Top 10 Websites To Consider For Brain Breaks

Be it in elementary or high schooling,  the end goal of the learner is to be efficient in the classroom and while preparing assignments. In the case of longer sessions, these little brains may need recreation. While the sports period may be effective, smaller brain breaks may often be essential to rejuvenate pupils in shorter intervals. 

 A brain break is often exactly what it sounds like: a short respite that rejuvenates learners to continue the session. These intervals can have an online influence as well. For instance, the learner can interact online as a brain break or get ideas for activities. A few websites can assist pupils with the same. Accordingly, here, we will explore our ten choices of websites for learners. 

Brain breaks: Why is it crucial?

It may often require mental effort to concentrate on a job. This is also true for youngsters who are still establishing their attentional processes. In the case of young learners who are excited to learn about their surroundings, attentional skills and patience may need a boost up. They often attempt to pay attention but may strain to get through the long tasks. 

Accordingly, between classroom assignments, brain breaks or movement breaks can be employed as part of a sensory diet or as a whole-classroom exercise.

The main objective of a brain break is to provide students with gaps throughout learning times so that their minds are saved from being stressed from extended periods of continuous study. Students may take advantage of brain pauses to breathe, relax, recharge, and refocus. Pupils can experience physical and emotional stress as a result of their focus; here brain breaks may help to get rid of this tension, allowing them to stay at the instructional level of learning.

Short brain breaks have been demonstrated to be beneficial for elementary children as well[1]. These can assist children in focusing and being more productive. Brain breaks can also help children learn to self-regulate and recognize when they’re becoming irritable or losing track of what they’re doing.

Websites for brain breaks: How are they helpful?

Brain breaks can be ensured for the learners in multiple ways, among which websites may be an eminent choice. This is not only because it drastically decreases the role of the mentor but also because of diversification. Here are a few edges that you may prefer to have a look:

  • Learn to operate Smartphones: Most children spend hours of time on various websites and develop a habit of using smart gadgets. When children are being given smartphones during the breaks, they will take this as a reward and study more efficiently when they know they will be rewarded for it. 
  • Source of Recreation: These websites may often prove to be entertaining for the children and, at the same time, release their stress. It proves to be an effective stress booster in removing stress if any in these little brains. 
  • Better Visual Learning: when kids take brain breaks, their neurons will be able to grasp the visual information in a much better way. This further enhances their learning process as they are easily able to retain information when their mind is refreshed.
  • Free to access: The websites are free to access and can be easily used by anyone at any time of the day. You just need a smart gadget and a reliable internet connection, and you are good to go.
  • Learners can get into a Community: The websites teach kids new things and help them in developing their likes and dislikes of various options available to them, be it dance websites, cooking, playing games, etc.

Brain break websites to freshen up & refresh

 Understanding how websites may turn associative, you may be enticed to make a search for the best choices. To make your expedition effortless, here we elucidate a list of websites for you. These options may be a better choice for your little one.

1. Go noodle

Go Noodle is a website that offers free desk-side brain break exercises for the entire class. It includes short, music-filled movies that introduce games and activities to pupils. There are three main sorts of brain breaks that you might employ at different times during the school day. 

You can use AirTime to quiet students down before a test, To The Maximo to focus students’ minds via yoga, or run with us to make them more active. 

Further, activities based on dance, food, and video games ensure diversity for users to choose. With an interactive interface and video explanations, this site can be a good choice for brain break activities. 

Official Website

2. TED

TED organizes thought-provoking presentations presented at events across the world on the basic subjects of technology, entertainment, and design – but actually spanning almost every facet of human existence. All of the videos of these speeches may be found on the TED website.

The website opens with a serene white and red theme. The user can get a glance at recent releases, talks, and features. Further, a few options on the top-right side of the screen can assist the viewer in accessing other content as well. 

Children might be inspired while learning about different people’s lives and tales by viewing these videos. These videos will motivate them during their breaks, making them even more productive.

Official Website

3. Iron kids

Iron kids website provides various options such as races, training, programs, virtual cycling etc. for kids. It has motivating visuals of little kids being energetic and performing physical activities.

IronKids has everything a child needs to safely and efficiently increase strength, balance, and fitness; prepare for sports success, and remain playing by avoiding injury. It includes video instruction on 9 core, upper body, and lower body exercises, as well as strength training advice and tools for creating unique routines.

