List of 100 Irregular Sight Words [Printable PDF Included]

In the quest to be more fluent in English, learners can align to certain rules and regulations like phonemes and spelling. This makes grasping and comprehending the language easy. But, there are a few words that can be identified by the learner easily but cannot be decoded as they don’t follow English rules. 

These words can be termed Irregular sight words. 

For those unknown, Sight words are simple non-phonetic words that can be seen regularly. They can be easily identified by thoughts without being taught rules like Phonetics. 

Irregular Sight words are those words that we see regularly, and cannot be decoded with traditional rules. These special sight words need to be memorized. In special cases, the mentor can also use multisensory strategies to ensure learning. 

Here is a list of  100 Irregular sight words that we need to be familiar with before teaching to the young ones.

irregular sight words list

How to practice these words?

As these words don’t follow the rules of English, the only way is to remember them. This session can be made interesting by opting for certain working strategies to make it easier and more engaging:

  • Finger tracing is an interesting choice. Ask the students to trace these words into their notes and spell them simultaneously. They can slide the finger while reading again. An iteration of at least 5 times is suggested for better learning
  • Place these words on flashcards to repeat proactive of the words
  • You can encourage the students to create a mnemonic to remember them easily. 
  • Take a few words and make a story out of them. Ask the little ones to retell it. This way, they can learn how these words are used in a piece of text. 

Before we wind up…

As a part of language, one needs to learn a set of new words. But learning irregular words may stipulate a distinct process as they don’t adhere to general rules. Check out the list of hundred words and create an innovative scope for the young learners to learn them, thereby moving a step forward in learning English. Also, check out the list of 100 Orton-Gillingham Red Sight words


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