Mnemonics Guide: Meaning & Examples

What are Mnemonics

The strategy of learning something valuable can be often ensured with practices like listening and memorizing. But it would be a convenient idea to craft some hack that would make retaining facts easier. Mnemonics are probably the best example of such tips.  Right from VIBGYOR for remembering rainbow colors to song-based learning, all of these … Read more

25+ Commonly Used Mnemonics Examples

List of common interesting mnemonics

Brains and our teaching spaces have been accustomed to learning about topics in a certain way for centuries. Following these methods may not be easy for all the students, especially when they need to remember complex data. Mnemonics is a simplified strategy often assist to make them retain faster.  But, what are they and how … Read more

List of Commonly Used English Mnemonics for Vocabulary & Grammar

List of english mnemonic

As a child grows they start collecting information from their surroundings. They want to know every possible information about the things around them. As the information piles up, they start feeling the need for some techniques to memorize it all. Here comes the mnemonics. In English, there are several regulations that make up good grammar.  … Read more

List of Commonly Used Mnemonics for Math

List of math mnemonics

Academic subjects like math have multiple areas to learn. While some of them are easy, others may need a large amount of information to be remembered. With the advent of strategies and technologies, Mnemonics evolved to assist in grasping information easily.   Being crafted with a few words of simple steps, they are fascinatingly useful in … Read more