10 Fun Wh Questions Activities

Wh questions activities

English is a fascinating subject where you can actively experiment with new words, combine different words each time for the same sentence, and whatnot. A key ingredient for this fascinating experiment is wh-questions: What, when, why, where, who, and how.  Wh-questions are fundamental to both oral and written language. It helps effectively carry out the … Read more

8 Activities For Teaching Long Division In A Fun Way

Long division activities

Long division is a tricky mathematical concept. It’s lengthy with multiple steps, making it difficult for students to develop fluency in this operation. Some kids forget the steps in long division, while others do not have enough multiplication and subtraction fluency. To help learners overcome these challenges, teachers can use a mix of activities, online … Read more

10 Interpersonal Skills Games & Activities For Students And Adults

Interpersonal skills games & activities

Interpersonal skills are the foundation of effective communication, and they play a vital role in our personal and professional relationships. Whether it’s in the classroom, the boardroom, or at home, the ability to connect with others and make our voices heard is an essential tool for success. However, developing these skills takes practice and effort. … Read more

12 Back-to-School Activities for Preschoolers

back to school activities

Hey teachers! It’s that time of the year again when kids will soon return to school. Of course, you must be busy planning and organizing for the upcoming school year but don’t miss out on identifying a few interesting back-to-school activities for your young preschoolers. As the learning environment is important in early education, these … Read more

8 Educational Activities For Learning Contractions In 2nd Grade

Contraction activities

Learning contractions is like discovering a secret language. It’s a shortcut to expressing more concisely and casually. Contractions add a playful and dynamic rhythm to communication, making it sound more natural and relatable.  Students interact with various people and things in their everyday life and they are likely to find many statements that use contractions … Read more