7 Useful Books For Learning Trigonometry in High School

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Trigonometry and high school mathematics curriculum are unthinkable without each other. As per research, Trigonometry continues to be a difficult topic for both teachers and students. However, its crucial role in making any person mathematically intelligent cannot be denied.

Trigonometry can become more fun than a source of stress if there are ample resources supportive of its learning are available in hand. Though it seems the hardest to understand, once clarified, the learning becomes enjoyable.

At the high school level, most students (exclude those with learning difficulties) develop a clear understanding or a logical approach towards problems. A solution-driven attitude while attending to concepts can certainly go a long way. But, only talks don’t work. That is why we have curated this book list in a way that the students can develop coherent Trigonometric learning with the support of previously gathered knowledge.

Trigonometry importance in high school

Trigonometry is the big elephant in the room for a high school, too big to ignore and does need immediate attention too. It makes the whole process of becoming a mathematics expert easier in the following ways:

  • Developing a strong foundation:

Creating a base for your higher secondary education is what you should do right from the start or early trigonometry days. So to understand advanced calculus, physics, and coordinate geometry, you should have a concrete foundation of Trigonometry in high school.

  • Creating a logical approach towards problems:

Problems are the stepping stones of Trigonometry to reach the peak. Learning this topic with eagerness will enhance your logical thinking. This development can help you adopt a variety of approaches to the same problems. However, it does need applying different types of logic along with the Trigonometric formulae and tricks you have.

What can you expect from our high school trigonometry booklist?

  • We have chosen books that are easy to understand and can provide you with great clarity on the subject matter.
  • All the books listed here have real-life examples which will make the subject feel relatable.
  • Trigonometry is halfway without solving problems. The books constitute problems starting from scratch and then increasing the level. Choosing this will help you feel confident about your progress.
  • To improve your solution-oriented approach and mathematical intelligence, all the books have unsolved problems for you.

List of trigonometry books for high school students

1. Must-Know High School Trigonometry

Must-Know High School Trigonometry

This book covers all the basics of Trigonometry from scratch. As a high school student, you should get clarity on the subject and then jump into solving problems. Imagine having a one-stop solution for all your doubts, misunderstandings in your Trigonometry course curriculum. Must know High school Trigonometry book serves the exact purpose for you.

You can find every element of Trigonometry including concepts, identities, equations, important facts, and summary in a well-structured manner. The overview of the whole Trigonometry course in your secondary education has been gathered into one single place inside the book.

2. Trigonometry In High School

Trigonometry In High School

Trigonometry is widely meant for problem-solving. That’s why The author Mihai Rosu has listed down more than 1700 problems inside the book.

To establish a logical approach towards a problem in Trigonometry, you need to have the ability to critical thinking. By solving different types of problems, from easy to hard to very difficult, you can develop the same.

The book has solved problems to help you identify the logical approach, and unsolved ones to help you think about problems in the same manner.

Apart from this, the book is designed in such a way that it takes you from scratch and then increases the difficulty level.

3. The High School Trigonometry Tutor

 The High School Trigonometry Tutor

How interesting it would be to learn Trigonometry when you have a private tutor in your hand. This book is specially designed for high school students. It covers almost all the imaginable questions that can come in any exams or be given to you as homework.

The step by step solutions with detailed explanation makes the book helpful for high school students. You may need to find specific problems about any topic. To save your time, every problem is completely indexed.

4. Unique concepts of TRIGONOMETRY

Unique concepts of TRIGONOMETRY

This book is designed as a textbook for high school students. It has every little information that you should grasp to build a strong foundation on the subject.

Evaluating your progress in the course of your learning is an underrated important aspect.

At the end of each topic, you get numerous unsolved problems touching different aspects of that topic to boost your thinking and track your learning.

That’s why it is a great choice for you if you are in your secondary education.



Remembering numerous formulae, identities, facts, and equations can be a tedious task. But in Trigonometry, you can solve no problems without remembering the formulae and the identities as mentioned above.

So this book comes in handy to you as it structures all those in tables, graphs, and other visual formats to make it easier for you to understand.

It classifies the formulae, differentiates the identities, and puts them in a well-structured manner to clear your confusions and make you remember those.

6. TRIGONOMETRY: Review and Workbook

TRIGONOMETRY: Review and Workbook

Coming from one of the famous publishing houses, MC-Graw hill, the book includes a variety of problems from different levels to keep you practising Trigonometry.

While solving those, you will be able to discover numerous methods to approach one single problem.

Getting exposure to thinking differently about one problem will enhance your mathematical intelligence. Being able to solve one problem by applying a variety of trigonometric identities, equations and formulae will keep you excited and increase your attentiveness towards the subject.

7. TRIGONOMETRY- A Complete Introduction

TRIGONOMETRY- A Complete Introduction

This book is examined by Neill Hugh. It helps you master the whole subject step by step. Starting from the clarity of what Trigonometry is to solving tricky and difficult problems, this book stands by you at every step.

Interactive writing style, perfectly structured problems, well-explained solutions and easy to read sentences make the book unique and worth reading.

Also, this book has solved examples along with practice problems that help you mark your progress and improve yourself.

Which book is right for you?

While you are in secondary education, it is crucial to buy the right books to inculcate the right concepts in the best way possible. So here are some tips to buy books that will uplift your preparation and progress.

  • Focusing on the course curriculum of the book, you can figure out what the book has to offer and how you can use the same.
  • Asking your teachers can be a guiding star as they have experience and expertise.
  • You can use your knowledge of any particular topic which is related to the book to find out whether this excites you.
  • In the digital era, while buying books online, you can analyse ratings and reviews of people and accordingly choose which one to buy.
  • You can also read the preview of the book before you choose to buy it. This can make you analyse the way the book has been written and if you can sustain through it.

Wrapping up,

Trigonometry books for high school students are meant to create a foundation for advanced studies. the subject supports other subjects like physics, coordinate geometry, etc. As a secondary education requirement, you need to boost technical and logical thinking, which can be attained by reading these books.

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