10 Popular Number Recognition Activities For Kids

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Few aspects are a matter of age, and basic skills are definitely considering the initial stage of an individual for being acquired.  One such skill that must be taught at a very young age is the number-recognition skill. It doesn’t take much energy and time if the right methods are employed. Doing different activities is one of the best methods to inculcate the skills, and choosing the right ones among them is essential. Here are the top ten activities for number recognition.

10 activities for number recognition To Try in 2020

1.     Maze of numbers

One of the fundamental difficulties that the children face in understanding number recognition is the right sequence of numbers. There are fantastic and exciting activities for the same. Maze of numbers is top of the line game to teach number sequence. The requisites are some sheets of paper and a marker. The maze would have different checkpoints (sheets placed) with numbers labeled on them with vibrant markers.  The child has to start from checkpoint numbered one and must complete the maze by reaching the end checkpoint by tracking the right path of numbers. You mustn’t miss out on this high spirited game that can foster the active participation of children!

2.     Counting Dice

counting dice number recognition activitiy

Dice is one of the best tools to teach mathematics and especially skills like number recognition. There is an ample of games using dice for teaching number recognition.  The simplest yet most effective of these games is “Counting Dice.” The game involves the kid(s) to roll out a pair of dice, count the dots on them and then add them both.  The game involves the enhancement of number recognition as well as addition skills in the children. It gradually builds upon the various aspects of number recognition, like recognizing and counting the numbers spontaneously. Play the game and let the children learn with laughter!

3.     Connect the dots

Connecting the dot activities can be simply amusing and fun filling for the children, and they can be even obsessed with it if they are engaged in the right activities using the connecting the dots printables that can indulge them. The theme of the game is so simple. The right sequence of numbers, if traced in dot printables, would render fantasizing shapes – numbers/some incredible shape. The children would see a visible output of their learning applied hand on by them. Try this activity with the children for a fantastic routine and memorable edutainment experience as a part of their childhood!

4.     Pencil spin and cover math game

“Pencil spin and cover math game” is a unique and splendid math-themed activity that focuses on making the learning of number recognition skills, fun-filled to the core. The board required for the game is readily available online as a printable and thus imposes no strain for the caretaker/ instructor in getting the requisites ready for playing. The children would have a blasting learning experience, while the caretakers/ instructors feel complete and satisfied.  Apart from number recognition skills, they also obtain command over tallies and ten frames, which is awe-inspiring and far more than required for the age.

5.     Swat the number

‘Swat the number‘ is a pretty exciting game for the kids to play with their caretakers, instructors and with the peers. The requirements are fly swatters and numbers from one to twenty. The numbers would be spread across the floor.  The instructor/ peer would say a number and the child has to swat/ hit the number to a side.  Another variant of the game can also be played, where the child would swat a number to a side and then would report to the instructor as to what number was swat. The interesting variants can foster number recognition without even the child knowing it. All the first twenty numbers are mastered with this simple game!

6.     Number line

number line number recognition activity

Colors always trigger liveliness and the same as the sticky notes. Both enliven the spirits, and hence using them is the sole motto of the game. The caretaker/instructor would write down numbers on sticky notes/posts – it and would place them on a wall in a jumbled order. The child has to collect the sticky notes and place them in the right order on the same/another wall.  To make the game more interesting, the numbers can be expanded from the first five digits to ten, to fifteen, to twenty numerals as the child grows. Also, another tweaking could be done, whereby the child would find a few numbers missing in the wall, to complete the series/ number line and would report it to the caretaker/instructor. Hence, ample dimensions of number recognition are at the child’s reach with this awesome game.

7.     Number wheel

For every caretaker wondering as to how to impact their child’s life positively and inculcate the essential skills like the number recognition, activities like the ‘number wheel,’ come to rescue as a savior. The requisites required are easy to prepare; the way of indulging the child is easier, and making the child receiving fun and learning becomes most natural. The number wheel can be equipped with a circular object like a cardboard that is partitioned. Each partition can have a specified number of drawings, some number that is between one and ten). Meanwhile, clips can be labeled from one to ten. The child must insert the right clip in the correct partition.  The game is a great way to start for number recognition skills.

8.     Number match

For all the instructors and caretakers aiming at an activity that would be offering various levels, but requires no preparation, games like the “number match” are a perfect choice. The game board is readily available online, and thus, it is a spontaneous print so that you can quickly go for its activity. The first activity involves that the children rightly recognize the same numbers amidst a mess and matching them accurately. Secondly, the next level requires that the child pastes the cards of numbers in a row in the right sequence of numbers. Diversification of levels, increased complexities add to the fun of the game and make it a perfect learning experience for number recognition skills.

9.     Sing number songs

Music is always exciting! There is almost none who can avoid or stay away from music. Music has got many benefits to offer, and one crucial benefit is the increase in memory if things are heard as music.  Thus, “why not trying the inculcating of number recognition skills with music?” has got “yes” answers, and it isn’t something surprising. “Five Green and Speckled Frogs,” aid the children in counting from five/ten to one. Meanwhile, another song, “The Ants Go Marching,” caters to a different purpose – it helps in imbibing the right sequence from one to ten. These are perfect ways for the children to remember the number patterns.

10. Creating own flashcards/ number books:

flashcards number recognition activities

Creating something new always sparkles the innovation of the child. Thus, he/she always adores it. Using that interest, one can make them learn number recognition by creating a number book/ flashcards on their own with little guidance from their caretakers/ instructors. An empty scrapbook/ blank card can be taken, and numbers can be written on them on different/consequent sides.

The child also draws the specific number of objects pertaining to that count. The child can be encouraged to draw different objects so that they can understand that numbers are found everywhere, and one must recognize it. Also, the game would help in enhancing creativity, writing/drawing skills along with number recognition.

Closing note

Any skill can be inculcated in a child if it’s taught in the right way. Apps and online games are the best ways to employ technology to teach children. At the same time, in offline mode, the best mechanisms to teach skills like number recognition are the activities like those mentioned above.  

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