Important Study Tips For Visual Learners

Study tips for visual learners

Ever wondered why retaining facts from a documentary is more accessible than retaining them once you’ve heard them from someone? Or why does seeing someone perform a poem with small actions and dance help memorize it better than just hearing someone recite it?  The answer lies in a concept called ‘Learning Styles.’ People experience the … Read more

10 Books That Visual Learners Will Love

Books for visual learners

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Everybody learns and absorbs knowledge in their own unique way. In the case of visual learners, they often learn after observing something. Whether it’s an infographic, a color-coded list, or a symbol, they enjoy all sorts of visual assistance. These individuals learn … Read more

Important Tools And Resources For Visual Learning

Tools & Resources for visual learning

Individuals often retain information not only through reading but also through visual learning. For that reason, we often effortlessly remember the signs and hoardings. Accordingly, learners may learn topics finer when the educators employ some visually appealing tools along with the traditional pedagogies.  Visual learning tools can be perceived as a set of ideas and … Read more

15+ Inspiring Quotes On Visual Learning

visual learning quotes

Drop-outs, rejections, social isolation, and poor confidence – all these come as baggage along with learning difficulties. Only those who have the patience and perseverance to learn continue to chase their dreams. For many years, a lot has been emphasized upon understanding the learning style instead of trying to fit students into a fixed style. … Read more

7 Helpful Websites And Apps For Visual Learners

Websites and Apps for visual learning

Children learn in their distinctive styles. Educators need to understand the learning style and provide instructional support accordingly. Visual, auditory, read/write, kinesthetic – these are some of the learning styles.[1] Learners may not be adopting one of the styles solely but a combination of these, or use a multisensory approach. One of our posts on … Read more

Auditory Learning Vs. Visual Learning: Characteristics, Uses And Methods

Auditory learning vs Visual learning

Learning means grasping information from various input sources and processing it to arrive at a finding if simply put. Input sources can be auditory, visual, tactile, or a combination of these. Fleming introduced the VAK model of learning[1] and proposed that the brain uses one or a combination of three main senses – Visual, Auditory, … Read more