Top 5 Websites for Dyscalculia

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Last Updated on August 19, 2020 by Editorial Team

Internet has become a valuable source of information. There is hardly any problem where solution is not available. People facing various kinds of issues turn to the web to find all possible help. The educationists and subject matter experts, accordingly, are creating invaluably informative material to offer a readymade solution.

One such issue that is addressed in a wholesome manner is that of learning difficulties, like dyscalculia. People on the similar journey look up for strategies and tips online to apply to their daily lives. They are more likely to find someone struggling with the same situation online than in real life. Must-recommended for parents and teachers not much aware of this issue. So, here is the list of top 5 websites that have become the trusted source for helping children and adults facing this difficulty.

1. AAA Math

This is not just another website, but an inexhaustible source of knowledge. The site features thousands of interactive lessons dedicated to various arithmetic concepts. It inculcates mastery of math topics in a progressive manner by providing grade-wise segregation of topics.

The students can find and learn ways to solve arithmetical problems according to their level of learning. The best part is that it offers the students ample preparation for using math in real-life scenarios. Thus, this website for Dyscalculia is doing its bit in making the learning process easy and interesting in the most productive manner.

2. Number Dyslexia

Agreed that we’re being a little biased but we are proud to position ourselves in the list as per great reviews from the dyscalculic community online. Our informative blog is designed in a very sorted manner to give quick access to almost every information a parent or a teacher may need for helping the child in attaining math intelligence. The website, while providing the reliable support for dyscalculia, has gone a step further, and is also working around the solutions needed for other early learning issues.

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With the help of information on manipulatives, board games, listicles, etc., the website is doing its phenomenal best in acquainting its reader with alternatives they can use to develop numeric literacy in dyscalculic children. In addition, the experts provide insight based on in-depth research on a regular basis. The site provides a discussion forum, too, so that everybody can get an expert guidance and also help each other through community learning.


Dyscalculia does not disappear on growing up; it is a hard reality. The adults who need dealing with this difficulty are not so open about sharing their problems. This website proves to be that best friend they always looked for.

It is the website that has outlined the problems of adults in no uncertain words, and has suggested the corresponding programs and activities that people can join to tackle those. Thus, the users of this website, with its regular use, can have required acquaintance with problem solving strategies required to attain ease with mathematics.

4. Dyscalculia Services

Dyscalculia services is a site fully dedicated to easing the life of people facing this difficulty in some or the other capacity. You can be a teacher or tutor, an educator or researcher, or just a parent, and this site stands by you in all possible ways. It talks about diagnosis, treatments, and various learning resources.

With its resourceful platform comprising of worksheets, practice papers, activities, podcasts and lot more, the website proves to be the trusted destinations for people directly or indirectly affected by Dyscalculia.

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5. AdaptedMind

AdaptedMind is a website for dyscalculia based on fun theme. It has used some goofy monsters to help the children steer away the math scare. Designed for the students of standard first to eighth, this resource has put together hundreds of math activities and exercises that one can do to internalize and master the concepts.

Right from the number sequencing and ordering to applying various operations, the website proves its utility in developing numeric and mathematical intelligence. Numbers are not going to boggle the students anymore; such is the confidence level that this site builds in the students.

So, join these websites for Dyscalculia if you are determined to defeat this learning disorder with your sheer will and relentless efforts. These websites show you the way how to do so.

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