10 Useful Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Websites For Educators To Checkout

Social and emotional learning (SEL) has always been integral in the overall development of a child. The outbreak of the pandemic further emphasized its importance as classroom learning converted into online learning. Today, educators and parents agree that social-emotional learning is crucial to prepare children for the future. A 2021 report published by McGraw Hill on Social and Emotional Learning states that more educators believe that SEL must be incorporated into the core curriculum. They say it helps improve negative behaviors and improve the student-teacher relationship.

With the right tools, educators can facilitate social-emotional learning activities and lessons in the classroom, and parents can also use them to further strengthen classroom learning at home. In this article, you will find a collection of some useful SEL websites which you can access to help students learn vital social and emotional skills. 

Useful websites teachers and parents can refer to teach social-emotional learning to students

1. Flocabulary


Flocabulary by Nearpod is a student-centric website that teachers can use to teach various aspects of social-emotional learning. It has a good collection of engaging material such as videos, quizzes, vocabulary cards, games, etc., covering topics such as building empathy, managing worry, including others, and many more. Teachers can sign up for complete access to lesson plans and other features at $11.50/ month. They also offer custom pricing for schools and districts. We suggest you try it out using their free 30 days trial to see how much you and your students enjoy using the program. 

2. Closegap 

It is usually not possible for teachers to check the mental status of their students regularly. To make this task possible, Closegap brings you this SEL website where students can record honest answers about their feelings and challenges. They also receive prompts to answer questions related to diet, sleep, and peer interactions. Students can ask for help when they need it and access SEL activities at their own pace to learn emotional regulation. Teachers can refer to the class roster every day and provide quick interventions to students who need them. The features of Closegap Essentials are free to use. However, if a school wants to access social-emotional data and other advanced features, they can sign up for Closegap Insights or Closegap Transform.

3. Emotional ABCs

Here is an award-winning emotional skills program. This interactive and evidence-based program helps students learn about emotions and their regulation through a selection of age-appropriate SEL games, activities, printables, music, and videos. Students learn to identify their emotions, understand why they feel these emotions, and what they can do to regulate their emotions by making good choices. The program is curated for children aged 4 – 11 years old. They have different membership plans for parents and teachers to avail of the program at home or school. The good part is that these are monthly plans that one can cancel at any time you please. 

4. Harmony SEL

Harmony SEL is a free program to support social-emotional learning. It is suitable for Pre-K to grade 6 students. Educators, youth organizations, and after-school programs can use it at no cost. The program aims to teach students essential skills to develop healthy identities and relationships through effective tools and strategies which can be implemented within the classroom in as little as 10-20 minutes every day. The program consists of storybooks, games, songs, and lessons to help educators conduct social-emotional learning in class. Students learn skills to thrive in a social environment and work towards their goals with confidence. 


Here is another website with free resources to support school and at-home social-emotional learning. It has programs specifically designed for high school, middle school, and elementary school students. Topics such as mental wellness, bullying prevention, digital wellness, and safety, etc., are a part of this SEL curriculum. Each topic is further divided into lesson plans to cover different aspects of the topic. Students and teachers can register and create accounts to get access to all the free resources. Teachers can also monitor student progress by using the Gradebook available on their account. Everfi is a reliable SEL program that helps instill a positive growth mindset in students. 

6. Move This World

. Move This World

Move This World is a program that addresses five core competencies of social-emotional learning. The website has multiple programs for students catering to early elementary all the way to high school students. You can find a well-equipped digital library containing SEL resources, enrichment workshops, and SEL training and development programs to assist educators to navigate teaching challenges smoothly. Schools must contact their support team to discuss the pricing and payment options of this comprehensive SEL program. The program also gives access to a family engagement toolkit to involve parents in the social and emotional development of their children. 

7. Ringbeller

Here is a digital platform that has a collection of interesting, 5-minute social-emotional videos that are funny and entertaining for students. All lessons are designed in accordance with CASEL‘s evidence-based framework. The videos also feature artists, TV personalities, inventors, etc., who can inspire students to do well in life and develop better attitudes about themselves and their environment. All you need to do is sign up on the platform, and you can access all the videos to show them in your classroom. Your students will have a nice time watching these videos while learning essential skills.

8. Empatico

Empatico is a little different from other SEL websites. It is designed to connect students residing in different parts of the world through virtual pen pal networks. Kids can explore the world by connecting to new people and getting involved in live exchanges and activities. It provides several community-building tools for educators to support the meetings. The main aim of Empatico is to teach students how to maintain and engage in cross-cultural relationships, which is a need in today’s multicultural world. The platform is suitable for kindergarten to grade 8 and is free to sign up for. 

9. Do2Learn


The Do2Learn website includes multiple resources for students, including social-emotional skills. You can find activities and worksheets which teachers can use in the class for a group or individual activities. Teachers can simply print out the worksheets and use them for their students. Topics covered include emotions, stress, about me, stress triggers, and so on. By conducting these activities in class, you can help students understand the emotions of self and others so they can become emotionally-healthy individuals. 

10. Centervention

Another website that has over 90 free social-emotional activities is Centervention. The resources include printables, activities, and lessons that cover skills like emotional regulation, impulse control, empathy, communication, and more. The resources are best fit for students studying in elementary and middle schools. Most activities are easy to conduct and need nothing more than things you can find in your classroom. The best part of this free resource website is that they constantly update the page with new activities on a regular basis for the benefit of the students. 

Wrapping up, 

All websites mentioned in this article have useful resources to engage students in social-emotional learning at school and at home. You can sign up for the free resources and use them as and when you need to promote social-emotional competence in students. You can also choose to sign up for paid programs that are extensive and offer more value. Finally, we must realize that a collaborative approach between teachers and parents is crucial to equip future generations with appropriate skills to become emotionally balanced adults.

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