List Of Speech Sound Examples And Resources

speech sound examples and resources

Speech development is a crucial process as it enables communication. It starts from a very early age when a kid starts to babble and make various sounds. If the grasping skills are strong, the child may start speaking clear sentences at the very first year of school, and sometimes at home too. However, progress does … Read more

What Are Sensory Skills? Their Importance In Child Development

Sensory skills & its importance

We interpret the world through our senses. They give us the required information about the physical world and the condition of our body in it. Any activity that utilizes these senses can be considered a sensory activity. A huge amount of information enters our brain at every instant. Apart from our primary senses; sight, taste, … Read more

10 Engaging Sorting & Classifying Activities For Preschoolers And Kindergarteners


What didactics are better than games and activities to preach essential skills to toddlers? Classification and sorting are essential skills that children need to grasp at a tender age. Not only as academic notions, these games and activities can also turn into a renewing break between study time.  A student’s ability to distinguish and segregate … Read more

9 Fun Sorting Games For Adults

Sorting games for adults

Our entire learning starts with identifying what an Apple and a Ball are, thus implicitly how they are different. Evidently, we use sorting skills to the group and differentiate these entities. Which strategy would serve finer than games and activities to induce and amplify these skills?  Being a developmental milestone for cognitive abilities, sorting needs … Read more

10 Fun Barton Reading Games And Activities

Barton reading games and activities

Who doesn’t want an individualised approach for their Children? Barton Reading is one such program that ensures the same with its Orton-Gillingham-influenced approach. This System is the ideal learning roadmap for children, adolescents, and adults who find difficulty reading, spelling, and writing due to learning disabilities. It can also preach you a step beyond the … Read more

10 Fun Math Activities For High School Students

High school math activities

Can math be a fun-loving subject? Most high school students whine about math being a boring and hectic subject. They face many difficulties remembering equations and formulas, which is the essence. To make math an enticing subject for high schoolers, along with traditional pedagogies, teachers should also involve them in fun math activities. In this … Read more

Important Mental Math Examples, Strategies, And Activities

Mental math strategies & activities

If you find math intimidating, and figuring out the square of 23 or solving the multiplications like 152 x 16 in your head makes you lose your sanity, then you may be someone who thinks mental math is a forte that is difficult to perfect. Luckily, you can hone mental math skills with a few … Read more

Does Dyscalculia Qualify For An IEP?

Does Dyscalculia qualify for an IEP?

Who won’t love seeing their kid excelling in academics? But it is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when kids have some learning disabilities like Dyscalculia. Fortunately, Individualized Education plans (IEP) provide a righteous pathway to ameliorate academic performance in learning disabilities.  Being aware of this, parents often feel it laborious to find if their … Read more

Dyslexia Tools And Resources For Adults

Dyslexia resources and tools for adults

Dyslexia is not a disease that can be cured. It needs to be worked around and managed. In many cases, dyslexia remains undiagnosed because people choose to give up on their academic endeavors instead of getting assessed for special learning needs. Good News is that there is no need to hide behind excuses or run … Read more