to form the corresponding sight word. The ease of picture-word association and writing spellings are two outcomes one can enjoy by playing this game.

Teachers can move kids up through the difficulty ladder by asking them to identify and match sight words within a specified time-limit. You will find an improvement in kids’ spelling and word usage abilities by giving them the regular practice of sight words with this game.

5. Pint-Size Scholars Sight Words Pizza Board Game

 Pint-Size Scholars Sight Words Pizza Board Game

Learn 90 basic and 30 advanced sight words with this board game. Instead of memorizing sight words, the kids learn by doing activities like reading them aloud, using them in a sentence, and tracing their letters on their arms. Thus, this board game offers a wholesome learning material that stimulates their mind for more active absorption of sight word ideas.

Designed appealingly, this board game offers deeper engagement levels and takes away the hitch towards practicing sight words. Teachers can use this as a competition material and give sight words’ introduction playfully.

Wrapping up,

Board games offer participative learning support for the sight words’ early learners. These games are designed to deliver quality learning support that helps kids become sight words fluent on identification, spelling, use in a sentence, etc. So, the kids are sure to have a basic foundation strengthened despite various struggles. When looking for ways to work around learning hurdles, adopt board games as tools that can help promote an inclusive learning model.

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