Top 10 Number Recognition Games To Play Online [2024]

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There are a few basic skills indispensable to anybody’s normal living, as those are the basis for inculcating other skills. One such important skill is the number recognition skill which encompasses various aspects of it. Caretakers/ educators needn’t struggle much and can employ smart & efficient ways for teaching these skills, like apps, activities, and online games. Here are the top ten online games for inculcating number recognition.

Playing games to learn to recognize numbers: Is it helpful?

Numbers are almost alien to a preschooler. Little kids may feel hassled while learning the shape and relationships pertaining to numbers. Games take the stress away from the learning process. (Ugurel,2003). The other positive reinforcements provided by online number recognition games are:

  1. Increase in motivation to learn
  2. Boost in interest in math due to the playful approach of games
  3. Learning minus the math anxiety becomes possible to achieve
  4. Increase in cognition towards real-life situations offered by various backgrounds of online games

Top 10 number recognition online games that you must try   

1. Count forward

Count forward number recognition game

Inculcating a passion for numbers in the most interesting way so that kindergarteners embrace numeric skills isn’t that easy. But, visually appealing and exciting games having multiple levels and offering exciting rewards can behold them & make even the most active child pause for a moment.

Count forward is one such kind of game, aiming at offering practice to children in making them count one to five in the forward direction, i.e., in the right order. Find the missing number, and complete the row, these are some of the various levels in the game.

2. Number Recognition Game

Number Recognition Game

As the name suggests, the ‘Number Recognition Game’ is one of the best games, that can be an all-time companion for children, warding off boredom. At the same time, it can help in indulging them in learning, especially number recognition skills. It is a fantastic game that the child can’t resist but can only come back for more.

The objective of the game might be so simple – to identify the number allotted. For instance, there would be a set of five questions, asking to find the number “nine” in a scattered pile/ mess of numbers. The child has to rightly identify the specified number, which aids in enhancing spontaneous recognition of numbers. 

3. Count the cubes

Count the cubes

Count the cubes is a simple but exciting game to develop number recognition in children. Count the number of cubes on the screen and hit the right button. This help in developing a visual recognition between the number of shapes and the number of objects in the child’s mind.

The game level increases as the child improve in his number recognition and counting skills. And of course, you are being timed!

4. Ski Racer: Compare Numbers 1 – 10

Ski Racer: Compare Numbers 1 – 10 number recognition game

Designed exclusively for kindergarten children, on the theme of number recognition skills and number sense, the “ Ski Racer: Compare Numbers 1 – 10” game helps in training the children to master numbers from one to ten. The game makes the child compare the first ten numbers on an exciting flight in a ski race.

A challenging edutainment game, SkiRacer is a fun-filled activity fostering joyous learning of number recognition skills. The game gradually constructs the children’s foundational skills in mathematics, even going an extra edge from just teaching number recognition skills. The visible output is that children know to compare which number is the biggest in a given pair of numbers if they practice the game regularly.

5. Teddy numbers

Teddy numbers number recognition game

Toys & dolls have always been children’s favorites, especially teddies.  The unique game, “Teddy Numbers,” employs this attractive feature, teddies & steal the hearts of children & splendidly makes them learn number recognition skills at their pace & joy. The game makes children aged between two & five, get a hold of the numbers from one to fifteen, with an interactive game that has different levels to cater to the needs of different children.

The child has to feed the hungry teddy with a specified number of cookies/cupcakes/ confectioneries, and the number would be specified as numerals/nomenclature of numerals & the child has to associate rightly, hence practicing numbers as well as number names.

6. Floats

Floats number recognition game

One of the games that can keep the child on cloud nine, “Floats,” is an excellent game for kindergarteners to know the right order of numbers by being in the flow of the game. The game would introduce one to an environment where objects would fly or float around in the sky. Each object would have a number marked on it.

The child has to click on those vibrant numbers floating in a way that one click in the right ascending order of numbers, i.e., arranging from the least to the greatest numbers in the correct sequential order.  The game can be one of the best games of childhood, where one can learn one of the essential dimensions of number recognition skills – the right order of numbers.

7.  Koala Karts

Koala Karts

This game is the race to the finish line with the child playing to move the Koala forward with his number recognition skills. It also helps the child find a correlation between numbers and quantities. The faster the child counts, the greater the speed with which his Koala moves

The Koala who reaches the finish line wins! The child also gets to choose a fun Koala player name for himself, thus sparking the creative instinct in him too. It is, after all, Koala time!

8. Ladybird spots

Ladybird spots number recognition game

Pretty exciting game for kindergartners, “Ladybird Spots,” which literally can make fun synonymous with learning number recognition skills. Available in three different varieties, counting, matching & ordering, the game covers almost all the aspects of number recognition skills.

The game can make the children take command over numbers from one to ten, by children engaging in unusual activities. Such activities include:

  • Put the required number of spots on the Ladybird.
  • Count the number of spots found on a ladybird.
  • Match every Ladybird with the right count of spots.
  • Arrange the ladybirds in order of largest to smallest/smallest to largest depending on the number of spots found on them. 

9. Jumping chicks

Jumping chicks number recognition game

Jumping chicks is a captivating game that demands as well as offers practice in instantaneous recognition of numbers from one to ten.  The game is based on a lake as the background setting. Here a chick has to reach the finishing point by jumping from a cluster of leaves to another cluster. All this has to be done without falling into the water. But, the twist lies in the fact that the chick has to jump from the present cluster of leaves to the next cluster with only the number desired number of leaves, as mentioned.

For example, after the game starts, if the screen displays, the number seven, the child has to click the cluster with seven leaves, among the clusters with seven, three, five, and four leaves. Hence, it boosts the children’s speed in recognizing numbers.

10. Numbers Ice Cream attack

Numbers Ice Cream attack number recognition game

Ice creams are always fantasizing & so is the game – “Numbers Ice Cream Attack” The child has the biggest responsibility of saving the hero of the game, Officer Ice Cream, which can be done by beating the heat, to save him from melting! The number recognition game has this overall theme and has subtle teachings on the deeper note – the kid must recognize numbers from one to ten by freezing the sun and having those numbers.

Freezing the sun saves the ice cream from melting & that is how the game indulges.  This attention-holding game helps in gradually building on the number recognition skills of the learners, especially kindergartners.  Additional math skills are developed after having a stronghold in this.

Closing note

All crucial skills can be inculcated in a child without compromising on the fun quotient, and for that, the methods of instruction have to be exciting. Apps, activities, and online games like those mentioned above can make learning & teaching joyous, cherishable & memorable. While books and printable worksheets offer disciplined learning support fit for a classroom or home environment, the games allow learning wherever and whenever possible due to their device-friendliness. A painless and more engaging way of learning; is what you offer to children when you introduce them to educational games.

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