As physical activity is the most effective brain break a child can take. Using this website, children will become more active, and their stamina will increase. This will reduce their stress and anxiety and make them more energetic.

Official Website

4. Audible

This website includes ample books, and the visuals are attractive, with options of various books to choose from. 

Getting the children to listen to audiobooks is an underappreciated leisure activity. Children must practice reading at whatever level they are capable of. This not only enhances their reading skills but also broadens their vocabulary and worldview.

 Children can use audible websites to listen to audiobooks when they are tired. They can listen to the audiobook in any genre that they like as they have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Official Website

5. Disney now

When you start Disney now, firstly kids have to make their profile by choosing a cartoon sticker. Children then see the attractive and colorful website wherein they have various options like playing games, watching shows, etc. 

Most children are fans of the Disney characters Mickey and friends. This is the place to keep kids occupied during their leisure time since the site offers infinite opportunities to study while having fun. The coloring sheets, activities, and films will keep the youngsters entertained while indirectly improving their hand-eye coordination, memory, and color matching skills.

Official Website

6. The Kidz page

This website is essentially a playground for children, with over 5,000 pages of engaging activities and games. The parents will have a difficult time deciding what to do with all of the endless joy and information. While opening the website, you will see various options for coloring, stories, videos, playing games, etc. 

The website also offers various activities related to each festival. Children can choose their favorite occasion and play the games accordingly. Online coloring pages, word games, and jigsaw puzzles are among the most popular parts among children. 

Surprisingly, the site has whole areas dedicated only to keeping youngsters entertained throughout their brain breaks.

Official Website

7. Lil’ fingers storybook

 This website offers activities like storybooks, games, coloring, etc. for young kids in their free time. Lil’ Fingers is a great way to introduce children to the world of reading as well. 

Lil’ Fingers contains large buttons and vivid colors to entice a kid to stories such as Bears In Bed and One Little Rabbit. The site also recommends books that parents should consider adding to their child’s library or borrowing from the library. There are also activities and films to keep a young mind occupied.

Official Website

8. Fuel up to play 60

Fuel up to play 60 is a nationwide initiative aimed at assisting children in becoming healthy. They assist instructors in introducing brief activity breaks throughout lessons as part of their job. 

The site opens up with an interactive white-green theme. Users can access multiple videos demonstrating a brain break activity. There are two filters that viewers can apply: Healthy eating and physical activity. 

As the name depicts, physical activity filters get activities on the screen which may be used as brain breaks. By choosing healthy eating, learners may go through valuable insights about eating habits to retain health. 

Beyond health and fitness, Fuel Up to Play 60 has a lot of advantages for kids. All of the resources are available on the websites in the form of videos that the children can play at any time. They can watch diet videos, exercise videos, etc. during their breaks.

Official Website

9.  Kidz world

This website includes videos and activities full of animations and heroic pictures meant to temp children. The website offers the options of playing games, watching videos, etc. 

Children can use this website for their entertainment purposes. This app is full of engaging and interesting stuff for kids. Learners can play videos or watch movies of various genres. They can also play online games on this website. Solving puzzles or quizzes adds up to the collection. 

Children can choose from a variety of options and give rest to their brains using this website, making this a good choice in the list. 

Official Website

10 Cosmic kids

This website starts with the home page, wherein Martin greets the children. There are various options on the website. Kids may watch videos or posters of yoga poses.

CosmicKids features videos that students may watch and learn from. This website concentrates on yoga and flexibility. Children can watch the training videos on websites and do those exercises. They can perform yoga during their break as it will calm their mind. 

Performing yoga relaxes the mind, and their concentration and sense of calmness improve. It can also help if the student is struggling with anxiety.

Official Website


Going harder and longer may result in increased production with good breaks. With fitting recreations the capacity to be productive and absorb new knowledge retains. This is especially true for younger students, who are in the process of developing attentional skills for longer durations. These websites may act as a great tool for kids to have brain breaks. Check these above-mentioned choices to see if any of these can be the one for you.


  1. Godwin, K. E., Almeda, M. V., Seltman, H., Kai, S., Skerbetz, M. D., Baker, R. S., & Fisher, A. V. (2016). Off-task behavior in elementary school children. Learning and Instruction, 44, 128-143.

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