20 Helpful Examples Of Descriptive & Evaluative Feedbacks For Students

Feedback is a way to show appreciation, help improves skills, and ensure that people are on the right path. Feedback can include an assessment of performance and an explanation of what has been done well and what needs improvement. Giving feedback is an important part of any professional relationship. However, as crucial as it may … Read more

7 Fun Shared Reading Activities To Try

Shared reading activities

When students participate in or share the reading of a book or other text under the direction and supervision of a teacher, it is referred to as shared reading and is an interactive reading experience. While students are generally taught reading by this approach, it can be difficult to gauge their attention. Hence, it becomes … Read more

6 Culturally Responsive Teaching Activities For Middle Schoolers

The classroom-based learning experience has changed for students in the last few decades. Traditional methods of teaching merely reflected practical and hands-on lessons. However, in today’s time, a classroom in itself demonstrates a blend of cultures, socioeconomic statuses, and varying races. This shifting approach in the methods of educating and schooling is called culturally responsive … Read more

8 Hands-on Solar System Activities For Middle School Students

The solar system is one of the most intriguing topics for students. There’s so much to learn and explore, which leaves kids spellbound. While numerous books are available that deliver information about the solar system, getting kids involved in some interesting activities that raise their curiosity toward our majestic solar system is a good idea.  … Read more

14 Strategies And Activities For Building Summarizing Skills In Middle Schoolers

Summarizing strategies and activities for middle school

The word “Summarizing” means understanding the theme of a text, identifying the key points and important details, and comprehending and analyzing it before writing it down in your own words.  Teaching summarizing to middle school students is tricky because a summary has no definite answer. Every student can write a summary based on their understanding … Read more

7 Fun Guided Reading Activities For Little Learners To Try

Guided reading is a small-group activity where students read books at their reading levels. It helps teachers purposefully guide students through texts that become more difficult. Guided reading offers a comprehensive learning environment as students come across texts and stories from different genres, authors, and illustrators. It is a helpful approach for kids of all … Read more

7 Fun Classroom Activities To Do With Algebra Tiles

Algebra tiles activity

Algebra tiles are simple yet effective tools that help students explore and work on different algebraic concepts. Games and activities are popularly used by educators to provide a hands-on learning experience while strengthening the understanding of vital math concepts.  Like any other math topic, teachers can conduct algebra tiles activities in the classroom. These activities … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Guided Reading

Regardless of the academic subject, whether it be language arts or even math, reading is crucial for students. It acts as a fundamental building block for learning. Reading helps students focus, remember things and communicate better. It can lessen stress and enhance mental health. Students can discover new things by reading that aid in interpersonal … Read more

8 Fun Holidays Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners To Try

Holiday activities for preschoolers

“The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.” For kids, the holidays are one of the exciting times of the year. They eagerly wait for holidays and plan to redeem their holidays by doing some amazing activities. Vacations can … Read more

100 Critical Thinking Questions For Kids

Critical thinking is an essential skill that helps a person derive information on a particular subject, analyze it by comparing it with relevant things and arrive at a conclusion. While doing so, the person utilizes their thinking ability to develop a 360-degree overview of a subject to find a solution. We may not realize it, … Read more